Snacks Which Simulate Energy (Like Red Bull)


At the gym, I noticed a “healthy snack” vending machine.  Peering into the box of options, I felt somewhat stunned by the products considered to be healthy: baked potato chips, oatmeal cookies, and loads of energy drinks.

An energy drink is comprised of two words: “energy” and “drink.” These are both positive ideas when it comes to health.  What’s wrong with it, then?  We might want to understand.

Energy within the body is generated from the burning of fuel, also known as food.  This process works like a wood stove.  You can’t throw in a tree stump into a wood-burning stove and light it with a match very successfully.  In this case, wood requires chopping down to smaller components.

The body does the same thing.  A leaf of spinach requires chewing, but then, the cellular particles swallowed into the gut must be further broken down.  (The leaf doesn’t go digital all by itself.)  Chemicals are required to dissolve the leaf or the hamburger or whatever.  Enzymes from within the human system (or within the leaf) further chop the food into tinier and tinier pieces until molecules are sucked-up into tiny straws throughout the small intestine, then pass into the blood.  Fat in food is metabolized by the liver excreting bile into the digestive tract like soap.  These combined efforts release energy.  It’s a concert action of many factors (bacterial, too).  The net result being energy, repair, and fat storage.

Sugar and caffeine bypass this process.  The body responds to sugar in the same way that a wood stove would respond if one threw gasoline into the chamber and lit a match.  Yes, energy is released.  But in the human body, sugar lacks the molecular components which provide for tissue repair and quality fat storage.


So, there is a loop when it comes to the body creating energy, from that which passes down the gullet.  There is 1) the long road of the digestion of natural food (25 feet of organs) and 2) the fast slide sugar takes to create a flash-burn (2 feet of organs).

Overlaid against this picture is history and culture.  Thus we have peoples across the entire planet one hundred-years ago consuming a fraction of the sugar we consume today, partly because sugar was unavailable as a product.  Going back to the Civil War, Americans consumed about fifteen pounds of raw sugar and today it is over 150 pounds per person annually.  If we study the people from this time in history and culture, like the dentist, Weston Price, did, we learn that our ancestors had larger skull plates which provided room for teeth and their bones were remarkably thicker and stronger.  This is due to the fact that the food which our ancestors consumed took the long road down the path of digestion, which included repair and storage.

When you factor what a mother might consume, this consumption takes the form of children.  Children are built, like cells are built, from food and stores of food.  Thus we have children being born today with smaller skull plates and crooked teeth, which is us.

At face value, we are a culture today with access to sugar, and we like it, but that is only half of the story.  What’s the other half?  The other half is the glaring notion of medical error that our internal organs function in the same way that our ancestor’s internal organs functioned.  No, they do not!  The modern liver has had to process so many artificial ingredients (petrols) that the tissue itself has become dehydrated, like a form of tire-rot.  Americans today have lost a significant measure of liver function, such that natural digestion is no longer possible; at the very least, restricted.


Therefore, the normal process of converting food into fuel has become dulled, and muted, in most Americans over the age of twenty.

Sugar drinks slowly made their rise to power in direct correlation with the culture’s ability to digest their food.  The invention of the energy drink is actually a cultural necessity.  It’s designed for a people who have lost their ability to create energy, down the slow path, and now MUST run their food through the fast-bypass, that is, the igniting of gasoline.  Normal food has become like the stump to the wood stove — it can’t be burned/metabolized.  Not very well.  Sorry.

Sugar-free is one step further down the road to badness.  This is the simulation of sugar, but the human body only knows SUGAR, and this is read by the body as SWEETNESS.  The body does read sweetness at the point of the mouth, and this triggers a response, which is a release of chemicals in the blood anticipating SUGAR.  Why?  Too much sugar in the blood is lethal, so the blood fills itself with the ability to rapidly convert the coming sugar-infusion into fat.

When the sugar-free product provides no sugars, the chemicals remain active in the blood until a food is consumed that actually does contain sugar.  Wham!  Those food molecules entering the blood are rapidly converted to fat.  But it’s not a quality fat that can be used for healthy repair and storage.  It’s an artificial fat that impairs the cell-function wherever it goes.  Now the tissue has stored poisons/cholesterols/acids.

Google that “sugar-free” has been proven to produce fat-storage and weight-gain.  Long-proven.

Briefly, the water element of the “drink” aspect of the product is likewise perverted, because water can be defined by pH.  The water in an energy drink is loaded with hydrogen, which is the “H” in pH.  This is called ACIDIC.  How acidic?  On the scale of pH, an energy drink (Vitamin Water too) drops normal water from a 7 on the pH scale to between 4.5 and 2.5.  This would be as high as 10,000 times too acidic.  The factor here is again, the blood, which must maintain a constant 7.35 pH.  The only way to balance the pH is by the food and water we consume, or to draw alkaline stores from the bones.  So, trouble all around.  Bone loss in the country is at record highs, roughly ten times from 100 years ago.  And often ten times above other nations.

In conclusion, an “energy drink” would not fall under the category of a healthy snack.  However, it does meet the cultural requirement for energy, which is the bypass of normal digestion, otherwise intended to provide the body with repair, fat storage, hydration, and energy.  Try to get off the gasoline as fuel, now you can’t.  Real food, we have lost the ability to digest.  This might lead to illness across the nation.  Like if you want a good job, become a nurse.  Health care is rapidly growing.  Maybe, from our healthy snacks.  I’m just saying, it could be an indicator.

I wrote a book about it.  Inside Poop, available on Amazon.  It’s about how to improve one’s liver health as the primary factor in restoring normal digestion.  It’s how to not NEED an energy drink, that is, to possess energy.  S.


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