America’s leading colonic therapist gives you the inside scoop on digestive disorders that you or a loved one might be experiencing. Presented as the author’s testimonial, not intended to be a medical-type manual about the colon.

Hospital Safety? My cousin posted this on Facebook.  I think this is interesting that people are tracking and publicizing this, however, we must have CONTEXT! We assume any hospital provides exceptional safety procedures.  The “context” I will briefly discuss is MARKETING.  For, hospitals must have customers, due to competition between hospitals.  This would be considered the

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Client with Migraines

It’s been noted that 10,000 hours practice is the benchmark for becoming an expert at anything.  Colon hygienists are a tiny, tiny slice of the general population, but are witness to a critical social element.  Plus, a colon hygienist is on the back-end of a feedback loop between a doctor and their patient.  In other

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Why Practice Internal Hygiene?

“An overburdened liver is the #1 weight-loss stumbling block and fatigue trigger for women, and the one factor that can foil even the most determined dieter,” says naturopath Linda Page, N.D., Ph.D., the country’s foremost authority on nutritional healing. “When environmental pollutants, a poor diet or any other factor overburdens the liver, it becomes less

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