Puke from garlic (or puke from the flu).


Everywhere we go, we see advertisements for flu shots.  Then, front page news, everybody is getting sick with — the flu!

Now I haven’t ever had a flu shot.  And I rarely get the flu.  Anybody wonder why?  I can tell you why, if you’d like to know my secret.

I appreciate that the immune system is not some kind of organ in the body.  It’s a community.  The immune system is kept active by bacteria located generally around the gut.  What kills them mostly are antibiotics, medicines (including mouth wash) and additives in food.

We hear a lot about “probiotics,” but few people know what they are.  They are not something that you buy at the health food store which come in a capsule, only.  Probiotics = our planet.  You wonder what turns leaves into dirt?  Probiotics.  Then what makes other plants grow in dirt?  Probiotics.  Then what converts our food into energy after we swallow it and then detoxifies our internal organs?  Probiotics.

The way that beneficial bacteria create internal immunity is through releasing their metabolic waste.  Their waste (like hydrogen peroxide) is excellent for the human body, but lethal to any kind of virus.  In this case, the more bacteria, the better.

Most of the food we consume today has been scrubbed clean of all probiotics.  Therefore, one must consciously consume foods which contain — probiotics.  What are these?  Miso soup, which you buy in a tub at the health food store, and make at home.  Kombucha and kefir drinks which you can make at home or buy at the health food store.  Vegetables which you can chop, leave out on the kitchen counter for a week and then refrigerate, and consume.  Also known as sauerkraut and kimchee.  Recipes abound on the Internet.  Goat milk yogurt or kefir supports internal bacterial growth as well.  So does a walk in the woods where probiotics are rich in the air.


Miso can be mixed raw into any store-bought food you eat, like salsa, sour cream, guacamole, etc.  Adding onions and garlic also boosts probiotics because “probiotics” like to consume them deep in your gut.  Artichoke too.

What I like to do is to run garlic through my juicer with carrots or pineapple.  This morning, I made a juice drink from pineapple, ginger, parsley, lemon, and garlic, all organic.  The garlic was the smaller cloves and I got too much, thinking it was just a few tiny cloves.  I started drinking my concoction and couldn’t even taste the garlic, but then on an empty stomach, I felt the garlic hit.  I felt so nauseous that I got a bucket.  It was a bit like having the flu for about 30 seconds.  Then, the garlic assimilated and I felt great all day.

Here’s how I see it.  There are two options.  You can puke from the garlic or you can puke from the flu.  I myself prefer to take the road less traveled.  So far, I have an excellent track record and I’m sticking with that.  S.



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