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Dorothy in Defiance

Most people first watched The Wizard of Oz as children, so as we saw it for a second time, we assumed that when Toto pulled back the curtain to expose the Wizard, Dorothy right-off caught him in his game.  But this is incorrect.  Dorothy walks over and asks the man WHO he is!  After he

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The Wizard of Deception

I’ve been listening to a book on CD about the works of C.S. Lewis.  Lewis wrote the children’s book series, The Chronicles of Narnia, plus several other fantastical fiction works for adults and Christian apologetics.  He was a scholar of Medieval literature and a professor at Oxford and Cambridge. Lewis worked Medieval themes into his

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More on Microwave Ovens than You (Might) Want to Know

RE: This Blog I responded to an earlier Facebook post with a previous blog on microwaves. My friend read it, then sincerely requested that I address my specific claim that “microwaves distort the molecular structure” of the food itself.  Here is the conversation and my response, which is to copy excerpts from various sources.  This

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Microwave Quackery

So, this blog is sometimes inspired by Facebook comments.  A friend started a conversation with me in a news-feed discussion that shifted into the “dangers” of microwave cooking.  What’s interesting to me, is the THOUGHT PROCESSES which lead us to conclusions. Less so, the topic itself.  Here are the FB excerpts, then my reply: FRIEND:

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