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Intestinal Parasites

The information is intended to document my experiences helping clients remove parasites for those who have an interest in such things. -Scott W. Webb


I contend we have two choices. We can ignore that Americans are 100% infested with multiple visible parasitic things or do little protocols to get them out. When my clients start these, we SEE parasites. Usually they exit dead, but in this case yesterday, they came out after the colonic alive in the toilet. Flukes are pink, unless they spend time in the liver and mix in the bile, which turns them dark brown. The brown one in lower screen is clearly swimming and so are the pink ones. There is a long, digested worm in the cloud of biofilm above, so it requires multiple viewing to see what was in this client’s colon and upper GI tract before their untimely evacuation. I have no interest in convincing anybody about any of it, just a study on colon hygiene. The person removing these flukes has no symptoms that they were there.


Colon hygienists don’t normally focus on intestinal parasites, but sometimes clients will go on their own form of cleanses. My experience is that parasite cleanses tend to make the person feel ill, unless one can either do a lot of enemas or a colonic. One particular client was very aggressive, PLUS strategic in utilizing removal techniques over many months. Then other clients started taking diatomaceous earth because it is easy to do. We saw some strange creatures coming out during the colonics and about one third of the time I was able to photograph it. Wormy things seem to get DIGESTED after they die, so they are gelatinous and also coated in biofilm mucus, which I believe is why parasite cleanses tend to bring on nausea. Many of the specific types of “worms” I believe have not been yet identified by science. These photographs show bizarre, alien-like shapes that don’t fall into a usual category; difficult to imagine alive. They may be systemic, traveling across the entire body, and not just in the digestive tract. I muse on the implications of common and widespread parasitic-infection and review some effective remedies in my book, Intestinal Parasites and the Meaning of Life. I review why colonics often get a bad rap from the medical side and why colonics are actually an important health leverage for today’s world.

Video footage of a client’s colonic which released about 500 fluke eggs. What happens when you give a colonic is you start noticing stuff and you get your phone to take pictures. In this case, it was video because the egg things were flying out ten or twenty at a time, which went on for 30 minutes. This is a study more than a statement. Like, WHAT THE HELL?! Check out because I’ll upload more photos soon. As for me, I believe these are COMMON, but most people don’t do what it takes to pull them out because flukes don’t just come out.

I started taking photos of parasites coming out from clients during a colonic and suddenly, THIS worm hung in the tubing (approx. 12 to 15 inches long). I thought it was stuck, but realized that it was trying to swim back inside the client’s colon. It clung there, then suddenly shot down the tubing. It happened another time with an identical, second worm, which could be seen better in the clear view tube. However, I was so completely shocked, I dropped my cell phone camera. This 10 second shot is all I got, but it’s real, no joke. What kind of worm is it? Don’t know! I will post other still photos of over 100 bizarre parasites coming out from clients which were taken in my office in Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve written about it in my book, Intestinal Parasites and the Meaning of Life.



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