The 365-Day Parasite Cleanse

Essential Factors to Improve Beauty on the Inside

And You’d Want to do This Anyway!

  • This cleanse strategy costs $87 for an entire year.
  • You will be required to purchase your own PRODUCTS (up to twenty total, each with its own specific purpose and benefit) which will run about $50 per month.
  • Plus a juicer ($59 from Target) and an enema bag ($5 from Walmart) are must-haves.
  • You receive detailed instructions with plenty of options in a weekly email for 52 weeks.
  • Anybody can go on a parasite cleanse on their own, just like anybody can travel alone to a foreign country, so essentially The 365 Day Parasite Cleanse is like hiring a tour guide to get you there and back safely, and without missing a thing.
  • Read more below to get a sense for what’s ahead.

First of all, this cleanse acknowledges that you have probably already done a lot to take yourself out of the average American statistical pool of generally poor health. This cleanse isn’t about stopping anything that has worked, but BUILDING ON what you already know.

If you are already “a kind of health expert,” then keep being the excellent health-expert which you are. If however you are just getting started, then you are in a slightly different category and have some catching up to do.

If I plotted on a graph, the wide variety of health experts (including doctors and nurses) who have come to my office for colonics, every single one has revealed a colon that is congested. For the individual who has done a lot of colonics or given themselves enemas, they are STILL congested, but the difference is that they know it.

This tends to even the playing field, such that the beginner and the average “total health expert” have this one thing in common: they are each similarly congested in the colon department. I’ve observed that strict vegans, super fit yoga instructors, and even those on a mostly raw plant-based diet, tend to view their bowel condition as excellent, while being far from it.


Why certain assumptions must be thrown out.

Many people assume that most human parasites reside somewhere along the bowel’s insides. This is 100% incorrect. However, DEAD parasites mostly DO funnel into the bowel. If a parasite, such as a nematode or fluke dies within the general bodily tissue, such as in the person’s hand or foot or face, the tissue will expel the dead creature, and it will likely move with the flow of blood and be trapped by the liver, then expelled out through the bile ducts and gallbladder and dumped into the top of the small intestine, where it will be digested.

What’s digested of the parasite will be reabsorbed back into the blood and returned to the liver, for the liver to make sense of “what can be scavenged by the human body” in terms of fuel, energy, and even bodily repair. What is not usable will need to be PURGED. Essentially, killing your parasites would be like if your home had a wood stove and you threw in a big dead fish into the hot stove. Your dwelling will begin to give off a distinct fishy odor.

Killing parasites in your body will do a similar thing, except it won’t SMELL bad (maybe), but will FEEL bad like an added weight. If you could reach high into your small intestine with a tiny broom and dust pan and sweep away the dead parasites, that would be so helpful! Since we can’t do that, we will want to sweep dead parasites out at the first-available juncture and this is at the colon, at the opposite end of the digestive tract.

The PROBLEM is that most people, who view themselves as health experts, don’t think they have a problem in their colon department. So a lot of people on a parasite cleanse will not see the necessity of sweeping dead parasites out their rear-end using water, with an enema or a colonic. Other health experts will even ADVISE others that the human body eliminates NATURALLY, suggesting that water up the bum “removes beneficial bacteria and valuable minerals” still being absorbed through the colon wall.

Now I don’t care how anybody else is going to kill and remove their parasites because that has nothing to do with me. However, this 365-Day Cleanse is predicated on the notion that 100% of Americans have some degree of a congested colon, whether they just got a 2 thumbs-up after a colonoscopy or have regular, wonderful, daily bowel movements.

And, this cleanse is predicated on the notion that parasites are somewhat VULNERABLE, like fish in a barrel, and can be fairly predictably killed or weakened enough to come out of the human body. WHERE they come out, is down the digestive tract. What I find rarely appreciated is that the digestive tract is a great RECYCLER of fluids used in digestion supplied by the mouth (saliva), stomach (acid), pancreas (enzymes, coolant), liver (bile), including water at every stage.

What comes through the digestive tract makes it more like a recycle bin than a garbage bucket. If glass, paper, metal, plastic, and cardboard “were secreted” by the various organs to complete digestion, assimilation, and elimination, these all get separated and put into their appropriate bins to be recycled. So, it’s not just WASTE coming down into the colon, but whatever wasn’t recycled, therefore, if dead parasites are tossed into the mix, and that mix gets SLOWED at the ileocecal valve (small/large intestinal juncture) where WATER recycles back into the system, it will be putrified by the dead parasites as if you were to drink the water of a fish tank with dead fish in it, which have been floating at the top for two days.

What I mean to point out, is that the person who knows LESS about what’s healthy, will be more likely to follow instructions and get results than the “smarter health expert” who goes on a parasite cleanse and SKIPS the “water up-the-butt part” because they believe everything is working A-OK in their poop department, when it actually isn’t. What gets missed is that ANY colon congestion acts like a cork and that backs all the way up to where everything gets recycled and now we’ve got “glass and cardboard” in the “plastic bin” and that’s got to get fixed first, by us.

As I mentioned elsewhere on this website, our main goal will be to assist the body to maximize ITS OWN intelligence and not have us try to out-think it.

In order to accomplish that, certain SHACKLES that the average person has binding their normal internal processes have got to come OFF. But it’s simple stuff, like getting more clean water into the cells, which will allow more wastes to release at the cellular levels. So we’d want to acknowledge, if we are getting better hydrated within tissues, then “what drains better-hydrated tissues” is lymphatic drainage, and what if THAT’S BLOCKED, which it is for a lot of folks?

What I mean is, there is a SEQUENCE to helping the body to help itself and it’s a slow-motion sequence, because hydration, internal cleansing, osmosis, and drainage takes TIME. Yet what DRAINS also RECYCLES, so there’s a strategy for the person on a cleanse to do things in a certain strategic order and that’s what the 365-Day Parasite Cleanse will do.

Another factor is that the average American has been exposed to lots of toxic heavy metals. Internal YEASTS will utilize such things and carry metallic molecules around, insulated inside of their own protective protein cover. When you go on a parasite cleanse, “some of what kills and weakens larger parasites” will also kill and weaken the internal fungi, thereby spilling very tiny amounts of toxic heavy metals back into the blood. This also will make a person on a cleanse FEEL TERRIBLE.

Plus, candida is poisonous like poison ivy, so the dead yeast’s poisons will ALSO leak into the person’s blood and can cause a reaction like itching or a rash or flu-like symptoms.

THEN, larger parasites like nematodes and flukes possess their OWN parasites, smaller ones, which are happy to inhabit their own creepy host, but if their host dies, these smaller parasites ain’t going down with the ship. Bacteria, viruses, additional yeasts, and maybe other unknown microscopic critters may be released into the human’s blood while on a parasite cleanse and again, make the person more ill or weak or miserable.

So it’s not just ONE THING to cleanse, but one, two, three, four, five things in a specific sequence and knowing the sequence is somewhat necessary to experience success.

No parasite cleanse on the market I’ve seen recognizes the problem of multiple, additional issues arising from what the cleanse is doing. AND, everybody is different, so somebody “who has been on lots of antibiotics recently” may suffer a more severe “reaction” than somebody who hasn’t been. And a person’s medications are implicated when it comes to CLEANSING, especially regarding liver functions. Nobody will want to go on a parasite cleanse with an already overburdened and exhausted liver before bringing that organ up to speed.

Clients with “a sluggish liver” are whom I’ve encountered who jumped into a parasite cleanse, taking clove, black walnut and wormwood, who totally overwhelmed their internal organs of support and felt really sick really fast. Let’s not do that!

If you’ve read anywhere else on this website, you’ve noticed that I say repeatedly, “The whole thing is tricky.” I’m not just saying that! It is tricky!

I also think if done right, killing parasites in a slow and respectful way, and seeing them come out, is fun as hell.




Plus, if it’s done right, the die-off factor will be minimized and the progress maximized. The GOAL is to increase one’s CAPACITY at the leverage points, which translates into better health, more energy, more enjoyment and harmonious tendencies; less congestion, less brain fog, and less fits of malaise, meanness, and depression.

If you go on the 365-Day Parasite Cleanse, then you will find ways to become better hydrated at the smallest levels WHILE opening channels to remove cellular waste and debris. You will employ methods to improve the pH of bodily fluids WHILE opening up the colon. You will kill larger parasites WITHOUT allowing the smaller ones to get away or add to the toxic load the body must process and carry. In turn, this will NATURALLY facilitate better proper bacterial balances and without having to even THINK about it.

The other factor is that if you currently eat out frequently at restaurants, you will want to learn to recognize that some restaurants are better than others. You simply CANNOT be on a parasite cleanse and order a “double stack” burger at Wendy’s or a pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut. Not one bite! Certain restaurant foods are LOADED with antibiotics, especially ground meats of any kind. Virtually EVERY chain restaurant STERILIZES EVERYTHING down to the cucumber slice and PARASITES LOVE sterilization.

I tend to view RESTAURANTS as sources of beneficial food and drink like an oasis and mostly our culture of food is a desert. I tend to order vegetarian when eating out, so if it’s Mexican, it’s beans. (I say frijoles because servers tend to hear “bean” as “beef.”) If it’s Thai, Chinese, or Japanese, etc., there are A LOT of vegetarian options and the alternative is to TRACE BACK to where most all restaurants are supplied their meat, including Chipolte, which claims to do “its best” to provide ethically and sustainably-sourced meat.

Think twice at restaurants. Frijoles. Or local, organic, wild.

Lastly, if you are on five daily medical prescriptions or more, I might suggest that you DO NOT go on any kind of parasite cleanse. What I mean is, the FDA doesn’t monitor drug combinations and their mixed-effect on the human body, and we’d just want to generally acknowledge that ALL CHEMICALS can create a drag on the liver and so will a parasite cleanse. Holistically, some people are at a “tipping point” and this is generally impossible to know where that line is drawn so PAYING ATTENTION is critical. That’s not MEDICAL in terms of recognizing that the internal organs have certain limits and PAYING ATTENTION is what you’d do if crossing the street, too.

Anybody would want to figure out a way to give their liver enough of a break to tolerate ANY sort of cleanse. The first strategic sequence for the person on a lot of meds might be to assess that building-up liver-health first and address parasites later is a good idea. Perhaps read through the LIVER PRIORITY info presented on the home page; click on the LIVER button.

Americans over the age of 75 can attempt to go on a parasite cleanse, but must go half as fast and pay double attention. This cleanse is optimal for those “mostly healthy” between the ages of 18 and 50. Between ages 51 to 74, strategies will be addressed a part of the general cleanse because better HYDRATION and LIVER REGENERATION CAPACITY must be factored, plus extra time allowed for that to improve.


An enema bag and a juicer.

If you are going on the 365-Day Parasite Cleanse, then please appreciate that there will be two additional investments required. Before you start on it:

  • You either will already own an enema bag or will purchase one that can be reused from either Wal-Mart for about $5 or from a qualified distributor.
  • You will either already own a JUICER or will purchase one, such as the Hamilton Beach $59 model from Target, or from a qualified distributor.

The GOAL is to address the 7 PRIORITIES as outlined on this website and to improve them all incrementally while removing potential parasites residing within. After you order, you will receive your first email providing you OPTIONS of what to buy to get prepared. That WILL require one whole week because you won’t want to be playing catch-up once we get rolling.

The cost will vary greatly depending on brand, outlet, product size, the quantity you choose to take, and such. For starters, you could end up buying almost twenty different products and each has its own purpose, sometimes to help process another product! Most of these are plant-based and easy on the body.

Mostly, this will be not costly relative to other expenses in your life. If you end up spending $600 on products for the entire year, that’s $50/month, or $1.67/day. For you to have a year long program will add about another twenty-five cents per day. I am all-about saving money. I was a single parent with two children and by being strategic we ate organic food, juiced almost daily, and took supplements like flax oil and probiotics. BUT if money is no option, you don’t need to spend more to get excellent results.

What kind of results? Less internal toxicity, better microbial balances, more thorough digestion leading to higher assimilation of nutrition, greater energy, stronger cells, tissues, and bones, a continual reduction in larger parasites, leading to feelings, perhaps forgotten, like enjoyment, enthusiasm, and optimism, including a kind of “light feeling” where the jokes are funnier.

Will there be bumps along the way? Heck yes! Moving forward where it matters, however, will put you in a place that otherwise you probably wouldn’t get to.

Every week you will receive an email from me with detailed instructions around the options you choose. If you want to set-up a consultation with me, that can be arranged, but not necessary. There is the possibility that your questions can be answered via email, and as long as they are brief, plus allow a day or two for a reply. More on that later.

It might be good also if you at least skim through the Seven Health Priorities listed on the clickable triangle on the home page, INCLUDING the PRIORITY hexagonal button info.

Thank you for all you do to make this world a better place. Good luck and good hunting!