What is this type of parasite?


When a person receives a colonic, what comes out from the body can be viewed.  Whatever it is, passes out from the colon.  The average person tends to think that the colon passes bodily wastes through, while a professional colon hygienist often sees other “things” that defy traditional explanation.

When my client was on a parasite cleanse, she passed something that appeared like an octopus with a defined SKIN on it.  Then I decided to photograph some of the bizarre creature-like things making an exit to document our experience.  Set within this context, we witnessed A LOT of things we could not identify which were not just worms.

This thing appears to have a head, arms, body, and tail, about seven inches long.  Clearly it has defined openings or suctions as structure and form.  It seems to have utilized mucus as part of its design.  But it is also DEAD, and it does appear a bit corpse-like.  If we applied our own imagination for how this thing appeared if it was ever alive, it’s disturbing, so we don’t really want to think too much on it because it couldn’t seem POSSIBLE humans are inhabited with actual creatures.

Therefore, a colon hygienist sees something like this amidst other bizarre shapes resembling formerly potentially living things, and with no explanation, we just leave it alone, move on, try not to think about it too much, don’t talk about it.

Because what could you SAY that wouldn’t make you sound crazy?


We could also ask, what is this type of parasite?  Because this came out from the same person on the same day which just leaves us scratching our heads.



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