We assume that television and the Internet have homogenized society, while the opposite is true. People of like mind flock together like geese flying this direction or that, regardless of the season. Waffle House at 2am? It’s all the same people. Four different churches on the same intersection siphon their own like minded from the traffic pattern.

What does it mean? It means that instinct is alive and well. Our lives are like bubbles which a child pulls from a jar, caught in the wind, growing longer and longer, until we realize our bubble connects back hundreds of years. Suddenly, what seemed to be our own thoughts is somebody else’s thought-bubble from antiquity.

Try to muster an original thought and you can’t. We’re trapped in the group flock!

The view from outer space reveals all these crazy migrations. We fear we may be going extinct and this too is a thought from antiquity. If you want to discover a thought never thought before, you must follow the archetype of one who drops out. This too is an ancient path. You fall from the sky and always crash land. On foot, in dense underbrush, no established trail, this is where you find your first thought. This is where you weep, for the first time. Later, you laugh, for the first time.

Shortly, the flock will swoop down to rescue you, but it is too late. You are not the same. This is when you laugh for the second time, as they fly off.


As you look upwards from this new vantage, you witness the crazy migration patterns going on above. It’s not anything true or false, like it once was. Now somebody else falls from the sky and lands just out of sight. Now you feel compassion, for the first time.

Group-think is about perpetuating the group-think, which offers safety and sometimes eternal life. Sorry, but this is when you laugh, for the third time. S.


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