How to be completely well


I asked my client, Janay, if she wanted to be completely well.  She replied, “Yes, how do I do that?”

I wrote about this conversation in my recent book, The Conspiracy Theory Diet.  Janay had basically given up on her own wellness and was supporting her 16 year old daughter to receive colonics, while she did not.  At age 45, Janay’s medical problems were overwhelming, including painful swelling in her legs, acid reflux, low energy, depression and weight gain.  Most discouraging to her was that none of her doctors seemed to know how to help her, except to pile on prescriptive medications.

What I said to her was that she had at least planted THE SEED in her mind and heart that she COULD be well.  One day, Janay took me up on my offer to receive a colonic after her daughter at a slashed discounted rate.  Then, she did four in two weeks and her blue eye color intensified, along with losing her tired appearance.

I have found that the harder one LOOKS for wellness, the more discouraging it can become, because there are too many options and it’s all so sketchy and doubtful.  However, if one PLANTS THE SEED,  then something weird can happen, which is that wellness finds you.  This is what is happening with Janay.

She went to her physical therapist last week and she suddenly took an interest in Janay’s swollen legs.  This led to Janay showing her therapist her fingernails, which curve dramatically.  The therapist said she wanted to consult with a holistic doctor at the clinic, left the room, but didn’t return, so Janay went out to the hallway and bumped into a man who looked like he might be the doctor.  He asked if he could help her, looked at her fingernails, invited her into his office, asked her a bunch of questions about her symptoms and then told her that he knew exactly what was wrong with her, but wanted to consult with his partners before discussing it with her.  So, stay tuned.


Plus, her regular doctor suggested that Janay stop all of her medications because they seemed to be producing a result opposite what they should be and she has been in some hard withdrawals.  Meanwhile, the colonics are helping her system to detox because we measure the length of her poop and each colonic has been removing 30 inches of poop to her great relief.  Within a very short period of time, she is receiving the help she needs.  We just had to establish that she WANTED to be well.

The key word here is RECEIVING the help.  And, I’ve never seen Janay so giddy!


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