The Impossibility of Health For Some People


While getting a haircut yesterday, the stylist told me that she just had her appendix out. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but from my experience, such things are INDICATORS, not just events in themselves. An inflamed internal organ like the appendix, tonsils, or gall bladder can translate that other issues lurk behind those things. There seems to be a continuum, such that similar issues will continue to arise after the poisoned organ is removed which include fibroids in breast tissue, ovarian cysts, depression, bloating, weight gain, and exhaustion.

I pointed this out to her after she told me she was just 25 years old, to which she told me that she had changed her eating habits.  I asked her, “To what?”  She replied that she was eating more salad.  I asked her if she fixed it at home or bought her salad out. She indicated- out.  At that point, I realized her situation was hopeless, that she was trapped.  I asked her what she did eat at home that she prepared herself and she replied, “Nothing.”

Fast food salad in a plastic box is washed in concentrated chlorine to prevent browning and wilting.  This sterilization-effect passes through the gut, killing the beneficial microflora stationed there to assist in the digestion of food.  Microflora also detoxify internal organs including the liver, gall bladder, tonsils, and the appendix. So, losing one’s appendix at an early age indicates that microflora populations have been wiped-out by a diet sanitized by all forms of antibiotic food treatments everywhere today.  Microflora also serve to balance hormones and without them, hormonal imbalances may trigger fibroids and cysts.

So I’m sitting there getting a haircut making conversation and I said, “Yeah, I’m not too sure about fast food.”  She replied, “Me too! I ate at McDonald’s just before my appendix attack. I thought it was food poisoning but then found out it was my appendix.”  I asked her, “Where ARE you eating out then?”  She replied, “Mostly at Chick-fil-A.”

It’s sad because McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A are exactly the same. There was really nothing more to say, so I asked her, “Got big plans for the weekend?”




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