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About Scott W. Webb

is a term that did not commonly apply to food until the 1990s.  It’s really come into general awareness within the past fifteen years.

Scott Webb, like many people, did not consider diet as a factor in his health until he became a colon hygienist 18 years ago.  He utilized traditional doctors and consumed fast food products until that time.  It was only after becoming a colon hygienist that his perspective was radically changed.  Therefore, he understands how most Americans might miss the point regarding their health choices.

Scott has listened to thousands of clients tell their stories.  He began to recognize a pattern to the onset of illnesses, a specific unfolding of various symptoms growing more and more serious.  He was able to see these as cultural, not medical.  Scott’s first published article in 2005 was in ACRES USA, a natural farming publication, correlating the use of inorganic farming chemicals as part of the equation of the unseen causes of a person’s general internal degeneration by eating food.

For example, a single bushel of corn grown in America now requires about 1.2 gallons of artificial chemicals.  Without the use of chemicals, the corn would not grow.  This translates that the molecular structures that built the corn as a product passed into the plant.  Therefore, these artificial molecular structures pass into the human body and must be processed.  Over time, the human body loses its ability to process these chemicals, which are then stored within a person’s tissues.  Not only that, but farm animals are fed huge quantities of corn, and these artificial structures are likewise stored in their tissues, which are then consumed by humans.  Worse, animal proteins are fed to other animals, exacerbating the problem of these poisons flowing into our food supply exponentially.

These subtle influences cannot be measured.  What can be measured are the statistics tracking illness in America.

Chief causes of death in the United States, 1900 and 1982

1900: 1982:
Pneumonia/Influenza: 11.8% Heart Disease: 34.4%
Tuberculosis: 11.2% Cancer: 23.9%
Stroke: 7.6% Stroke: 6.5%
Diarrhea 6.3% Lung Disease: 2.9%
Nephritis 5.9% Suicide: 2.1%
Cancer: 4.5% Pneumonia/Influenza: 2.0%

Source: U.S. D.H.H.S. Prevention ’84/’85. Washington D.C.: Public Health Service Office, 1985.

What can be measured is per capita expense on medical care over the past fifty years, whether Americans are more ill or less.  In 1960, the average person spent just $143 annually on their medical costs.  In 2018, it will run over $12,000, outpacing inflation by about ten times.  This is the cultural condition, that is, lots of illness.  To avoid it, one must behave differently than the general culture or fall within the general statistical pool, which is not good today.

Scott noticed that most of his clients approach their health based on dietary choices, which ignores that diet alone is not sufficient to cleanse the tissues of artificial chemicals already stored and impairing internal organ functions.  An end result of this condition is constipation, depression, and low energy.   Occasional colonics are helpful, but more are better.  Food choices alone are the wrong tool, or at best, a weak tool.

Most of the body’s inner fluids are recycled, including blood, saliva and bile salts.  Therefore, herbal cleanses are unable to fully removed poisons before the body recycles them, providing limited improvement.  Colonics, however, ramps up the cleansing process by accelerating toxic removal before it can be recycled.

Scott himself has not seen a doctor for at least 18 years because he is HEALTHY, knows why he is healthy, and helps other achieve similar health because it’s easy.

Colon cleansing is all about “tissue cleansing.”  This is a point of leverage for improved health.  The colon is merely the last receptacle of waste removal.  By removing excess waste from the colon, that creates space in the body for poisons to flush downward, incrementally, over the course of years.

Limit poisons entering the body.  Hasten their removal.  Have fun doing it.  That’s what we are about.

Scott W. Webb has a degree in philosophy from Wheaton College, Chicago, Illinois.

A Word to Professional Colon Hygienists

My approach to clients has been to make myself obsolete to their long term cleansing process.  I regularly explain to them that they will need to do more cleansing than they can afford to pay me to do.  Still, most clients opt to continue having me perform their colonics versus installing a home unit.

The ones who have installed a unit in their home have saved themselves thousands of dollars versus seeing me.  However, nearly all have referred their friends to me even after their unit was installed.

I respect the field of professional colon hydrotherapy and recommend professional colonics as the first step of the journey.  Internal cleansing is generally misunderstood and so there’s plenty of work left to be done.  Thank you for all that you do!