Branding Rules the Day


About 3,000 new books are published every day. So I published a book and it was a bit of work, culminating 14 years of my experiences as a colon hygienist. The challenge becomes marketing and promotion, which I’ve observed that others are way better at doing than me, you know, branding.

Lots of twentysomethings have picked-up that the topic of “whole foods” is hot right now, making like they invented the concept and riding the trend. I offered to write a guest blog for one of these beautiful people, but heard nothing back, which she had explained, that if you didn’t hear back from her, she wasn’t interested. I see that she just posted about the amazing health benefits of sweet potato skins, while making no mention that there are two types of potatoes: some sprout, some don’t. Some are sprayed at the farm with chemicals which cause them not to sprout, which may concentrate in the potato skin. These chemicals then enter the human body and require action by the human liver to get such poisons back out or else the chemical can do the same thing to the human, that is done to the potato, which is to impair sprouting. Sprouting is a kind of cell division.

I covered this in detail in my latest book, The Conspiracy Theory Diet, one of 3,000 books which published on the same day as mine. The wrong kind of sweet potato skins have serious consequence for the human liver when consumed. Most twentysomethings don’t figure this out until they are thirty/fortysomethings, which is a time in life when branding begins to show itself in its full ugly head. These are the people I have seen over the past 14 years who seem to have acquired various degenerative mystery-illness symptoms and can’t figure out what the hell could have happened to them, because for the past five years they have been consuming “lots of whole foods,” including conventionally-farmed onions, garlic, and carrots, likewise treated with anti-sprouting chemicals.

The issue then becomes that branding has ruled the day.


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