Why Practice Internal Hygiene?

“An overburdened liver is the #1 weight-loss stumbling block and fatigue trigger for women, and the one factor that can foil even the most determined dieter,” says naturopath Linda Page, N.D., Ph.D., the country’s foremost authority on nutritional healing. “When environmental pollutants, a poor diet or any other factor overburdens the liver, it becomes less efficient at burning body fat and converting food to energy,” says Dr. Page. “In fact, by her 20th birthday, almost every woman (and man) has some degree of liver exhaustion, and a sluggish liver means a sluggish you,” she says. –First for Women Magazine

Environmental pollutants have reached an all-time high as evidenced that a single session of internal hydrotherapy can release as much as five to ten to fifteen feet of congested intestinal gunk. Getting that out provides instant relief — not just to your sense of well being, but it assists the liver in its natural detoxification process. The skin benefits also — many clients experience a dramatic reduction in dark, puffy circles around the eyes. Regardless, no proven medical results are documented because no medical tests on colon hygiene have been conducted. Such hygiene is safe — the process is painless and modesty is respected. After twenty years of being a client myself, I never imagined that this would be a service I would offer, but the benefits were too astounding in myself and now after 17 years in business, I am convinced there is no better gift you can give to yourself — to get clean and clear from the inside out.