What came out swimming after a colonic


I contend we have two choices. We can ignore that Americans are 100% infested with multiple visible parasitic things or do little protocols to get them out.

When my clients start these, we SEE parasites. Usually they exit dead, but in this case yesterday, they came out after the colonic alive in the toilet.

Flukes are pink, unless they spend time in the liver and mix in the bile, which turns them dark brown. The brown one in lower screen is clearly swimming and so are the pink ones.

There is a long, digested worm in the cloud of biofilm above, so it requires multiple viewing to see what was in this client’s colon and upper GI tract before their untimely evacuation.

I have no interest in convincing anybody about any of it, just a study on colon hygiene. The person removing these flukes has no symptoms that they were there.


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