Downward Spirals: Why We Can’t Just Treat the Tail End of Our Symptoms


In 14 years as a colon hygienist, I’ve never once been questioned by a doctor about what I’ve seen coming out from clients.

I’ve given colonics to doctors and nurses of every specialty, but none has asked me a question about what I have learned.

If they asked, I would say that most diseases which are diagnosed, fall within a pattern of previous, yet subtle manifestations. Simple things, like exhaustion or brain fog or dark circles under the eyes. Once a disease manifests, it’s something that’s four or five levels deep. It requires research, really on the part of the patient, to unravel it.

I call the progression to disease a “downward spiral.” If one treats only the tail end of it, like what shows up in blood work, or a scan, then it will keep returning because what’s lurking deeper remains.



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