Scott W. Webb was a professional colon hygienist for 15 years before he discovered that he’d been looking at parasites in the form of worms without recognizing them as such while performing colonics.

Fluke Eggs

Video footage of a client’s colonic which released about 500 fluke eggs. What happens when you give a colonic is you start noticing stuff and you get your phone to take pictures. In this case, it was video because the egg things were flying out ten or twenty at a time, which went on for

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Wormy Pics

Colon hygienists don’t normally focus on intestinal parasites, but sometimes clients will go on their own form of cleanses. My experience is that parasite cleanses tend to make the person feel ill, unless one can either do a lot of enemas or a colonic. One particular client was very aggressive, PLUS strategic in utilizing removal

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