America’s leading colonic therapist gives you the inside scoop on digestive disorders that you or a loved one might be experiencing. Presented as the author’s testimonial, not intended to be a medical-type manual about the colon.

Downward Spirals: Why We Can’t Just Treat the Tail End of Our Symptoms

In 14 years as a colon hygienist, I’ve never once been questioned by a doctor about what I’ve seen coming out from clients. I’ve given colonics to doctors and nurses of every specialty, but none has asked me a question about what I have learned. If they asked, I would say that most diseases which

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Branding Rules the Day

About 3,000 new books are published every day. So I published a book and it was a bit of work, culminating 14 years of my experiences as a colon hygienist. The challenge becomes marketing and promotion, which I’ve observed that others are way better at doing than me, you know, branding. Lots of twentysomethings have

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Low Ferritin

I’ve recently published a new book about low iron stores in runners.  Nexus Magazine requested an article and I have submitted this: Low Ferritin Is this a Canary in the Coal Mine? Most people have never heard of low ferritin, let alone appreciate the subtle causes behind it.  Yet, there is a fairly high probability

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Paleo Schmaleo

What’s up with the Paleo diet? Paleo is the idea that our ancestors, pre-civilization, evolved slowly and that, the machinery of our human body has not had the proper time these past 10,000 years to adapt to dietary changes and therefore, our diets from about the pyramids-forward, have left us screwed.  The cultivation of grains,

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