Random Health Screenings


This is your brand new car (above) and somebody just took your keys and drove-off in it, 100-percent legally. This happened to my client recently.   He is mega-smart, works out, does yoga, is super healthy.   A random health screening at his office turned up a low reading on his white blood cell count.  This led to doctor’s visits, lab tests, and a minor surgery to remove bone marrow.

“What did they find?” I asked him, just making conversation.

“Nothing,” he replied.

“What benefit did you receive?” I asked, more curious.

“Peace of mind,” he replied.


I said, wait a minute.  Strangers came into your office and told you that you had a condition.  Then they subjected you to all kinds of testing, at their discretion, including sucking marrow from your bone?  Then they told you it was a false alarm?”

“Yes,” he replied laughing. “I think the whole thing cost between $40 and 50,000.”

I asked him, “Aside from peace of mind, what did that $40 to 50,000 buy you?”

“Not anything,” he replied.

Our society is covered-up with outrage, so let’s not go there.  And there are many levels at which to address all kinds of scams.  But if I could figure a way to legitimately stick a needle into your bone and suck out $40,000, I’d probably go door-to-door doing that.  Forget vacuum cleaners!  Wouldn’t you quit your day job and blanket the town selling wares, too?  And I would hire lots of nurses to duplicate my efforts and pay lab-techs for print-outs, then deduct my costs from receipts to see what profit was left for me.  Plus, you wouldn’t need to actually produce anything or ship anything or open warehouses overseas.


Then I asked him, “Were you offered any sort of guarantee or warranty for your $40-50,000?”

He laughed, “No.”

I said, “I think you just bought somebody a new Audi.  And they took home your warranty.”



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