The 15-Day Parasite Cleanse
Less than $1 per day.


Why anybody would want to CONSIDER doing this:

  • This cleanse strategy costs $17.
  • You will be required to purchase your own PRODUCTS (up to twenty total, each with its own specific purpose and benefit) which will run between $100 to $200 additional.
  • Plus a juicer ($59 from Target) and an enema bag ($5 from Walmart) are helpful.
  • You receive detailed instructions with plenty of options in a daily email for nineteen days including preparation.
  • Anybody can go on a parasite cleanse on their own, just like anybody can travel alone to a foreign country, so essentially The 15 Day Parasite Cleanse is like hiring a tour guide to get you there and back safely, and without missing a thing.
  • Read more below to get a sense for what’s ahead because you want as much insight and direction as you can get.

Human parasites are a sketchy business because we usually can’t see them, feel them, or can even believe that we have bigger ones like worms. I understand that.


My recent testimonial:

When my client discovered she had a tapeworm, which happened after a normal bowel movement, she informed me while laughing about it. Like, “You won’t believe this!” For that reason, I somewhat didn’t believe her. Because at that time, I viewed tapeworms as somewhat rare and harmful. I believed something unusual had come out, but probably not a worm.

When she started on her parasite cleanse, she “threw the kitchen sink” at her worm, doing a wide variety protocols to kill it including herbal powders and extracts, homeopathic remedies, vibrational approaches, dietary changes, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, visualization, plus frequent colonics — where we both could see what was coming out.

That’s where you want to go: seeing dead parasites come out.

The result was that we started seeing OTHER creepy things coming out, which she was identifying as worms and flukes, and were like nothing I had seen coming out during a colonic session after sixteen years in practice observing such things. My initial reaction was to again question her identification of certain “detritus” as parasites because “this gunk” exits fast during the colonic and it’s often difficult to get a good look.

After ten colonics, we saw no sign of a tapeworm, just all this other stuff.

What got me on board with the idea that one person could be host to multiple, larger, visible parasites was observing a black thing making its exit during the colonic which appeared like a 7-inch long octopus with a defined SKIN. That’s when I decided to take photos with my cell phone camera because I wanted to be able to document and later study what was coming out of my client while on this very unusual parasite cleanse.

After a few weeks of sitting with my client during her colonic sessions and observing what was coming out, any reasonable person would have to ask themselves: Is this a problem just with this one client or are similar things in ME?

So, I started on my own parasite cleanse, gave myself colonics, and watched the tubing where I could see what was coming out. For the first week, I saw nothing unusual release, either during a colonic or after a normal bowel movement, because it’s just a STUDY. I was relieved to confirm that such creatures were not residing in my body because I doubted they were.

HOWEVER, within 15 days, weird critters started showing up in my colonics too. Now you’d have to ask yourself: 1) Is this psychosomatic? 2) Am I infecting myself? And, 3) What the hell?!

I am somebody with NO SYMPTOMS of parasites, plus I have avoided antibiotics as a medicine or in my food for almost twenty years (healthy probiotic gut), plus I juice roots like ginger, turmeric, burdock with citrus frequently to pull mucus from my system. I’ve consistently exercised too in a class setting for the past eight years without injury and can run with the best of them.

And – I discovered that I am full of larger, visible parasites.

For sixteen years as a professional colon hygienist, I had told my clients not to worry about larger parasites and to just focus on improving the micro-culture of their guts and that the WASTES (peroxides) of the beneficial bacteria would keep the larger parasites OUT. Now I was telling some of my clients who had been receiving colonics from me for years, to perhaps do a few things to purge parasites, and we’d “just see” what came out.

I was shocked. 100% of my clients experimenting to remove worms had worms come out.

I began researching the Internet what other people were finding and this led me to YouTube and some generally pathetic information from the experts. The odd factor, also, is that there are a wide variety of anti-parasitic PRODUCTS available, so SOMEBODY must be aware of this issue, but it appears to be a very small niche, armed mostly with partial truths. Plus there appeared to be a measure of sensationalism or I assumed that the individuals discussing parasites on YouTube must be from some dark corner of the planet and not from anywhere that I’d been.


Achieving better health is often challenging.

Here is another thing to appreciate: getting better sometimes requires feeling worse. This happens across the board. You might go to a chiropractor in pain and leave following an adjustment IN MORE PAIN, while the doctor says that’s part of adjusting the bones back to normal. Or you could take a certain supplement that makes you feel terrible, but the supplement is actually improving the issue and helping, not hurting the situation.

Now, if the treatment comes with a measure of skepticism and the person on the treatment feels WORSE, in order to get better, what will a lot of people say? It doesn’t work!

But then SOMETIMES, you could get a certain treatment and get worse and the professional practitioner could say that’s a part of getting better, but you stick with the program and DON’T get better and at some point you will want to reconsider what’s going on.


Then you might realize: all this health stuff is tricky.

For example, I have a client right now who has been seeing me for colonics for over a dozen years. He will schedule for three colonics in one week, once every three months, or 12 colonics per year. He started when in his late fifties and is now age 71. He is a veteran of the Viet Nam war and has been on several medications most of his adult life and has more than one doctor. He found that the colonics really helped him feel better in lots of ways and normally, each of his colonics releases several feet of fecal matter.

However, these past couple of months, he experienced blood pressure issues and is on a medication for it. His doctors changed his meds and put him on “a water pill.” This has little to do with the colonics, but when he came for his usual three sessions, NOTHING came out. He could have said, “I don’t think the colonics are working for me.”

Instead, he said, “I think SOMETHING ELSE has been impaired in my body these past couple months and I need to get to the bottom of it.” I said, “Okay, you aren’t doing colonics just as a routine, but to get RESULTS.” He decided to not just do THREE colonics, but came back to do two more.

What happened was that still almost nothing came out. So, what would anybody make of that? Well, you just have to do the math. All we are doing is putting water in his colon. And then seeing what comes out. That’s it!

I’m working for HIM. HE told me that “putting water in his colon and not much coming out” is not what he wants nor expects. He told me that he wants to continue putting water in his colon until he is satisfied that his bowel is back to what he deems is normal. In other words, his body isn’t releasing what his previous colonics have released as “several feet each session” and he suspects he is still congested in his colon IN SPITE of doing five colonics.

Now this could be CONTROVERSIAL. And there could be lots of opinions around it. What happened here was that my client has a problem and he isn’t looking for OPINIONS. He knows that, if for whatever reason, his waste got stuck somewhere along the way of his doing this or that, he wants it out. Somebody else might say, “Hey, all these colonics must have messed you up!” But no, for him, he recognizes that maybe he is catching SOMETHING going on beneath the normal radar and he’s going to fix it now in his own way and who has a problem with that?

It’s his time, his investment in his health, his intuition and his prerogative.

ANOTHER client came for a colonic that same day. She has been seeing me for a colonic, on average, one per week for 16 YEARS. She is on no medications at age 57 and has zero health maladies. SHE released almost five feet of fecal matter and gas. She said she came to her appointment feeling wonderful and had NO IDEA she was backed-up in her colon in the slightest.

Somebody might say: NEVER get one colonic, let alone get one per week for 16 years. I’m just pointing out, that if you are CONSIDERING going on a PARASITE CLEANSE, I recognize that:

1) A lot of people will think that’s crazy, and 2) You might feel worse for doing it. 3) If you think maybe you are crazy for doing a parasite cleanse. and then feel WORSE for doing it and don’t understand what’s going on, you WILL walk away from it and perhaps even be annoyed. Let’s not put you in that position!

This is about YOUR time, your investment in your health, your intuition and your prerogative. All I am doing is to provide a little experienced perspective and context, to move more quickly and more effectively get to where YOU want to go.

I’ve researched what information is out there and what protocols are available to remove parasites from the body. I’ve seen in all that, the huge gaps, which an elephant could fall through, and believe we deserve better, because this new awareness that “humanity is infested with parasites” isn’t going away any time soon.


Emotional Awareness

Here’s another issue: I believe that YOU are 100% balanced, insightful, intelligent, and emotionally optimistic. But not everybody is like that. So if you have a single doubt about going on a serious parasite cleanse, please WAIT until you are fully ready because it can be a rollercoaster ride.

Americans today are really not very healthy, and often quite sick. If becoming more healthy REQUIRES a bit of a rollercoaster ride, then accept responsibility for your own purchasing of the ticket to take the ride and thanks for considering this as being a spot-on ticket for something good.


About The 15-Day Parasite Cleanse

The 15-Day Parasite Cleanse is not really A CLEANSE. It’s a TEST. You are merely saying, “I might be crazy, I might not be crazy, but I am doing a test to see what comes out of my body if I try a few things for 15 days.”

You will also be saying: “I am probably going to feel WORSE, but I will only do enough, such that, I will always feel in control. If I feel bad, WHY do I feel bad? If I feel bad, am I actually killing yeasts and larger parasites and then DIGESTING them in my digestive tract and that’s like eating shit for breakfast?”

I can tell you that for SIXTEEN YEARS as a colon hygienist, I saw many people on a parasite cleanse who did it all on their own, not by MY recommendation, and every one of them were MISERABLE. This is why I told my clients: “Don’t go on a parasite cleanse!”

However, I had interpreted that the miserable feelings associated with a parasite cleanse were not due to “larger parasites like worms” dying, but from killing yeasts like candida. NOW I know that it’s not just from candida, but from worms like nematodes and flukes dying and then being digested within.

Candida, nematodes, flukes: you want that coming out.

Plus, I must forewarn you: killing parasites affects one’s mood. Going on a parasite cleanse will AGGITATE you. You might CRY or maybe even WEEP. You might feel ANGRY or sad or depressed. If you go on a parasite cleanse, you are saying: “I am emotionally ready and prepared for this. I am a mature adult and making my own decisions and have decided this is the best thing for me to do at this time.”

My goal in helping you is to MINIMIZE the down side, while MAXIMIZING the up-side – fast, get to it, learn, be done for the day, keep going.




Plus, recognize that no 15-Day Parasite Cleanse is going to launch anybody into perfect BLISS and vitality after it’s over, while your whole body should be much the better for it.

In the case of any parasite cleanse of short duration, you will only impact or kill a small percentage of parasites as a TEST to know that they are THERE. I’m not joking when I suggest that it will take anybody an entire year to reduce parasitic populations by a mere 20%. That’s what’s controversial, I know. I also assume that YOU don’t shy away from CONTROVERSY or you wouldn’t be checking this out in the first place.


Don’t use water?

Some parasite cleanse experts suggest NOT to utilize enemas or colonics for a wide variety of misinformed reasons which have been addressed here on this website. If you are going to attempt the 15-Day Parasite Cleanse here, the ONLY WAY you will do it is to use water as a cleansing tool via fairly frequent enemas or in combination with a colonic session or two or three. If you are not willing to do that, then walk away from it and do what other parasite cleansing experts suggest. I will say right now that the average person conducting a parasite cleanse without using water as a tool up the back-end, won’t get very far.

You will be suggested to purchase and take as many as 17 internal-cleansing and nutritional-support products which are EXCELLENT, each by itself. You decide which to buy from excellent providers and four extra days are given to collect your arsenal. The GOAL is to take everything into account, so as parasites die, we’ve got to also stop any parasites living on those parasites from getting away, no joke.

There are parasites within the digestive tract, but others travel from head to toe. Plus, you will want to keep all internal systems moving, flushing, healing. It’s TRICKY! It’s designed to be as MILD as possible, while also fast and effective. It’s not like anybody can just stick a fork into their parasites and yank them out. There are many systemic implications. We aren’t talking about a medical approach to the body, which IS the idea that you can just “stick a fork in it.” We are looking at this as biological – life – and YOU are biological and all of that must be respected and addressed when facilitating positive CHANGE.

Nothing suggested is particularly HARSH in and of itself. One of the main challenges is that the human body recycles internal fluids and “killing stuff” requires getting it OUT, not just killing it. We are creating a BROOM, not just a fly swatter. We want to address potential histamine release, candida poisons, liver and microflora support, dietary considerations, and lots more.

I mean, you will be required to drink more WATER while on this cleanse, simple stuff like that. You will want to find a sympathetic friend you can talk to while on this cleanse, simple stuff like that.

You will have product left over, after the cleanse, which you can continue to take. AND you can adjust the whole thing such that you do half as much and extend the 15 days to 30 days all on your own discretion. The goal is always to empower YOU and to educate you such that you can improve where you are from this day forward and every day forward.

No matter how healthy you perceive yourself to be, it will ALWAYS be: two steps forward, one step BACK. Or one step backwards, two steps forward. Factoring the backwards part means “no surprise” that this could happen.


Something else

Here’s the other thing: addressing parasites in the form of a CLEANSE is not a substitute for what a medical professional might do. I don’t mean that in terms of a DISCLAIMER, but in terms of the fact that you will not remove 100% of your parasites with ANY parasite cleanse, ever. Of course, we can completely rid ourselves of a parasite like a pinworm with a medication, but that’s not the same as removing ALL the wiggly parasites within.

I’ve worked with clients who were also working with their medical doctor to remove parasites from their system and I observed that no approach is foolproof. This 15-Day Parasite Cleanse is not medication. Instead, 15-days is merely to accomplish one thing – to prove to yourself that indeed, your body is host to some strange creatures you didn’t know were there and the best, most efficient way to discover that they are there is to see them for yourself as they come out.

They will mostly appear like blobs or strings of gel, but sometimes will look exactly like a worm.

This foot-long thing would appear in the toilet curled-up or like a string of goop.

Sometimes they will appear like “just nothing,” and the little tiny dark “dots,” which don’t come out normally, could be eggs because worms lay A LOT OF EGGS that mix into normal poop in the toilet. Some might be SKEPTICAL that such tiny dots could be eggs, but if we see LARGER worm-like critters, hey, they lay eggs!

You could see something like THIS floating in the toilet while on a parasite cleanse. That’s evidence of flukes and fairly common to see. More flukes are up there and let’s not argue about what it could be, please.

This thing, or two things, came out in the toilet after my client did his first colonic ever and was on a brief parasite cleanse.

My client on a parasite cleanse saw more than ten of these floating in the toilet after a colonic. She hadn’t eaten anything that looked like that, so where did these come from? Like an INSECT’S shell. She fished-out one and showed it to me.

What most people will see on a parasite cleanse appears like mucus because dead worms tend to purge into the digestive tract. Worms are comprised of PROTEIN, which the body digests and this destroys form. But look at the END of this wide strip of translucent matter. It has a defined “sucker” on the end of it and easy to miss if somebody saw goo in the toilet and just flushed it down, then said, “No worms came out!”


The goal here

If for whatever reason, you already KNOW you have these things inhabiting within, then SKIP to the 365-Day Parasite Cleanse if you seek professional assistance. The 365-Day Parasite Cleanse is not to FOCUS ON WORMS, but to impact where most people are falling down when it comes to improving their health at the seven points of PRIORITY.




If you decide to spend the next YEAR improving your health, then at the END of the year, you will 1) be better hydrated at cellular levels, 2) have improved pH in all bodily fluids, 3) cleansed your liver in such a way as to notice an improvement in ENERGY, 4) rebuild beneficial flora balances including less YEAST in the mix, 5) begin removing excess waste build-up in tissues, organs, the lymphatic system, and the digestive tract, 6) be learning and gain experience from the benefits of working from the imagination which can inspire optimism and, 7) yes, have reduced larger parasites within your internal landscape, while giving your delicate internal ecosystem time to make appropriate adjustments.


Plan to BENEFIT or why bother with it?

If you are currently ill with a diagnosed malady, the 15-Day Parasite Cleanse may not be for you. The reason is because “cleansing parasites” is not A TREATMENT for illness. The 15-Day Parasite Cleanse is merely for the recognition that you MAY have larger parasites, and if so, you must prove it to yourself, and this is just a highly effectively way to do that and not harm yourself in the process. If you have even the slightest inkling that conducting such a test for parasites could hurt you, DON’T DO IT. The ONLY people who should do such a cleanse are those who fully intend to BENEFIT from it 110%.

After 15 days, you will either 1) walk away and know 100% that you do not have larger parasites, such as nematodes or flukes, or 2) you will begin to appreciate that it’s likely that you do have such things living inside of your body and you then MIGHT want to address this over the coming year and at the end of the year, be noticeably better for your efforts.

If you already have heart disease, cancer, diabetes, a rare illness, or have any sort of autoimmune disorder, how could I know? If you go to your doctor and ask, “Would I be able to tolerate going on a parasite cleanse?” How should he or she know? I mean, what medical school teaches about THAT? If your doctor says not to go on a parasite cleanse, follow their recommendation and DON’T DO IT.

Anybody CAN purchase a wide variety of parasite cleanses in a box and they WILL get some visible parasites OUT, but that’s not what we are after, some kind of a hodge-podge mix of this or that. I’ve worked with somebody an entire year on an intensive parasite cleanse such that most people couldn’t even CONCEIVE, let alone carry it through, and one year later, there are STILL parasites coming out.

This worm came out last week after ONE YEAR of parasite cleansing. We’d typically will see five definite worms per colonic and about twenty questionable parasitic forms making an exit. If this client was over-the-top in ambition and has done 100 colonics in one year, then we have seen 500 definite worms of every color, shape and size and 2,000 questionable things, some of which are posted as videos on this website.

If this worm came out after all that time and extraordinary effort, what’s going on? Are human parasites THAT pervasive, insanely stealth, and rigorously reproductive?

The challenge is that parasites in the digestive tract will first die, then are DIGESTED, destroying their form. Plus, worms will utilize mucus to protect themselves, cloaking their appearance. If we could have taken a photo of the thing above while it was still alive, it would appear more agile and mobile. Right here, this dead worm is visible as a darker “strip” inside of a mucoid outer-cover.

Nobody CARES what skeptics might think because we are going to test this for ourselves. Nobody knows your body like YOU and all anybody has to do is just experiment a little to see what’s inside, because what’s inside COMES OUT, then you know for sure, and when you know for sure, WHO CARES what anybody else thinks? Including some media reporter on somebody’s payroll who will be writing a whole in-depth article (with footnotes) stating Americans don’t commonly have worms, let alone an infestation of worms per the experts at Mayo Clinic, Harvard, or even somewhere like Bastyr University.

When you test this for yourself, what “the experts think” quickly becomes not relevant really fast.

You’ll be like, “Oh yeah, I get what you mean now!”




The #1 realization

Once you test for yourself and SEE, that yes, things alive have made your body their happy stomping-ground, there will come the epiphany that there are A LOT OF THEM. Some are more stationary, but some are fast swimmers and get around the body like fish darting about in an aquarium. It will not be your imagination that, at some point, you will FEEL them moving in your extremities including feet, hands and face.

Higher education, good breeding, membership in the Daughters or Sons of the Revolution, your unique genetic expression, the cleanliness of your kitchen, having been a Boy or Girl Scout, eating a healthy diet, having no symptoms, none of it matters when it comes to whether or not you have nematodes or flukes thriving within. You do.

You work at Mayo Clinic? You have them. You teach at Harvard? You have them. You are reading this and a huge skeptic? You have them.

Do you owe it to yourself to prove that you’ve got nothing living under your skin? No! The 15-Day Parasite Cleanse is only for the curious. The 365-Day Parasite Cleanse is only for the determined. Are you a genius? Then get started. In some ways, to find this credible amidst our culture of skepticism, you’d have to be part genius.

Star Trek wasn’t the final frontier. This is.

The #1 realization is that you will NEVER get rid of every little scrap of a parasite within. There is no tonic out there that won’t kill all of them without killing you first, so the strategy is to go SLOWLY and consistently. Those who believe that taking turpentine or a particular medicine will wipe parasites out in one swoop are mistaken. The goal follows the 80/20 rule: remove 20% and allow the remaining 80% to carry on as normal. Can a person kill the other 80% of their parasites? No. If you are killing parasites for one full year, you will likely see 50 parasites come out per month or maybe one on one day, then none, then three the following day, then ten.

Parasites in humans are NORMAL going back for eons. Parasite OVERGROWTH is a recent phenomenon because our society has invented all kinds of new, patented chemicals and the delivery of metals like aluminum, barium, strontium, and mercury into the environment, which have been absorbed into the human body and stored in fatty tissues including the brain. Plus, the average American consumes 10X more SUGAR than our recent ancestors did and this has set-up a PERFECT STORM for human parasite overgrowth.

The IRONY is that this has all happened accidentally and EVERYBODY, just breathing the air nowadays, is fueling parasitic overgrowth. Sorry to have to point this out, but today it’s every parasitic personality for themselves. Right now, overgrowth reaches into the brain and these critters are silently chewing, chewing, chewing, and the body goes into an immune response to save neural networks via beta-amyloid plaque build-up and it isn’t long before this person can no longer THINK for themselves.

Beta-amyloid plaque build-up in the brain is becoming epidemic. You can wait on researchers to understand why and guess how many DECADES will that be, but why wait when anybody can get started turning the situation around now?

If you are a scientific researcher studying beta-amyloid plaque, these critters are in your brain too. You don’t need a major lab to prove it, just conduct a little test on yourself, right now.


Save yourself and those you care about, right?

There is no “one size fits all,” so the strategy will be to get in touch with your own intuition and to stop relying on everybody else to “make you well.” By the end of the 365-Day Parasite Cleanse, the additional benefit will be that you will have trained yourself to know which end is up and to make your OWN CHOICES with the goal to leave the worry behind.

There are a lot of VARIABLES with a serious parasite cleanse. Like, how many came out that you didn’t see or you looked directly at, but didn’t recognize? How many are still inside at any one point and reproducing? How many new parasite spores will you be exposed to on a daily basis just getting around town? Too many. Difficult as it may sound, we all just need to get used to the idea that humans are infested with nematodes, flukes and many yet identified creatures within. This goes back millennia. If the idea of it freaks you out or throws you in a panic or makes you want to blame somebody, please don’t.


Where were you ten or fifteen years ago?

I can tell you that ten years ago, I was working full time helping clients achieve better wellness by internal cleansing with wonderful success. Think back to where you were fifteen years ago. Where I was fifteen years ago, was in my office helping people become more well and I still work with some of those same people today. I’ve researched and written books and tend to become an expert on topics of interest and I will ask of you to research too and become an expert too.

What are you becoming an expert in knowing? You. I’m suggesting to anybody reading this right now, that if you think you know everything about you, and don’t factor parasites as part of your equation, you have some homework left undone.

The problem with all of the parasite cleanse products out there is that they don’t offer a lot of instruction. Plus, what I find, is that none of them provide a systemic approach in terms of how to improve organ function, promote inner healing, or educate about dietary/hydration choices from the perspective of LEVERAGE improvements. Or, if you explore various health-improvement strategies WITHOUT factoring nematodes or flukes within, yet they are there, oh oh, you will be feeding your parasites every bite of your better diet.

I’ve heard parasite experts jump up and down about getting off the JUNK FOOD because it feeds parasites. Think about it! Parasites LOVE nutritious foods! Goji berries? Hell yeah! Bone broth? Parasites say, Bring it on, brother!

The problem with worms and other parasites is OVERCROWDING. We’d want to know, what turns up their metabolism? Iron, heavy metals like mercury and aluminum, and sugar. You might say, “I’m going to cut back on all that.” Really? You are going to quit breathing? There’s way too much aluminum in the AIR nowadays. And even if you cut back to one-tenth of the sugar intake of most Americans, that’s still PLENTY-enough sugar to feed all the parasites in the average person’s body and to multiply on.

Just killing 20% of the parasites in us will be enough to stop parasitic overcrowding. It’s no different than plaque on teeth forming and knowing you can’t stop it, just reduce it.


Gonna be frank, if I haven’t been already.

It makes my skin crawl when I read or listen-to the advice provided by “parasite experts” out in the public, in the same way it makes your skin crawl when somebody gets it terribly wrong about a topic of which you know something about. I understand that there are a lot of people out in the world with lots of opinions, but anybody who says you can kill all of your parasites is not so much of an EXPERT. Anybody who thinks you can do a parasite cleanse without the tool of adding water to the colon, to remove dead parasites faster, hasn’t thunk on it much. Anybody who says Americans don’t have a lot of parasites within, has not EVER tried to get parasites out from their own body.

When you ask somebody’s opinion about human parasites, first ask them what experience they have had removing parasites from THEIR OWN body. If none, that would be like asking somebody “what’s fun to do in Muncie, Indiana,” and they tell you some things, but that person who gives you their opinion has never been there.

If you are entering uncharted territory, choose your guides wisely. Think Lewis and Clark! Explorers didn’t get over the Rocky Mountains with guides right off the boat from Europe! They picked experts who already knew the terrain.

Sorry to voice what I really think, but we want to be able to discern what’s right and what’s wrong when it comes to PARASITES and there’s not a lot of fudge room. I’m not asking anybody to trust what I say either. I’m saying, that if you want to determine whether you have parasites “big enough to see” living under your skin, conduct your own test, and “this is how you do it.” And, “If you now know you indeed do have these within, here is how to get them out and it will take one year to remove 20%.”

How do I KNOW 20%? Well, start experimenting yourself and at the end of one year, tell me what percentage YOU think it is.

I’ve spent 17 years investigating health and am about to turn sixty years old, and yes, I’ve had the flu a few times and could be better, I suppose, but I ain’t had to go to a doctor all that time except once when I dislocated my shoulder and it wouldn’t go back in without professional assistance.


Do you trust clinical studies?

Not long ago, I consulted with the former Dean of Vanderbilt’s Owen Business School about how I could better SHARE what I’ve learned about health and THE FIRST THING he asked, was what was my credential. I will tell you that I LAUGHED! I replied, “I am my own credential!” The reason I laughed was because I knew that would flip his wig.

He sat back and said with a serious look: “That’s not going to be good enough.”

If “17 years of not requiring a doctor’s help” for a man turning 60 years old is not good enough and not enough proper credential, but clinical studies ARE, what’s that about? CLINICAL STUDIES have FAILED miserably to keep Americans from getting all the terrible diseases they DO get. Mushrooming illness statistics in America PROVE that what we deem credential can’t be worth very much.

I told the former Dean of Owen Business School that “better answers must now come from outside the normal medical-industrial paradigm” or we will keep getting THE SAME DISASTROUS RESULTS, as he folded his arms and shook his head no.

So if YOU are willing to be a part of the average American statistical pool concerning wellness-success, then please, don’t waste your time here!

But, if the components of health are established by the human body and we could know what those are, and attend to them, even the dumbest amongst us could follow that and be well. I’d even go so far as to say: Dumb is the new smart!

I’m writing more than I intended and I know this isn’t good “marketing copy,” but I’m merely explaining as best I can why PARASITES matter and why removing at least 20% of them will require one year and in the process of clearing them out, you will become: 1) better hydrated at cellular levels, 2) more alkaline in pH across all bodily fluids, 3) cleansed in your liver in such a way as to notice an improvement in ENERGY, 4) naturally more-rebuilt with beneficial flora balances including less YEAST, 5) less toxic through removing excess waste build up in tissues, organs, the lymphatic system, and the digestive tract, 6) experienced with the benefits of working from the imagination which can inspire optimism.

The one cleanse takes one year to complete and the other takes 15 days to complete as a test.

What you will NOT get with the 15-Day Parasite Cleanse:

  • Money-wasting products,
  • One size fits all,
  • 100% of all your nematodes and flukes removed.

What you WILL get:

  • Recommendations for excellent products to consider, with links to study the products to purchase for yourself. NOTE: You will be required to spend between $100 minimum to $200+ on the products you will need from Whole Foods or your local health food store or online, but there will be extra, so you can go on this cleanse with another person (up to three participants total) and SPLIT the product-costs.
  • Products are organized in CATEGORIES to choose from because each category fulfills a different goal.
  • A schedule of what to do every day that can be varied based on making real-time adjustments.
  • NOTE: You will not be allowed to eat FAST FOOD (McDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc.) during this 15-Day cleanse.
  • Something “different-looking” in the toilet that most likely you will have NEVER seen before, which came out, because it HAD BEEN in.
  • NOTE: You will want to cut back on all dairy products during this cleanse. Eating pizza is not what you’ll want. You’ll want to consume more foods rich in vitamin C like pomegranates, pineapple, and salads.
  • Suggestions for including your PETS on this cleanse.
  • Suggestions for how to live around others harmoniously while cleansing and after — and how to make it FUN.
  • A total of NINETEEN emails: One with everything you will need to know to GET STARTED and four days to acquire everything necessary to give this your best shot while minimizing die-off effects; fifteen DAILY emails with detailed instructions, but with options to increase or decrease intensity around your experience; then one “recap” email for how to move forward and maximize everything you have learned.


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I would LOVE to talk to everybody on this cleanse because this topic is fascinating. Feel free to email me photos and testimonials, but I am only available to answer questions by scheduled consultation, which I am happy to do.

Some people enjoy discussing all of their ill symptoms and this is NOT how we do it. If you are going to schedule a consultation, we should begin with your sending me an email and our goal will be to get to the point as quickly as possible. If you are interested in more advanced training in colon hydrotherapy, that can be discussed.

Anything is possible! Read through the Seven Priority Points of Leverage on this website to get a feel for my approach, please. I welcome feedback. At this time, I am not going to start a social media group, but feel free to JOIN OTHERS. Lots of people do have EXCELLENT INFORMATION out there, but lots don’t, and if you are going through this 15-Day Parasite Cleanse, you will at least have a solid point of reference and a plan to help move you forward.

For about $1 per day, there’s not a better way to get this done.


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Disclaimer: The information here or that you will receive should not be used as advice for self-diagnosis nor as treatment for disease. It is not a replacement for competent medical care. Consult with a professional health care provider before attempting any protocol which could affect your health. Any adverse affect arising from putting yourself on a parasite cleansing product or combination of products is not the responsibility of the author or affiliates.

The author of the 15-Day or 365-Day Parasite Cleanses hopes participants will experience benefits and achieve positive results from learning more about what it requires to be healthier today. The intent is: for all of us to be the best citizens possible, to live in harmony with all around us, and to achieve optimal health while taking responsibility for our own actions within the context of the otherwise heretofore group-think idiocy taking place all around us, and which, some of us refuse to take part.

If forging an individualized and somewhat more heroic path requires turning a few sharp corners, ducking, or holding on, then the only remaining question could possibly be: How fast can anybody saddle up their horse and get on the trail? I mean, it’s not a “trail.” What you’ll be looking for is a little arrow made from sticks pointing into the very deepest, darkest, overgrown part of the forest saying, Go thataway!

If you go there, it’s all your own fault.

And hopefully, one of the best decisions you could ever make so make up your mind now.