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Understanding why PRIORITY dominates when it comes to improving anybody’s health (and avoiding future bad news from a medical lab report):

During an episode of NPR’s podcast, Hidden Brain, it was announced that Big Data can now predict pending illnesses based on an individual’s Google search criteria. The podcast stated that a search for “indigestion” and “gut pain” is more indicative of “pancreatic cancer” than just “indigestion.” The more data, the more accurate the predictions. As corporations know more and more about us from our computer inputs, it’s crazy to think Google can predict when we are coming down with an illness long before we do.

For health professionals consistently helping others to overcome their various symptoms, there can be a similar recognition of a data-pattern to the onset of an illness. As author Malcolm Gladwell pointed out, anybody doing 10,000 hours of anything will develop an intuitive sense of pattern. The formula is: Data + The Broader Numbers Game = Instant recognition of what’s going on.

The consolidation of data.

What if “health” could be consolidated into just seven categories, which acted like containers holding the zillions of bits of information we carry around in our brains? That’s all Google is doing. It sifts, it organizes, it narrows down according to mathematical principles.

But it’s not PURE MATH, because somebody programmed PRIORITY into the formula and somebody programs that into us as well. Just walk into any grocery store, grab any food item, look on the back for nutritional information and that’s what somebody is telling you matters about the food. Go to the doctor and they check certain things and we program our lives around the variables they say matter. Then, we are programmed to categorize a REJECT PILE. And into that go all the quacks, conspiracies, non-credentialed and idiot-theories.

Our current system would be so amazing if it worked. But, if we are now freshly collecting “Google data” to do something better, we must factor disease statistics into our formula for drawing new conclusions and thus we can instantly see that our current system is broken. The system, which was designed to keep Americans healthy, has clearly imploded and now the idiots, the quacks, and the hacks are us.

How so? Because we choose. It’s a FREE COUNTRY! And obviously, a heck of a lot of people are choosing badly, based on America’s current disease statistics, which is how anybody can check the math.

The glitch is not in a lack of exposure to accurate information, but in our ability to PRIORITIZE it. THAT’S what anybody “doing 10,000 hours of anything” does for themselves: Sift. Organize. Narrow down.

In my case, after investing 10,000 hours into “my thing,” I noticed that the data always seemed to fall into just a few categories. I could be wrong, and there might be more, or less, but I’m suggesting there are SEVEN. If all these crazy illnesses and symptoms people face today ACTUALLY DID fit into just seven things, how simple would that be?

Oh oh! You better not do that!

One thing to note is that “diagnosis” is a trademarked activity legally restricted to licensed medical professionals, so Google as a “user-friendly health-diagnosis feedback loop” would be shut down pretty quickly. Doctors use a wide variety of their own tools to assess a patient’s condition including blood work and lab tests. Meanwhile, a medical doctor who has conducted 10,000 hours of listening to patient complaints and then observed 10,000 lab reports should be able to see an immediate pattern connecting those complaints to the final diagnosis from his or her intuition, like Google, because illness-prediction is from what? Data.

In other words, at some point, a doctor almost doesn’t require lab reports to diagnose patients because they “just know” what’s going on. The question is: Can we learn a similar intuition for ourselves? I say, emphatically yes. I say yes, in spite of the fact that society says you better not do that.

It’s the same thing with the grandmas of yesterday who back then were the first go-to family doctor. Why? She raised ten kids and babysat twenty-five grandkids and had spent decades in the community and tending to the neighborhood as kind of natural, social expertise. She sifted. She narrowed down. She saved everybody a lot of time and headache.

The experienced doctor says, “I’ve seen this a thousand times.”

What colon hygienists see.

A colon hygienist listening to clients for 10,000 hours might see a pattern to people’s complaints too, while the tricky part is avoiding offering a DIAGNOSIS themselves, because that would be illegal. I myself had a client recently come to see me who is a nutritional coach, but totally baffled by her own symptoms. I said to her, “That’s funny, I’ve already seen 25 other clients with your exact complaints.” She almost couldn’t believe it. We tend to think there is something specifically and uniquely wrong with US — if one hadn’t sat in a room listening to 10,000 other people’s symptoms, with a certain percentage of them saying the exact same thing.

What I’m suggesting, is that there is 1) the TRAINING of the health coach, and 2) the throwing the newly certified coach out into the world, and 3) the long hours in the field (for data-collection) requiring the honing of the coach’s intuition (for 10,000+ hours). At some point, the health coach will very likely realize that their training and what they encounter in the public arena are two very different things.

Book knowledge is not what we are after. Instead, it’s developing an intuitive sense of pattern concerning simple things which matter, such that you gain enough insight to get really good at predicting where you are headed with your health. Bottom line: better, more accurate choices in line with your broader goals in life. Then, the results check the math. 

All good except for one tiny glitch.

What happens with me as a professional health therapist, is that a new client will come in and I will listen to what they explain is going on and then I will say, “Uh huh … uh huh.” I get an idea, check the math, ask more questions. NOW I have to determine whether this person will do what it takes to actually get better more naturally and I regret to say, the answer often is no. “Ten thousand hours” has informed me that sometimes nothing one can say will make any difference.

I already know there’s a second sequence to the “Google equation.” If I start babbling about what I sense is going on, then I’m setting myself up to get into a pointless argument with the client.

Let’s not do that! Why? Because whatever value I bring to this client’s table, suddenly is worth nothing because I shut-up to avoid getting into an argument. I’m paid the same for a colon hydrotherapy session whether I EDUCATE my clients or not, and a lot of the time, I say nothing that’s educational, to avoid unpleasantness.

If you have found this website and reading here, then you are somebody who wants to learn more and experience results. I tell my clients all the time: You don’t need ME to figure out your health problems because you can do that for yourself. But then there ARE a few things to get. It’s a bit of pealing back the thin veneer covering what’s obvious and then LOOKING, sifting, adjusting and forming a new PARADIGM.

Paradigm. Pattern. Priority. These are words we really want to know when it comes to our health. Many people will say: I don’t have TIME to learn WORDS! Right! Go back to what you were doing and reenter the U.S. statistical pool regarding all that might go wrong with your health.

The human body WANTS to be well. It is designed for wellness and can make its own corrections, so it usually is a matter of stepping out of its way, so it can do its thing. Like if you couldn’t find your cat and then you saw a lump under the bed covers. Being healthy could be as simple as figuring out that the lump under the covers is probably your cat.

It’s also like the game of Dodge Ball. Some people are better at dodging the ball than others and I’m somebody who has gotten really good at this particular game. If you already have SYMPTOMS, they often are underlying, and the next, pending progression, can be dodged. If you have NO SYMPTOMS, I’d suggest, the best, most strategic way to avoid getting hit with the ball, is to step out of the game.

The Benefits to Working from PRIORITY

Hearing what people are doing for their health, clients will tell me they are doing this, and that, and the other. It astounds me how often none of what they are doing is related to their core concerns. To illustrate what I mean, if somebody was lost in the desert and crawling across the hot sand, beaten-down from dehydration, it would make no sense for somebody to rush to their aid, feel their pulse and declare: “Oh my gosh, your cholesterol is too high! We need to get that down right away!”

Meanwhile, the PRIORITY might be a drink of water, so we’d want to get to that first, before addressing other things. What I mean is, certain health factors and what action to take should be obvious.

It might be incredible to grasp that what should be obvious gets ignored all day long, i.e. the misguided strategies implemented for better health from out in left field. It’s websites too, glorifying dozens of healthy things, but which one or two really matter and are most immediate? Plus, it’s not just “one person crawling across the sand with depleted energy from dehydration,” but lots of people suffering from the same thing. In America today, this would statistically be illnesses like depression, obesity, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders, fungal overgrowth, leaky gut syndrome, and even hundreds of “rare” illnesses linked to a certain core of what others share in common.

Did you just say, leaky gut?

What I see now is that LEAKY GUT is suddenly recognized as a “new American epidemic” and experts will be selling a lot of products to “heal leaky gut,” while the gut is a SYSTEM and all kinds of other things bleed into it and out of it. If a person has “leaky gut,” then they have three or five other things going on too, related to why their gut leaks. These factors will fall under a violated priority, which is more like a scale, more like a color with shades or like noise levels and not just one thing.

If you had leaky gut, and understood it, you’d realize that you couldn’t just take a product for it and then “check it off the list” of what’s wrong with you because there are too many other things still going on across the entire rest of the body. And these lesser “shades” often can’t be diagnosed and usually don’t show up as specific symptoms aside from subtle declines in functions across spectrums otherwise known as “the human body.”

Gallbladder removal falls into this same category. People who have it removed are usually in pain and surgery removes the source of pain. But what is the gallbladder? It’s a receptacle for BILE. So what irritates the gallbladder originates in the liver as a fluid produced inside of the liver’s tissues. Removing the painful gallbladder does nothing to address why the bile from the liver became so irritating in the first place.

For our purposes, we’d just want to be aware that gallbladder removal is a common procedure today. To avoid its removal, we’d want to start thinking about how to better support our liver now, such that “our bile” won’t turn rogue in our future. Because right now there are people around us unaware they will be scheduling to have their gallbladder removed and if that future could be avoided, why not?

With the analogy of color, the person with a painful gallbladder could say that “it’s RED.” But their liver would be red too. And this gallbladder issue may OVERLAP with a leaky gut, so the small intestine would be red too and the whole thing might tie together as the result of a single violated PRIORITY. And, there’s not a pill to take to fix all of what’s red. Then surgery removes part of what’s red, which seems to fix the problem, when it hasn’t been fixed and another seemingly unrelated issue continues to brew, flare-up, and fester.

And now this person is continually on antibiotics or pain meds or antidepressants and then what does the doctor traditionally measure? Weight. Cholesterol levels. Anything much more? Such as testing for a chronically suppressed immune system working with a moderately toxic, exhausted liver?

Thinking “outside the box” is outdated when it comes to today’s health issues.

We must see THROUGH the box.

The start of seeing that, is recognizing that somehow we’ve all gotten into somebody else’s box. (That’s what “leaky gut” actually is: it’s a common disabling of our inner organs, which falls into the general American BOX.)

Agent Orange” might be another metaphor for what’s generally overlooked, to better understand how stuff gets missed. This is a chemical which has been used in warfare to defoliate trees. If Agent Orange was dropped from airplanes onto a forest, there would be a whole swath of vegetation stripped of its leaves. If we brought a botanist to this place to investigate what had happened to a single tree, he or she might say they want to run some tests. Maybe somebody should point out to the botanist that the problem may not be just with this one tree. Things might progress quicker if the botanist just looked at the surrounding forest for a common clue.

We see this with the medical side of things where patients are individually assessed as if each case is unique. The doctor might suggest: “Maybe you are suffering from depression.” Yet from the doctor’s perspective, does he or she not notice that the last ten patients all seemed to suffer from depression? And ten the day before and all week long. Somebody might notice this and perhaps wonder why lots of people are suffering from the same thing, that maybe it’s from a commonly shared outside variable and maybe that variable is staring us in the face.

If YOU are feeling depressed, get that you are not alone.

Broadly speaking, if we are going to appreciate that the human body functions by specific priorities, then we would want to acknowledge that individual maladies may relate to a breakdown in one or more of these priorities, and if lots of people are suffering from the same maladies, then the issue is more of a breakdown in society and less related to individuals. If these core causes can be identified, then A) either society must fix itself or B) the individual must back away from this causal thing in society. 

The thumb in the lower left is you, looking at you.

And, whatever it is, is staring us in the face. Like you go into a gas station to buy a bottle of water and you can barely find it because it’s hidden behind shelf upon shelf of energy drinks for sale. It’s easy to overlook, unless you had just interviewed 10,000 people about their health and a high percentage had reported feeling low in energy. The epiphany is: “Oh! This is so widespread that gas stations are in on the game.”

Then you stumble across an article about student athletes testing low in iron, who may be excelling in sports until their energy just crashes, an issue which is recently and broadly on the increase. Now this has never happened before (so many young adults low in iron), so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to wonder if the root of this low energy problem is something affecting society in general. The data shows: People are doing something, young adults too, which is impairing a common function in the body responsible for ENERGY.

If you feel low in energy, get that you are not alone.

Society has been very good at tracking statistics, but lousy at spreading the word about what those statistics are and what they mean. For example, U.S. cancer mortality per capita back in the year 1900 was just 4.5%. Today that has risen to above 33%. Perhaps that doesn’t appear to be a big difference, but in 1900, an American’s odds of dying from cancer was 1:22, while today it is 1:3. There are all kinds of explanations for this, but forget all that because many illnesses have skyrocketed across the past 120 years including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders, as we have already noted.

If you feel afraid of getting cancer, you are not alone.

So if you or somebody you love has received a cancer diagnosis, that’s within the societal norm (1:2 diagnosis, 15,000,000 living with cancer in America, 1:3 mortality). No matter what your illness might be, the statistics suggest that if you live in America today, you are going to come down with something. And, you are not going to like it. And, it will likely be totally baffling and challenging to treat — and you will think it’s just you.

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What is this about?

One of my clients, who has been receiving almost weekly colonics for the past twelve years, now in his late 60s, went recently for a complete medical physical exam. His doctor gave him two thumbs up and was impressed that he was taking no medications. I asked my client, “Did the doctor ask what you have been doing to maintain your excellent health?”


I asked, “Did the doctor prescribe any medications?”

My client replied, “No, he just recommended that I take a daily baby aspirin.”

Three things to note about this, no four:

1) Going to a doctor is like going to a restaurant because what you might bring with you after a meal is a doggy bag. Medical marketing professionals have researched (marketing departments are researchers too) and found that satisfaction levels after a doctor’s visit matter. It was discovered that the doctor’s perceived value declined if the patient did not receive a prescription (something to take with). Whether this study was accurate or not, we don’t know, because MARKETING’s goal is always to sell more and this would be true for any store: “The customer is always happier when leaving the store if they walk out with something.” If you just go to the doctor and leave empty-handed, even though you just received a two-thumbs up, you’ll start to wonder if what you received was worth the time and money.

2) This doctor my client saw was near retirement age himself and “suggesting a baby aspirin” somewhat dates him. Today, unless you are at risk for a heart attack, Mayo Clinic does not recommend taking a daily baby aspirin, due to side-effects, nor does the FDA recommend it. Plus, this would not be anything the doctor could check back on: “How is that baby aspirin working for you?” So the doctor has little way of knowing whether the baby aspirin has helped his patients, ever.

Whatever anybody recommends to do for your health, which you have not been doing, RESEARCH it first before you do it.

3) The doctor is suggesting the baby aspirin because at some point in his career, he was provided evidence that it helped – everybody. If you were the MAKER of baby aspirin, how cool if you could expand your market and get everybody to consume what you make. This would not be LIMITED to baby aspirin, but apply to every drug product, every alt health product, so it’s less about discovering the next miracle thing and more about promoting it through every SALES CHANNEL and doctors are an advertising channel and so is television. The average person never sees the behind-scenes of the doctor’s office, but can turn on the television to observe the pitching of happy-drugs to viewers en masse. Or we make note of what a doctor might suggest to a person who is otherwise totally healthy and recognize that recommendation as an arm of marketing, not medicine.

Doctors are smart people. But see them as part of a system.

4) The thing about the American Medical Association is that they DON’T LIKE average people discussing medications and have made it borderline ILLEGAL to do so. A doctor’s visit is considered CONFIDENTIAL and they prefer it confidential on the patient’s side too. But people do TALK and my own father, age 86, told me recently that he just had a complete physical exam and was given a two-thumbs up, clean bill of health, adding, “All he put me on was a medication to improve my memory.” Huh! Memory! Now there’s a sales job! People are being sold their memories now!

I suggested to my father that he be aware of this new drug’s side effects and he replied that the doctor had reviewed all of this with him and that the doctor wanted to see him back after two weeks on the medication to make sure my dad had no serious side effects. I asked my dad, “Does the doctor CHARGE you for the second visit?” He laughed, “Of course!”

The doctor wants to charge patients to check on the damage the first visit might have caused. This is the GAME Americans are playing and if it’s a good game, play it.

I asked my dad what the specific side effects were. He rattled off a few things, including “sleeplessness.” My dad had just been telling me that he had awakened at 3am and then he heard something and was up in the night. I said, “Dad, that’s sleeplessness!” Now he hadn’t even considered any connection to his new drug and this would have escaped his notice. It’s not a big deal, but we’d want to recognize that medical drugs do come with side-effects and these are the SHORT LIST because the FDA does not require drug-makers to track the more subtle side effects which can lead to things like leaky gut, brain fog, liver exhaustion, interference with mineral absorption due to impairments in intestinal flora balances, cellular oxidation acceleration, and many other things which would appear too minor or silly to be put on the drug’s label, but are not silly at all.

All of these silly things add up and together they form our society. If the society has ten million, fifty million people all taking a daily baby aspirin and then ten million, fifty million people are all discovering they have leaky gut syndrome and it’s “all a big mystery,” despite that all pain-killers are implicated in causing leaky gut, let’s unwrap it ourselves, if we can, and let’s talk about it.

I told my dad, “Be aware that your doctor may prescribe a mild sleeping pill at your next visit.” Many of the drugs people take are prescribed to block the side effects of another previously prescribed prescription, which can, of course, lead to more side effects, and who knows whether a nightly sleeping pill will cause a mild reduction in memory? If so, will the doctor up the dosage of the other med for memory?

One hundred years ago, the average number of daily medications Americans took hovered at zero. One of my clients, a super-smart school administrator, was taking twenty daily drug meds and some days the whites of her eyes turned beet red. She went to her primary doctor requesting she be taken off any of her medications not absolutely essential and he wrote her another prescription, this one, an antidepressant. She told him, “I’m ALREADY ON an antidepressant!”

The rule of thumb is: If it’s a fun game and the winner could be you, play it.

How the TOP is really the bottom.

HERE’S THE OTHER FACTOR: T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., author of The China Study (2005), was on many highest-level public health boards and found himself at odds with the health policy decisions being made. He noticed that the reason for this was because the individual members on these boards each represented industries and specifically positioned for influence. Eventually Dr. Campbell was either kicked off, resigned, or was no longer invited to be on such boards because, he discovered, that they are more like clubs.

We might think, that’s too bad for Dr. Campbell. No, that’s too bad for us, because those clubs are meant to protect the public from people like them.

What was interesting about the trial of Dr. Larry Nassar was that his violations of female gymnasts began to be seen as part of a much larger culture of abuse. Suddenly we saw university boards being called into account, those in gymnastic leadership positions resigning, and Olympic committee executives called out. But then, oh, this happened in football too, parents of boys injured in junior high or high school complaining and suddenly the NFL is in damage control. And then there’s an automaker safety recall, or a military scandal, and it’s a few bad eggs removed, maybe on trial, and then back to normal.

But then, we could shine a spotlight on all these protective public boards and agencies, still, right now. That’s what those gymnasts did. They pointed out that Dr. Nassar himself was on the highest level boards setting policy to “protect” the very girls he was violating, which is how he remained in position for three decades. We might wonder: How did gymnastics turn so vile? Well, it’s not just gymnastics. T. Colin Campbell already explained how things turn corrupt many years ago, which is, the fox guards the henhouse.

There’s a spotlight, a denial, a trial, then all is back to normal. The fox has restructured, all safe, and it’s back to guarding the henhouse.

Now the people at the top have designed the whole thing so the people at the bottom have no voice, or they’ve been given a perceived voice, which is called human history. Here’s the irony: The people at the TOP are also at the bottom of somebody else’s hierarchy, because maybe they’re driving a luxury vehicle with a hidden air bag defect or sending their own kids to camp or to the church leadership for counseling or you name it, and the whole game is built on trust, isn’t it?

So if you are at the top of an industry, I’d say, worry less about protecting your own niche, but look deeply at the other industries you are a customer of, as a consumer of their protections. Because the AMA is just like the EPA, which is just like top-down gymnastics, and we’re all drinking the same protected factory water and swallowing the same protected factory medicines and eating the same protected factory chicken and pork and lamb.

Like there’s Dr. Larry Nassar two years ago grabbing a hot dog and a bag of chips and a bottled water, on-the-go at the stadium, destroying his insides while destroying the insides of others.

The system isn’t designed to be just a joke on us, but the joke’s on YOU. You can’t silence over here without somebody else silencing the hundred other things over where you are. It’s not that everybody else is interconnected; it’s that you’re interconnected, your children, grandchildren, your parents, and all of the above.

Why PRIORITY, again?

The reason we want to understand PRIORITY is because illness today is coming in broad statistical swaths across society, and we live in society, and subject to the norm. And, lots of people are violating these health priorities and suffering the consequences and we ourselves might prefer something better.


In this case, HOME is the priority and almost everybody out there is helping you. The blue center of the swirl represents TODAY, where one begins. Capturing the witch’s broom proved to be secondary. Unveiling the Wizard was more primary, while still not the top priority.

The Wizard has set himself up a throne and from it throws insults at Dorothy and her friends, then confuses her into thinking his goal was her goal, then forbids her from looking behind the curtain. He claims he can fly his balloon, but then he can’t. His goal was never her goal, but he was excellent at pretending. The Wizard of Oz: 1939.

Another important consideration is that disease statistics in society are not STATIC, but changing all the time. The pattern over the past one hundred years is that most common diseases (in the U.S.) have been on the rise. Mushrooming. Epidemic. And this can vary widely, like some counties in a state like Iowa have huge spikes in a common/shared illness and others can be much lower, like the Amish, who in some places get a cancer diagnosis 54% below the national average.

I read about one medical study that spent seven years investigating the Amish for “their unique genetics,” but then walked away with nothing. They concluded that the excellent health of the Amish is a huge mystery. The mystery is solved when we consider that the intent of the Amish study was to invent a new medicine. The researcher, a highly educated person, literally suggested that the Amish’s low incidence of female-related cancers was likely due to monogamy. While the media nodded their heads, I’d ponder if it has anything to do with less exposure to modern America and plastics, petroleum products, electro-magnetic radiation and etc.

Get real!

All that researcher needed to do was to find one other culture on the planet with a similar lifestyle to the Amish, with a similar 54% reduction in cancer rates, and there’s a clue. Guess what? Somebody already did that. Google: Weston Price. Obviously that medical researcher had never been exposed to Dr. Weston Price’s exhaustive research, or if she had, she kept her mouth shut for the sake of her future in medical research. Boards granting money aren’t interested in funding how people might achieve a 54% cancer reduction for FREE.

Meanwhile, families who live near lakes in states like Iowa that grow monoculture crops like corn and soy, the statistics suggest, there will be a rise in cancer diagnosis. Farming chemical run-off concentrations may be a reason why. If somebody’s house is right on the lake, is that water off-gassing during the summer months day and night? Do you want your children waterskiing there? I’m not saying don’t go. Rather, just look into it. The statistics, for now, are readily available.

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See it coming.

If we are going to notice what’s debilitating the families around us, what else are families in Iowa doing that their Amish neighbors are not? Which side of the aisle is going to the lake, eating corn dogs, drinking diet soda, slathering skin with sunscreen and bug sprays, then jumping in? Plus, perhaps the kids are on antibiotics for pimples, the mom on an antidepressant, the dad has just undergone radiation to improve his prostate condition, grandma is on a memory pill and a sleeping pill, and the dog has melanoma.

I’m not joking. This is common. And totally overlooked by most anybody in Iowa. They say, “Pshaw! Grandma and Granddaddy swam in this lake and lived to be 100.” Oh! Whoops! That’s not the same lake as it was sixty years ago.

See it unfolding. See it coming. Step aside. Otherwise-intelligent people actually believe:

  • Corn dogs are just FUN like the fair.
  • Diet soda HELPS US lose weight.
  • Slathering on sunscreen all day is GOOD for you.
  • There’s nothing in the lake other than water.
  • The Amish have different genetics from other Americans.
  • Nothing of what we do to our body ever adds up, mixes, combines, or interacts.

What’s also often ignored is that there is a progression from one illness symptom to another and they tend to start in one place and then predictably morph into something else. For example, any sort of internal bacterial infection that’s treated with an antibiotic will alter the balance of microorganisms throughout the body, which can lead to a fungal overgrowth diagnosis. That’s fairly common: Bacterial infection, treated, to candida overgrowth.

Less considered is that our foods are treated with antibiotics nowadays, especially ground-and-mixed meat parts (such as what’s in the corn dog), so consuming such things are continually supporting an internal environment friendly to fungi. We aren’t aware that some food industries purchase antibiotics, not by the little pill bottle, but by the TON. And it seems okay as long as it doesn’t create a SUPER BUG. We scan the news for the rise of a super bug and meanwhile ignore the widespread fungal scourge silently taking place right under our noses, now, today, more than ever.

One hundred years ago, Americans had completely different health problems. Today’s farming chemical-makers might say, “Don’t be dissing on us! You can’t prove anything.” I’d say, “Ok! It’s not a big deal.” And, “By the way, your kids aren’t swimming in that lake, are they?”

Another factor is that we can’t see the consolidation of industry such that the farm, the seed-provider, the fertilizer-maker, the slaughterhouse, the local news reporting staff, the local bank’s loan officer, and the corn dog’s final-output are now under one ownership umbrella. (Tough to get a farm loan if you ain’t growing GMO.) But if you actually went to that Iowa town or Idaho potato county or Atlanta shopping district, all you see is a little kid eating a corn dog and not the infrastructure.

Meanwhile, hey, HELLO, the formula is: Corn dog + internal yeasts + sunscreen + Atrazine in farm run-off = the average health of the neighborhood (across EVERY rural Midwestern or farm-district demographic measurement, rich or poor).

Yeast overgrowth can show itself as a new skin rash or stinky discharge and not a big deal. But too much internal fungus can also lead to low iron assimilation, thyroid issues, leaky gut, or a reduction in vitamin B12 production. Long-term flora imbalances can morph into a sudden crash in energy or chronic lethargy, hormonal imbalances, weight gain and depression: across EVERY demographic, including yours, whether you are a Ph.D. or a high school dropout.

How do I know this? Clients have told me over and over, that’s what happened to them. This first, then that second, then something else third. They throw down their progression of ill symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments like showing their hand in a card game. A king, a queen, an ace, a jack, and a two.

The next progression from one little thing to another often leads to an official autoimmune disorder diagnosis. Then to cysts in private places. Plus deeper depression. Plus chronic back or joint pain. Plus a handful of pills. Then weight gain. Then they are pre-diabetic with signs of bone-density thinning. Then their mother or father or brother is sick now too and three friends died recently from cancer.

Meanwhile, the triggers are more simple than we realize.

This is all really super simple like baby math, so let’s review. Health problems can be viewed on an individual basis, which is mostly how it’s done. This includes across most all alternative medicine and alt health analysis too. We (you and I) might appreciate that there may be helpful clues regarding our individual maladies if we look at what is going on to the people around us. If health therapists and doctors on the front lines talked to sick people for 10,000 hours, they might notice a pattern to the onset of illness that is somewhat a straight line from this to that to another.

We too can notice and learn from PATTERN.

If such patterns exist, then the pattern most often starts with mild symptom A, leading to bigger symptom B, morphing into illness C. If a person with symptom A can get to the heart of the cause and correct the issue, then symptom B will never appear, nor will illness C. Thus there is wonderful advantage to recognize symptom A for what it is and apply leverage to fix/change it, because these benefits reach into the future.

The other KEY factor is that most people don’t want to read through too much detail because everybody is busy and they just want a laundry list of things to buy which will keep them healthy. That would be so awesome if we could do that. However, what happens, is that the things good-for-us get zeroed-out by all the other things we are doing and not even that – by what we are exposed to and totally unaware.

To turn such progressions around in our favor, we might recognize that the human body functions at the level of PRIORITY. It could be possible that if lots of people are suffering from the same illnesses and symptoms, then perhaps society itself is violating certain basic things, which the human body requires to thrive. If this is the case, then we’d want to know what these priorities are. And then support them getting done via the body’s natural intelligence occurring, in spite of what the brain says, because the brain is vulnerable to tampering and our logic can turn stupid real fast.

Book-smart folks are being diagnosed with cancer just like everybody else. Google is never going to save humanity via our data inputs. And because T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., isn’t on any of the health boards protecting us, the job is up to us.

The principle is this: if a person does absolutely nothing different from all the other people around them, then they are subject to the statistics of that population. And nowadays, the results of living within the general statistical pool are unacceptable.

Priorities tend to overlap, so by improving one, that improves all the others. By violating one priority, the resulting dysfunction bleeds into other areas, distracting from the original underlying causal ignorance, sometimes called “chasing the symptoms,” which is the secondary, time-wasting and more costly ignorance.

It does not take a lot of time to understand PRIORITY. It is not rocket science, but we are not taught the priorities behind health and we are a society of skeptics. To say that the human body daily requires clean water to function is not particularly controversial. But then there are other questions open for debate, like where do we source the water we drink? The tap? We order ice tea at a restaurant and is that made from tap water? And, is there a difference between “feeling thirsty” and cellular dehydration? And, if the cells in the body have somehow lost water, how does one get better hydrated at the smallest internal levels? Is there a simple trick to it?

Hydration isn’t the only priority for the human body. Waste removal is another. Most people can skip exercise for a week and not notice a huge difference, but “not pooping” for seven days might be another matter. Not urinating for a single day would cause all kinds of serious problems too. The body generates lots of waste and its continual ongoing removal is a definite priority.

I read an entire book on overcoming constipation and I don’t recall the title because this was over ten years ago, but what I do remember was that “drug side effects contributing to constipation” was never mentioned. What we’d want to consider is: how many Americans are taking a medication that lists “constipation” as a common side effect? This would be things like pain-killers, antidepressants, antacids, antibiotics and other normal-routine stuff.

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Again, it’s BABY MATH and staring right at us.

If there’s an “opioid crisis” happening, then guess what? There’s a corresponding constipation crisis. This is not picking on the opioid industry for relieving pain here and causing it over there, but merely applying BABY MATH to what the hell is going on. To question it bluntly: Why are so many intelligent Americans suddenly in chronic pain, being prescribed opioids, rarely pooping, feeling worse than ever, then overdosing at the equivalent of a 9/11 attack every month all year long?

Why do these poor people visibly shrivel up and their teeth fall out, like what’s that about? What’s the internal, windswept landscape of an opiate addict and what’s happening to their shriveling internal organs as evidenced by their teeth falling out? We could unwind it backwards:

  1. They overdose.
  2. Their teeth start falling out.
  3. Opioids are required just to feel normal.
  4. Every part of their body hurts.
  5. They stop pooping normally.
  6. They begin innocently taking opioids.
  7. They go to their doctor in some kind of pain.

There are many levels to this crisis (not just #1) and we can grasp it better if we can read it forwards and backwards. “Taking opioids” makes better sense now if we read from #7 to #1 in reverse because we want to know how smart people are getting trapped. (Read back up the numbers.)

Can a government legislate against such things and should somebody in government have forecasted this problem long, long, long ago? Panels convene, studies are commissioned, it’s under investigation, nothing gets done, it’s all in plain view. What gets covered in the news media is RUSSIAN subversive INTERVENTION here and THERE, but who is behind this massive U.S. opioid epidemic?

We suppose it’s just nobody. Nobody is making profit off this epidemic, that we know of; it’s just happening. The news doesn’t report who set-up all of this distribution network reaching into every small township in plain sight, big trucks pulling up to warehouses, no perpetrators we can think of, just that, oh my gosh, an opioid epidemic is happening!

The other, overlooked factor is that the opioid epidemic has occurred during a widespread cancer/diabetes/obesity epidemic. Is there a connection and what if any reasonable person could avoid them all? And their friends avoid it too? What if?

In other words, the opioid epidemic is just one particular highlight of our entire culture.

Who wonders: Is widespread physical pain afflicting our good citizens just one overlooked consequence due to the high profits from making and distributing junk food products at every roadway exit or do individuals just need to wake up? Seriously, might Pop Tarts and Cocoa Pebbles be the gateway drugs to the brain fog/pain which then leads to opiates?

Is it this, then that, then another?

If you can’t poop on a regular basis, somebody might suggest to look for clues in the broader picture occurring around us. Not pooping is really it’s own kind of national crisis and probably soon to be International (if Kentucky Fried Chicken has its way, like in China, where KFC is the #1 fastest growing restaurant chain).

China already has been through its own opioid crisis (during the 1800s) and they even went to war over it, yes they did, twice, which were called The Opium Wars. But whom would they fight? China declared war on England. England was the perpetrator. Google it: “Opium Wars China.” Epidemics are often SPONSORED by a vast entity like a government or an industry that has influence with a government and at this level it’s on a first name basis.

China may be up next for tomorrow’s opioid epidemic and how is that in plain view? KFC. KFC is there to soften-up the population, get them feeling reallll bbbad first and then they will go to their doctor, who writes-up something to make them feel better.

Appreciate: The opioid market isn’t just the United States!

Stupid-simple to see.

And what would I care? This has been going on for hundreds of years and maybe even thousands of years, back to when a million natives of France were slaughtered just so Julius Caesar could impress all of Italy and be elected to public office. You can’t give a rip about it because it’s already done and you can’t give a rip about the opioid crisis either because those deals are already done.

Recent New Yorker article documenting why nothing has been done to stop opioids (exactly the same as why nobody stopped Dr. Larry Nassar) and where it’s headed:

Revelation: It’s somebody’s job to sell opiates, flow chart the process, develop new markets, predict sales growth, and read the news.

But the opioid crisis is not any doctor’s fault because they are just doing what the marketing departments tell them to do. And marketing can’t be blamed, because all those professionals are just doing what they were taught in grad school. And higher education can’t be blamed for the U.S. opioid crisis because how should they know? We could blame kindergarten teachers because they could be telling children what Pop Tarts, Cocoa Pebbles, Gatorade, Vitamin Water, Red Bull, Chuck E. Cheese, corn dogs, KFC, opioids, etc. are literally doing to all the good people of America as first this, then that, then another.

Breaded meat-like nuggets held together by flavored caulk and foam are part of the bigger picture too.

Once anybody has the eyes to see, it’s apparent that many sectors of American’s serving each other have broken down into dysfunction. The executive class is being betrayed by the restaurant industry, through excess sterilization and preservation of their menu items, including at the best restaurants. The mixed greens and fresh peaches delicately served on fresh linen tablecloths refuse to break down inside the human digestive tract, and conventional (gassed) strawberries, which Whole Foods sells, go on the countertop and refuse to go bad, ever, which is a telltale sign it ain’t edible.

The children of the executive class are snacking at uber-sterilized “healthy option” Chik-fil-a and at Sonic, ordering from Dominos; these children building their tissues, bones, brains and vital organs in school cafeterias (private schools too) sourcing the food through the exact same distribution system supplying prisons, served from the bottom of the slaughterhouse barrel: bologna, formed meats, hot dogs, pepperoni-like nibs and simulated-cheese pizza, or scrambled egg-like breakfasts with potatoes that required off-gassing of chemicals before safe to consume. Even prime-cut steaks today are being “glued together” from pieces of meat, flavored, texturized, and tenderized for profit.

Who’s ordering from that menu? The same politicians who voted to protect the people. And, can you see now how the Google-bots might miss a few of the key variables when it comes to predicting a person’s future health outcomes? Robotic calculations don’t factor the profit-motive and they don’t factor all the ingredients of the chicken McNugget.

One might ask, how much profit can there be in 99-cent chicken nuggets?


Follow it back to the slaughterhouse. Snap off a piece of that bacon on your 99-cent sandwich, look real close, and see if it isn’t just glued-together and painted pieces of slaughterhouse fat. Grill marks. Same thing. Paint.

I saw a television commercial that stated: You can’t fake steak. Haha, not true any more!

The challenging issue is that what is being FAKED today is 100% beyond our comprehension.

Anybody can stand on their front lawn and watch jets discharging long white plumes of aerosol, yes aerosol, and just shrug, while those in the airline industry who constantly spend hours in the upper atmosphere, such as flight attendants, are coming down with chronic/common symptoms such as headaches, vertigo, and respiratory distress, so anybody with lots of air miles under their belt, pay attention, because jets are not sealed-off from the upper atmosphere’s man-made plumes which can create FAKE CLOUDS which blanket the sky. Google it: Geoengineering weather.

Plus, the finest hotels may be spraying bed headboards and sheets for bugs, repeatedly, because such critters are epidemic and bad for business. Hotel guests double-lock themselves into their own private fumigation chamber scented to smell like flowers. Higher and higher, on and on, up every floor, down every sprig of parsley.

Further widespread: Pharmaceutical execs are swallowing their competitor’s products and so are their parents, and children, and grandchildren. Are all drugs safe? Here is a (rather long) list of drugs once approved, then later withdrawn, perhaps, likely, as not safe: The list of this social experiment is alphabetical and to begin, the letter A has 16 names of drugs withdrawn and one can scroll down from there. The tiny FDA-approved pills in that brand name or generic bottle are part of one big giant crapshoot.

You’re not playing that game, are you?

Such as it is, many Americans are employed to mindlessly poison the neighborhood; even we don’t flinch to pass those dearest to our hearts the little blue, yellow or pink sweetener packets of Big Pharma-approved neurotoxins: faked sugar. I mean, Google the side effects. I mean, it’s on the kitchen table!

Shrouded in mystery?

The priorities of the human body are always the same and there are not that many, and not shrouded in mystery, confusion, or conspiracy theory. I’ve known all this stuff for years and wrote all about it in my book, Inside Poop, published back in 2006, and then in my other book, The Conspiracy Theory Diet. Back twelve or fifteen years ago, most people had no sense something perverse and toxic had been woven into civilized society, but now, I sense, many are 200% more aware or at least sense something has gone askew in their peripheral vision, like by next year, pink ribbons will come standard on every blouse. Let that not happen in your household.

If men formed a Me Too movement, they’d stand-up to the victimization of radioactive pellets injected into their prostates, being force-fed Viagra to overcome the damages, and then dropping dead in their pajamas from a heart attack.

I’m an optimist; I’m a realist, and I would tell everybody the same: rethink everything. I remember, as a kid, spraying my clothes with bug-killer spray because I thought that would be more effective than bug repellent.

Guess what? I’ve rethought that.

I realize that if you have not considered nor investigated these things, it tends to blow one’s mind. What happened with me was becoming a colon hygienist and THAT blew my mind. I then STUMBLED on the many, many reasons behind why anybody, everybody I’ve worked with has been backed-up in their colons, including healthy folks eating a lot of raw, organic plants. The whole picture is SUBTLE, slow, long-term, which is why almost nobody is seeing it, and I understand the difficulty of getting past our own LOGIC because it’s all so disagreeable and impossible that our children are being poisoned right under our noses, then sorting through their genetics for the cause.

But, in the meantime, the medical side of things has been the church and the church is on television and the alt health folks are just preaching to the choir. I probably should give it up, but as I said, I’m an OPTIMIST! Here I am typing for the Google-bots on a Saturday night: Turmeric. Turmeric. Green smoothie. Probiotic. Gum drops!

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The fact is that a certain percentage of people in America are just lost. Another percentage is sliding into lost. Ain’t none of those people going on my website and ain’t none of them gonna give themselves an enema. They’ve already made that clear. They’ve already told me, “Stay out of my bizness.”

Anybody Googling pH?

Blood pH is another huge priority because even a slight variation will lead to a quick death. One’s pH can’t be seen with the naked eye just like you can’t see somebody’s temperature. We don’t ever hear of anybody dying from “acidic or alkaline blood pH,” that’s how much of an unseen priority it is for the body. (It won’t let it happen.)

However, if we are hydrating ourselves with fluids more highly acidic in pH than the blood, and always eating acid-forming foods (burgers, fries, pizza), this will have consequences throughout the body which fall like dominos including 1) a chronic tendency toward an acidic pH in cellular fluids, 2) leading to waste build-up within the cells, 3) triggering cellular oxidation and cellular dehydration, 4) causing water conservation internally, 5) leading into constipation, and 6) imbalances in microflora, 7) tilting parts of the insides towards inflammation and infection, 8) sometimes treated with an antibiotic, 9) leading to yeast overgrowth 10) causing a rash, 11) lowered iron assimilation, 12) and an energy crash, 13) leading to the consumption of energy drinks purchased at the gas station, 14) causing more internal acidity and 15) on and on down the line leading to a visit to the doctor and a medical diagnosis.

Diagnosis is a SNAPSHOT of a PROGRESSION.

A “diagnosis” is often the tail end of a long, subtle downward progression; the final output is what might be called Crohn’s, or diverticulitis or irritable bowel or just a bacterial infection.

Recognizing the progression is stupid-simple.

Therefore, I’d contend, if we knew just a little bit more about how the body functions by priority, we might respect that the blood pH must remain constant and be slightly more aware that little things matter because they lead to bigger issues when we force the body to cope with our ill-informed habits. That’s all. As I stated earlier, it ain’t complicated, so let’s see if we can learn a little more about PRIORITY because nothing so far stated is particularly outrageous and little of what you read here will be outrageous: but just common sense stuff. Stupid, silly stuff, all of which we see with barely looking.

And I don’t mean, cut out the caffeine, alcohol, and the second helping of apple pie. Those have minimal effects on the priorities of the human body, unless we are totally abusing it. I am referring to “the abuse” of anything because we can consume too much bleached salt or bleached refined sugar or get too much sun. We can even fly too much in the upper atmosphere amidst the plumes of fake clouds.

If certain “bad things” are pleasures, we want to be able to enjoy those pleasures and be healthy enough to tolerate our little happy vices.

See through language or be distracted by WORDS.

Plus, we want to recognize that society might have ONE WORD for something, like coffee. But, is all coffee created equally? Is “the coffee” coming through the McDonald’s drive-thru window the same stuff as organic coffee made at home in a French press with filtered water? Is scalding hot coffee served in a plastic-lined or Styrofoam cup the same as what comes in a ceramic mug as far as leaching-potential? Is artificial creamer the same as real cream to the human body? Is real cream the same as organic real cream? Is almond or coconut milk doing something different in the coffee and then in the human body? What does microwaving coffee in a plastic-lined paper cup do to change the whole thing? How does the body interpret zero-calorie sweeteners? Is this being picky or are these the right questions to ask regarding the word coffee?

What about alcohol? Is that too just “one word”? Is Bud Light the same as the stuff created at your local microbrewery? Is one microbrewery creating beer more consciously and with less weird additives than another? Are the wine grapes from California pretty much the same as the grapes from Europe? Is the tequila 100% agave or does it have harmful additives such as propylene glycol in it? What about the margarita? Does the salt on the rim burn the consumer’s lips and why? Is there high fructose corn syrup and artificial food coloring in the “fruit” punch making the margarita? What does the human body think as it all goes down?

FIREBALL is famous for containing propylene glycol.

Nothing we consume is just one word. Everything we consume is comprised of molecules, little tiny virtually invisible chains of vibration. Some of those vibrations end up in the blood and we know the blood passes through the heart and interacts with the lungs, but the human liver we don’t know. Ahh, we are back to a PRIORITY, where things go unseen, yet critical. And back to the functioning of the human liver, where “coffee” or “alcohol” is not just one word, but comprised of a thousand million molecular chains in which all the particular additives to coffee or alcohol refuse to be ignored and where the coffee creamer matters, and these are the things we might learn, if we are planning on being well and seeing through to progression.

You get where I’m going, don’t you?

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What to do.

Clients ask me all the time what they can do to improve their health. I reply: education. They ask, what else can I do to improve my health? I say: More education.

Clients will then say: “But I don’t have the time to study it like you do.” That’s somewhat true and I get what they mean, but let’s be clear that I am totally normal in that capacity. I have 24 hours per day like anybody else.

What’s different about me is 1) I am curious and 2) I take the time to investigate. Plus, I have a keen sense for how normal I really am. My upbringing was just like most other Americans and by that I mean, zipping through the drive-thru, ordering from a chain restaurant’s menu, shopping at the big name grocery store, breathing the same air as everybody else, drinking the same water, cleaning my windows with the same window cleaner.

What was different for me, was becoming a professional colon hygienist and sitting for 10,000 hours watching random people’s poop come out. This did give me an advantage. It caused me to specifically search for answers for what has gone wrong with people — inside. And this centered me around what to do to correct it from the inside, and again, stupid simple.

Learn the tricks.

Achieving better health, from my own research and experimentation, is exactly like sports. We can watch Olympic athletes and observe that the difference between first and last place might all fall within the time span of one second. The difference by what we call success comes through the tiniest fractals of improved efficiencies and that’s where we want to place our focus: the shortest distance between two points.

The most basic fact is that there are tricks to everything. Understanding that the human body functions via PRIORITY is the #1 health trick out there. Addressing the priority then is called LEVERAGE. In other words, better health is best achieved by leveraging at the primary points of priority.

The human body is constantly adjusting and shifting, just like a person carrying a heavy bucket switches hands. The body will allow dehydration to be carried in one place, then shifts water back from another. pH can be too acidic one place, then the body draws alkalinity (calcium) from the bones, then tries to build back the bone-loss. The four major elimination channels will shift carrying the burdens back and forth, one to another, until even the cells in tissues will jump in and assist the process by storing waste or giving up water or holding onto acids.

In other words, improving health means we might consider helping the body to better help itself.

The alternative is to consider it all and risk feeling overwhelmed. If one visits any number of top-twenty ranked health websites, you could end up buying a hundred different supplements (and opinions): green powders, mushroom extracts, mushroom blend extracts, fermented extracts, enhanced bioavailable extracts, digestive enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, green tea, green tea extract, kombucha, dandelion root, dandelion leaf, milk thistle, milk thistle tea, coconut oil, coconut water, flax oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, energy bars with pumpkin seeds, smoothies, carrot-beet juice, lavender oil, aromatherapy, reflexology, stretching, working out, yoga, hot yoga, chiropractic, Web MD, Dr. Oz, Mayo Clinic, Dr. Mercola, amethyst crystal heating pads, cryotherapy, mood uplifters, libido boosters, on and on, energy drinks sold at the gas station, bottled water, on and on, and most of it will confuse, cost time and money, and still move us no further beyond what the rest of the population is doing for their health with minimal results and very little improvement.

One could think that if better health comes down to the smallest percentages of improvement, let’s do everything! Surely it somehow adds up!

What is not “a leverage” takes too long to matter.

Then there’s the consideration of duration. “I’m going to suck it up and go on a 7-day juice fast.” “I’m going on a liver cleanse.” “I’m going on a retreat.” “I’m going on a yeast-free diet, a gluten-free diet, the raw diet. I’ve started on probiotics!”

So you take your probiotic pill (rated #1) and then go to meet a friend for breakfast at their hotel. The bacon looks too good to resist and then you go to lunch with a coworker and order the healthy menu selection which is grilled chicken breast on a bed of lettuce. Everything you have eaten so far this day has been sterilized both on the farm and at the slaughterhouse, and including the salad at the salad-prep warehouse. The probiotic supplement, which sat in the back of the transportation truck to bring the product to you, overheated and died, so the ten percent of living organisms which you just took have been wiped out by the sterilizing agents used in your breakfast and lunch, so it doesn’t colonize, and it’s back to zero gain.

Or this probiotic works amazingly. You feel better than you’ve felt for YEARS. Your poop is more regular and with less gas and bloating. For about ten days. Then, back to zero.

Or the probiotic organisms establish themselves in your gut so fantastically that they actually begin to displace yeasts in your system. Some yeasts are slightly poisonous, and as they die, they break apart, spilling poisons into your system causing a mild nausea and a slight rash around your belly button. So you stop taking it immediately and hopefully you can return it and get your money back.

This is where it is utterly hopeless. You tried to get out of the general population statistical pool and failed and now what? Check “probiotics” off the list.

You purchase a 14-day liver cleanse kit in a box and the same thing happens: feelings of nausea and a mild rash. You return it and get your money back.

Here’s the primary complexity-factor: the average person can’t assess how toxic they have become. There are very few tests that spell it out, and then no substantive protocols to gauge how to improve the liver’s health and function, the colon’s health and function, the true state of microorganism balanced within, or levels of cellular oxidation or cellular hydration and pH or basic cellular health.

You are going to learn this. And fast!

Plus, there is no “one size fits all.” The insides of a twenty year old are completely different from the insides of a sixty year old. Those little habits which add up? Boy do they! One person was raised as a child taking antibiotics constantly and another never took a single antibiotic and by age twenty, those two individuals are vastly different in terms of their inner-health and recovery.

Therefore, what you don’t want to hear is that the situation is impossible. Or that you are resigned to living within the same statistical pool as everybody else. At this point, the best you might be able to do is to visit the websites of twentysomething health coaches and be amazed at how fabulous they look and if only you could just turn back the clock or twist the hands of fate and be them.

What’s the common constraint in your neighborhood?

Now, I am going to suggest a TRICK to all of this, which can get anybody past the common constraint, which is, “You can’t get there from here.”

I have outlined seven bodily health priorities. (Yes I have!) Walk through them with me and see if there is any one to throw out as not keenly relevant to health:

1) cellular hydration, 2) pH, whether bodily fluids tilt towards acidity, 3) liver functionality, 4) whole body flora balances, 5) internal cleansing capacity, 6) the kinds of parasites potentially living within, and 7) your adeptness at imagining good things for yourself and for others you love.

We can run anything through this model, including “the daily baby aspirin,” as an example.

A daily baby aspirin’s effects of bodily priorities:

  • Long-term use of even mild pain-killers can induce a reduction in what? Pain.
  • Pain is what the body READS as a trigger also for what? Self-healing.
  • What self-heals within the body? The digestive tract.

In other words, even a mild pain-killer MUTES signals throughout the body to HEAL and so subtle we can’t feel it. We research it and discover that chronic use of a pain-killer can be implicated in the cause of “leaky gut,” which can be due to the body’s muted signals to continually heal, in this case, the protective barrier lining the small intestine.

Okay, that’s just one thing, but where does this one thing FIT into other things going on, which are bodily priorities? We just want to know what might happen to the rest of the body if we took a daily baby aspirin, which then “punched tiny holes” into the small intestine, that’s all. The answer: the contents of the small intestine would leak into the blood, when it should be contained within the intestine.

Perhaps a health-expert professional would say that the risk of a baby aspirin causing a leaky gut might only be one-percent. I’d say, one-percent is too high of a risk. Plus, it’s more likely that 100% of people are “mildly one-percent-damaged” from taking a daily baby aspirin, which may not show-up on lab tests. But if you were a colon hygienist out in the field talking to people afflicted with leaky gut syndrome, you’d gather that one-percent damage to the small intestinal lining is too high. Even if “one-percent” totaled just one thimble of food leaking through the gut every meal, that’s way WAY too much.

This would cause the human liver (priority #3) to be forced to clean up the blood, which has taken-up these leaked “poisons” escaping from the small intestine. Plus, the microflora within the small intestine, tiny LIVING microorganisms, includes yeast, and suddenly yeast breaches the barrier, is in the blood, consuming sugars and up-taking iron. The human liver, in this case, would scramble to mop up these yeasts to prevent an overgrowth. Now both priorities #3 and #4 are significantly, negatively impacted and does taking a daily baby aspirin merit those risks?

You decide.

To check the math: How many Americans are taking a daily baby aspirin and how many Americans suffer from a leaky gut or symptoms of a leaky gut? The symptoms might include food allergies, low energy, yeast overgrowth, bloating, lower back pain, sleeplessness, mood fluctuations, low testosterone, high estrogen, to name a few. And these things, over time, morph into bigger, more difficult symptoms to treat, because the progression is now deep-seated.

Here’s the trick: forget the baby aspirin! We’d want to ask ourselves, “Oh buggers, do I ALREADY have leaky gut at one-percent damage?” If you walked around your neighborhood with a clipboard and a checklist, and asked your neighbors to confidentially tell you their health issues, you might be shocked to discover how many people living nearby have these very symptoms. (From Tylenol too, or Motrin, pain-killer in tap water, chlorines ingested, sterilized all white-meat chicken breast sandwiches, sterilized salad consumption, etc.) The wonderful epiphany is not that small detail, but that HEALING “leaky gut” is actually simple and easy, which would be the way to go, starting today, if anybody could.

Now– we could TEST ourselves at each priority level to develop a personalized strategy to open up blocks. But forget all that! We are going to slide the indicator button all the way to EVIL, butt-ugly, very worst-case scenario for each of those seven priorities and call that YOU. We are assuming you are functioning at very low levels, not because you are, but just for our basic model and as a strategically logical and effective place to begin.

The quickest path forward is to assume the worst:

1) Your cells and tissues are oxidizing and cell membranes thickening almost faster than you can snap your fingers, which has led to cellular waste retention, slowed osmosis and permeability, increased water loss, increased resistance to hydration, with a shifting towards 10 to one hundred times normal acidity levels. Forget the causes (there are too many), let’s fix that.

2) Almost everything you do has lowered your pH levels to chronic acidity in every organ and affecting lymph drainage (congestion in the upper chest and breasts), raising cellular debris levels, lowering proper stomach acidity, destroying vitamin B12 production with a resulting loss of energy, stirring feelings/fits of meanness, but lacking the energy to care. Without using pH test strips, we will correct that, turn it on a dime, but it’s gonna take at least six months to fully clean it up and it won’t cost the dime you turn it on.

3) The human liver is a kind of brain which extracts nutritional data from the blood and converts it into meaningful building blocks throughout the body. Thousands of man-made chemicals which did not exist just one or two generations back, are now in our food and water and air – and liver, because the liver filters all of that out. Why? Because environmental toxins are poison and not worthy to be a part of our inner workings, says the liver. But then, where does the liver put it? We are assuming your liver looks like an air filter on your furnace that has never been changed or like a car oil filter not replaced for 100K miles. Got it? That’s the current state of the average person’s liver. Don’t believe it? It wouldn’t matter what you believed, if it’s true. Some of the ill conditions which have been attributed to the thyroid, are actually due to a plugged up liver. The only way to fix this situation is SLOWLY, and it will take at least one year for anybody above the age of fifteen to improve their liver for the long-term. Today, get started.

4) Flora/yeast balances for the average person are a train wreck. The human liver REQUIRES microflora to function properly, and self-cleanse, just like a football team has a front line and a back line. Society has reversed those two lines and today the quarterback is snapping the ball to the center. Chaos! Beneficial flora cannot repopulate within a toxic liver and a toxic liver will barely self-cleanse without flora. See the problem here? There needs to be a restructuring of what’s been badly restructured in society and if society can’t figure it out, then it’s up to us. If nobody else in the game can see the problem, probably just get out of the game. Not just because the game’s turned stupid, but somebody’s gonna get hurt.

5) We are going to assume your colon is backed up and this means backed-up beyond belief. You cannot wrap your mind around it, so probably don’t try. Doctors tell us everything is just fine in the average person’s colon department, while colon hygienists will state the opposite (so do the statistics). This is NOT because colon hygienists are looking to fool people into getting more colonics. It is because colon hygienists see what people are holding in their colons and many therapists have done this 10,000+ hours. A poorly functioning human liver will be THE cause behind chronic constipation and this is usually beneath the threshold of the average person’s awareness because this all happens slowly starting at a very young age, likely going back to the first beginnings of eating solid food. The liver self-cleanses out and down the digestive tract, while simultaneously recycling bile back to itself, so slowed transit time means that the liver never gets the opportunity to fully self-cleanse. This is some bad freaking news and we are going to assume the worst and get it unstuck. You cannot be well under this common, widespread condition. Just stuck. Just a sad little fact and yes, an immediate priority for those baffled by their poor health.


This came out from one of my clients who happened to be on a parasite cleanse. What is it? (It’s 8 to 12 inches long.) (Might be more than one, held together with mucus.)

6) Parasites. There are over 100 pictures on this website of weird things coming out during my client’s colonics and represent barely 1/10 of what I see on a regular basis. It is beyond our comprehension that we could be host to a worm or worms or flukes or poisonous yeasts or unidentified flying objects within. I would contend that if you could peel back any random person’s skin and somehow prevent the parasites, which are large enough to view with the naked eye, from fleeing to deeper realms within, that under one’s skin would appear like the roof of a cave filled with sleeping bats. Deeper down the cave are stranger things lurking. Most worms are 100% asymptomatic, which means they don’t interfere with our basic health, much, but CAN if things get out of control. We are going to find ways to get them under control, while pretty much the parasites will generally find our efforts laughable. Parasites have evolved via stealth and we have got to become just slightly, by the smallest percentage, more-stealth.

7) Our ability to IMAGINE is hands-down our greatest leverage to improve our health. If you are still reading, then you have ALREADY imagined yourself better, smarter, and healthier. I became certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists because I wanted to better understand how the subconscious mind affected our truths and what I discovered was that it shapes EVERYTHING. Then I began experimenting with clients and testing our ability to imagine. I asked one woman I assisted in hypnosis to imagine the color BLUE and she told me that all she could imagine was PINK. I asked if she could tinge the pink color to blue on the outer edges and she said that it was YELLOW. The more that I have experimented with the imagination, the more I have observed that the average person has lost their ability to IMAGINE. By the time I finished helping that woman see colors, any color I mentioned, she could imagine it, and all I had to say was “Blue,” and she said: yes. “Orange?” She replied (laughing): yes! It is that easy and we are going to HARNESS the imagination because it happens to be the fastest, most spot-on way forward. Two things about the imagination are that 1) it’s FREE to use and 2) it gets better with usage.

The third aspect of the imagination is that it is our primary overlap with reality, with the power to bend it, while experimenting with our own ideas– on a trial and error basis. Lots of books have been written on the topic, so appreciate that I’m not making this up myself.

Click it or ticket.

Visitors to this website can click through the Seven Priorities and pick and choose to do whatever they want about each priority and I call this a social FEEDBACK LOOP and a TRANSFERENCE OF LEARNING, from one colon hygienist to others less aware of what a colon hygienist has witnessed after 10,000+ hours in practice. If you could learn all that fast, maybe just THREE or five things to start now, then you could go fast, and not get a ticket, because you are securely buckled in. THREE or five things. Tweaks, not major surgery, and not even major lifestyle changes, necessarily.

I had a client ten years ago, age 25, who suffered from itching in an unmentionable place 24/7. He said he’d seen a whole list of medical and alt med experts and none could find anything wrong and he was feeling nearly suicidal. I asked a few questions, including where he had spent his childhood.

Dalton, Georgia.

I asked him, “Isn’t that where they manufacture carpets?”

His eyes opened wide and he said, “I went to a new chiropractor in Dalton who asked me what was wrong with Dalton. He asked me: ‘Why are so many people sick with weird illnesses in Dalton?’”

I speculated, “Well, whatever has gotten into the water table around Dalton could be what’s gotten into you and is making you itch.” “Plus,” I added, “It shouldn’t be that tough to get it out, maybe learn to add three or four things to what you are already doing.” He did that, plus three colonics weekly for three weeks, then boom, he was gone and I never heard back.

Two years later I ran into him, and his girlfriend, at the grocery store. He said to her, “I want to introduce you to the guy who saved my life.” He meant it too. (Big hug and a high five.) So if you were raised in Dalton, listen up. Look at the neighborhood and observe what’s going on. The chemicals used in carpet manufacturing will come out of the human body with just a little elbow grease.

I’d say the same thing to the folks who believe in the chemtrail conspiracy theories. If your research says those jets are spraying an aerosol aluminum particulate, and you have no voice to improve your air quality, then what do you know about removing aluminum from your lungs, liver, and blood?

Me Too, Me Three for public awareness and doing little things to stop victimization. Awareness plus self-education. Plus elbow grease. Plus little aspects of this and that.

Plus, talk about it. Talk about little stuff you can do right now to protect yourself and those you care about.

The formula is:

Relaxation + focus + desire = an outcome you’re going to like.

And: Leverage + simple things = letting the body do its thing.

And: Subtraction is often better than addition.

If you get it wrong, but try again, no big deal. If the pressure is really on to get everything right because a lot is at stake, then the priority for that, is to find a way to relax. You might actually benefit to say to yourself: I can’t deal with all this health stuff right now, but will come back to it another day.


If you want to add to this information, please do! Email me directly and maybe I can change/amend this presentation as long as it’s simple. For anybody to skim through all the priorities and related strategies should take thirty or forty minutes. That’s pretty amazing when you can get 10,000+ hours condensed into just a few minutes of your time.

It’s either that or go back to spending another hour on Facebook clicking on funny cat video posts.

Who cares more than you? Nobody! So– can we get started already?

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