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The common mistaken notion about human parasites is that we imagine ourselves living without them, and that if we “get” parasites, we should make every attempt to KILL them. That’s how I viewed it, until one year ago.

I’ve learned a bit more and I’ve totally changed how I view it.

This photo here at the top is an example for why I was a colon hygienist for 16 years before I began to recognize CREATURES versus feces. I started taking pictures during colonics only after realizing some of the bizarre stuff I’d see were “recently alive.”

I normally wouldn’t have given “this thing” another look. BUT, twice this same client had long ropey mucus-looking stuff that hung in the tubing and I thought it was somehow STUCK, when I realized it was swimming. What did I do? I filmed it. Video. It’s posted on my website. Not mucus. A living wiggly-worm about a foot long, strong enough to fight a water current.

And that’s the context of the photo above. Because believe it or not, there are two eyes and a reptilian head and a body disappearing into a dark cloud of decay. Now, I wouldn’t have believed it was a kind of parasitic snake, had I not already witnessed other strange creatures making an exit during a colonic, so for me, that’s a face there. Of a parasitic snake.

In may ways, I am posting this for OTHERS to see and make sense of!

It’s not Photo-shopped. If that was the only picture I had of creatures in colonics, I’d chalk it up to a coincidence that it looks like a snake. But I’ve taken over 200 photos and missed another 400 photos because I wasn’t quick enough with my phone-camera because these things often FLY OUT fast with the water. When alive, these things must move fast in the body too. With stealth. Something like this would be feeding on other parasites and not on the host.

Is it something to look into?

Information about “parasites” is readily available and this includes sources like National Geographic and nature magazines. They state that parasitic life forms outnumber other kinds of life on our planet somewhere between 4:1 and 2:1.

This is a little STRANGE because we can go outside and not see ANY parasites. So where are they? Are they mostly really super small and microscopic? And, is an earthworm a parasite and if not, why are worms in humans considered parasitic? And, are worm-looking things “living inside humans” part of nature and by natural design?

I myself think it is helpful to organize our thinking about parasites as the FIRST step.

  1. There are two basic categories. There is the parasite and then there is THE HOST. For example, the pinworm PARASITE lives inside of the human HOST. A flea PARASITE lives mostly hidden on a dog HOST. A fluke PARASITE lives inside of a deer HOST.
  2. Parasites live in STAGES and during each stage they can appear vastly different than they will look at other stages AND require multiple hosts. For our understanding, changing appearance would be like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly or a tadpole changing into a frog.
  3. Parasites can reproduce in a way similar to how humans reproduce. Human sperm is an example. Sperm appears nothing like a grown human and lives within the MALE and “feeds off” the male. We could say sperm is not fully expressed until exposed to the insides of a female. Then under the right conditions, the combination of “two things” (sperm plus egg) triggers growth into something else.
  4. NATURE has all kinds of reproductive styles. A tree might grow NUTS and those drop to the ground or sometimes the tree’s seed has an added wing that allows it to catch the wind and spin further away. Some plant’s seeds require to be consumed by a BIRD such that the stomach acids activate the seed and then the bird spreads seeds to other places where they can extend the plant’s territory. Dandelion seeds are designed to blow in the wind. Insects reproduce in all kinds of interesting ways and so do animals. Obviously, humans reproduce one way, but that way is far from the only way to replicate. The same is true for parasites; they reproduce and spread in a wide variety of ways.
  5. We can observe how reproduction is ingenious, like the dandelion is designed to propagate under the intelligent assumption of WIND. When did this flower sense wind to appreciate that it is a force to harness? Or a mosquito JUST HAPPENS that its design is perfect to utilize blood, to reproduce, and that only females “bite.” In other words, the complexity of a mosquito’s reproductive design assumes another creature to draw blood from. Which came first, the mosquito or the bare arm?
  6. If we put the whole thing together: eggs, stages, growth conditions, what’s edible, methods of movement (crawling, flying, digging, slithering, etc.) and reproductive methods, we just want to recognize that Mother Nature has been incredibly IMAGINATIVE.
  7. Humans today often have isolated themselves from Mother Nature, so we tend to not think much about natural complexities and therefore OVERSIMPLIFY what’s going on. Like the idea of “people sitting around a counter at a coffee shop,” we imagine is Nature’s ultimate victory of evolution. You — sitting on your couch watching TV — same thing, a simple peaking, unless we overlay parasites quietly moving here and there inside of you while you’re sitting on the couch.
  8. Plus, people tend to unconsciously categorize their WORLD VIEW under creationist or Darwinian assumptions or some blend of the two. Creationists have not incorporated the IDEA that God (who created all things) would BOTHER to include PARASITES as a significant part of creation, such as outnumbering other life forms 4:1. Creationists think of parasites as ACCIDENTAL or FALLEN, which does not take into account the wild complexities or precision parasites manage. And then DARWINISTS tend to think of parasites as organisms more closely related to primordial SLIME than other kinds of natural life (worms are lower on the scale). Therefore, the human mind tends to push parasitic life into one tiny corner and then walls it off from who we conceive we are today, i.e. don’t think about it!
  9. Evolutionary scientists have few historical records nor much available evidence for ancient parasites. Despite that today parasites have been counted to outnumber other life forms 4:1 or 2:1, there’s not much discussion on where they came from. Creationists can’t laugh at evolution, however, because Noah’s ark blows their own explanation, i.e. you can’t explain our current parasitic creature populations from “two by two” or without injecting another round of creation or several miracles for parasites to appear on our planet out of nothing. If a person really seriously thinks about parasites, there’s not many good human explanations for them currently.

Bugs upon bugs

The praying mantis is a bizarre creature in and of itself, but it gets even more strange if we think of a giant worm living totally in harmony within a praying mantis. Watch this and ask yourself: WHY? This story makes no sense!

To sum this up so far, planetary life can be broken into parasites and parasite hosts. Parasite HOSTS are all the crazy living creatures which include insects, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, mammals, plants, things with exoskeletons and these “many things” reside on every planetary plane including under the ocean, in lakes, streams, marshes, on land, in caves, deserts, jungles, and underground. The mixture of life cycles and reproductive styles are so varied that it would require a set of encyclopedias to describe them all and according to some estimates, PARASITES outnumber the entire animal-insect-sea-life kaleidoscope 4:1. And our human brains mostly can’t handle it.

Enter one colon hygienist (me) who says that a wide variety of visible parasites infest all humans and what is the knee-jerk reaction? No way!

You must be mistaken!

If you watched the praying mantis video and I went around a room of people who hadn’t seen it and asked for them to bet on whether a foot-long worm could be living inside it, who would bet money that there was? Same with worms like this in humans. Who would bet that humans are full of lots of worms? Even after seeing photos of multiple types of worms coming out of common, random-sample, ordinary people doing colonics, who would bet that’s what those photos really are?

More to consider:

  1. The life-cycle of one parasite moves from a crustacean to a fish to a bird and this is not anything open for debate because scientists know this. Less appreciated is that the parasite somehow FITS into the ecosystem, so the parasite has somehow calculated everything relevant about the crustacean, the fish, and the bird. The parasite can even influence the BEHAVIOR of any or all three of these hosts which seems to perpetuate the whole of the ecosystem. Thus the swamp itself is intelligent.
  2. A worm can reproduce via a kind of sperm-egg-spore that is so tiny that it fits into a host-mosquito, but requires a host-cricket to act as a surrogate mother, up until the worm is ready to hatch, at which time the worm causes the cricket to jump into water, drowning the host-cricket while furthering the worm’s life-cycle. (YouTube search: horsehair worm.)
  3. Humans are not generally included in most of these parasitic life-cycles, for example, if a person ate a host-cricket infested with a horsehair worm, the worm’s cycle will most likely END in that particular case and not reproduce within the human within the human.
  4. That we know of!
  5. Parasites commonly are infected with other smaller parasites, synergistically, working TOGETHER. For example, it has been identified that the horsehair worm itself is infected with a VIRUS, which infects the host-cricket’s brain. It is the virus causing the cricket to leap into water at just the right moment (to benefit the worm). If a cricket, infected with a horsehair worm, fell into a human’s food somehow, nobody knows whether the virus in the cricket’s brain would survive in the human. In other words, the parasite can also be A HOST, such that REALITY isn’t one ordinary thing, like somebody eating lunch, but super-thin LAYERS of multiple dimensions. (Humans looking at a beautiful sunset while not seeing the cricket, the horsehair worm or the horsehair virus.) And each layer appears to have been infused with highly advanced intelligence. Just ask any microbiologist who is developing next year’s flu shot if anybody doubts the intelligence of the smallest things.
  6. Here’s the general aspect to appreciate: Under the WATER PRIORITY on this website, I explained that humans are so WET that they are like an aquarium which has sprouted arms and legs with a head at the top. And within the aquarium are other smaller aquariums, the tiniest being our watery cells and within each “tiny aquarium” lives microorganisms. We also know that these tiny creatures can be a virus, and we imagine that viruses in humans travel ALONE, but this is not always the case in nature. So, it is not a very big leap to postulate that some of these little-tiny microorganisms living in “aquariums,” which comprise the human, are viruses living WITHIN larger parasites within the larger human. If so, viruses would be hitching a ride throughout the human body, which would be impossible to SEE happening.
  7. Sit with that a minute.
  8. There is no way to do parasites justice with just a little bit of information here. Here is a link to an article about parasites in Discover Magazine: And you can watch videos about parasites in nature here:
  9. I am assuming that if you have read this far, you are interested in parasites and are smart enough to realize that medicine has a fairly LIMITED paradigm when it comes to parasites, mostly because medicine looks at them as something to test for and you’d almost have to beg a doctor to test for them, because most doctors don’t believe that they are a big factor, as far as within the United States. I read somewhere of a person who sent actual parasites to a lab for testing and the report came back “negative for parasites.” What WE want to get, is that the KINGDOM of parasites is wildly diverse and hugely misunderstood. In this way, it is our own limited human intelligence that gets in the way.

The other aspect, is that much of what we come across when we search for more information about parasites is about how to remove them from the human body. That’s all fine, but YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SUCCESSFULLY DO IT as these people say. Yes, you can take a medication for pinworms and get rid of them. But if we investigated parasites in general, what we will soon appreciate, is that, parasites are everywhere in nature and perhaps, infesting humans more than we recognize.

So, here we go again:

  1. If an American goes to a foreign country, they may get mixed-up in a parasitic life-cycle local to somewhere else and become infected. However, for the PARASITE, this is somewhat of a dead-end because the human then leaves the ecosystem which is very specific, and perhaps the STAGES of the parasite require additional creatures, not just human hosts, and not present in the U.S. of America. Thus we see in the news where Americans went here or there and came back with worms crawling out their eyes, ears, feet, etc. as that worm’s end game. That worm won’t infect other Americans because the worm by itself can’t propagate outside of its natural ecosystem, often, I mean.
  2. Other worms DO propagate in America and these would include tapeworms, pinworms, round worms, whip worms and hookworms. We’d say there are “half a dozen” possible worms MAYBE Americans get, twelve at most. There’s also flukes and other nematodes. AND we just take it for granted that this picture is accurate because how many people really want to think about it?
  3. Lyme disease has been infecting 350,000 Americans yearly and antibiotic treatments consistently don’t wipe-out borrelia bacteria affiliated with Lyme. A FEW trained medical experts have speculated that the Lyme bacteria are actually microscopic parasites living within other larger parasites, which facilitates PROTECTION against antibiotic medicines. Some alt health folks are achieving success in treating Lyme by treating for the larger parasites potentially HARBORING borrelia bacteria.
  4. If this shift in PARADIGM explains what’s actually going on with Lyme disease, then a) it will take some time for medical doctors to accept it, because medicine, on the whole, doesn’t recognize that Americans could be commonly HOSTS to worms and b) it opens up a “whole can of worms” because — WHAT OTHER diseases may be implicated as the manifestation of TWO human parasites working together inside of the human body, one larger parasite playing host to a smaller one?
  5. We have to speculate from the idea that viruses can rely on larger parasites to infect a host, because the vast majority of parasites living inside of a host are mostly asymptomatic. This means that even when a certain type of parasitic critter completely INFESTS a host, such as wasp larvae filling-up the body cavity of the host caterpillar, the larvae manage to not interfere with the caterpillar’s vital organs, so as not to kill the host. Plus, the larvae come specifically equipped with “cutters” to slice through the caterpillar’s skin, and thereby hatch, and STILL not kill the caterpillar host. And then, the caterpillar host PROTECTS the parasitic wasp larvae as if these worms were its own offspring, so parasites can go to EXTREME MEASURES and the host won’t even be aware that it is the host.
  6. Once we begin to appreciate the stealth of parasites, we can recognize that a few scientists out there have been counting the numbers of all the variety of animals and insects WHILE ALSO counting the number of parasites and what a HUGE JOB this has been, just counting, and finally some of these scientists said: Hey, the parasites outnumber everything else!
  7. We tend to assume that scientists have discovered pretty much everything that’s relevant to human health, but somehow missed that Lyme bacteria could live inside the human body inside of a second parasite. Not long ago, when candida yeast was identified as something behind various unexplained illnesses, this was REJECTED for years, even to this day. On and on it goes (human logic pointing incorrectly) and I’m not going to sit here typing all day the many examples of how little scientists actually do know and are still learning.
  8. Now we might put a few things together. One way parasites multiply is from the exchange of bodily fluids between hosts, such as rabies is transferred from the saliva of one thing into the blood of another. (In order for the rabies virus to remain in the saliva, it causes the host to abhor drinking water – genius!) This is also how many sexually transmitted diseases pass from one person to another, not by the sex act itself, but from infected FLUIDS passing from one to another, and we know what these diseases are. But what if there is a yet-undetected WORM behind Lyme disease, and medicine has yet to discover what that worm is, and how it gets transmitted? It wouldn’t be science fiction to suggest that all kinds of WORM eggs or spores pass from one human to another via sexual exchange of fluids and a secondary viral infection follows that, commonly known as an STD. Also, if parasites can trigger SIGNIFICANT changes in host behaviors, then sexual attraction may not be totally what we think it is, like when somebody says, “How is it that she is attracted to HIM?” Maybe now we know: Worm mind-control identifying new mates!

The tip of the iceberg

There are YouTube videos of folks showing pictures of worms that came out during a parasite cleanse and they are like, “Wow, look at THAT!” One health professional says, “I couldn’t believe it, but I got two long worms out!”

I’d say, “You ain’t even scratched the SURFACE of the worms living in you. Two worms was just the sacrifice the other worms made so you’d end your cleanse with a huge sense of satisfaction.”

I’ve posted photos here on this website taken IN MY OFFICE, and other colon hygienists have sent me pictures of what they’ve seen coming out of clients during a colonic.

Two photos of separate worms leaving a client on a parasite cleanse during one colonic session. This client often had ten to twenty worm-creatures come out through her colon in one day, and again the next day, and again the following, five days in a row, for six months, then one year, about 100 colonics total.

Plus I’ve posted videos of FLUKE EGGS and LIVE flukes swimming in the toilet which came out after a colonic. These things tend to be DIGESTED within the human body after they die, so they don’t appear the same as if they were alive. And they are often protected within a layer of mucus. BUT, how can such things be CAPTURED ALIVE while living inside the human body? Many of these are FAST SWIMMERS and they know where to go, because the human body is more like an aquarium than a dry lump of impervious matter.

There is a YouTube video taken with a tiny camera filming inside of a person while a technician attempts to catch a live fluke with a clamp. Amazingly, the fluke is caught and it seriously puts up a fight to get free. The reason I believe modern medicine does not recognize that “lots of parasites” live inside of humans is because most are fast swimmers. Without a camera, catching a fast-swimming parasite would be like blindfolding yourself and using a small aquarium net to catch a tiny fish in a large aquarium. Plus you’re not certain there’s a fish even in the tank because you can’t SEE.

I don’t profess to be an expert on parasitology and even the term parasitology is not a word recognized by SPELL CHECK, that’s how unrecognized this topic is. I know almost nothing about infectious diseases, but I DO KNOW what I’ve seen coming out of a person’s body during a colonic flush.

And, I do know that when a client starts doing a parasite cleanse, we see visible parasites coming out. These clients are all asymptomatic, so they have been living within these wormy things for a LONG TIME and it’s not worth FREAKING OUT over. One of my clients has done about 100 full hour-long colonics over the past YEAR, and consistently doing a wide variety of cleanses which reach into specific organs and tissues. We are STILL seeing so many worms come out that I’ve mostly stopped taking pictures because dead worms and flukes coming out has become ROUTINE.

She started the ball rolling, such that when my other clients begin to do protocols to kill parasites, we see them, dead. My office is not GIVING my clients parasites because other colon hygienists report seeing the same things. And colon hygiene is not giving people parasites because other people, not doing colonics, report seeing worms come out while on a cleanse.

Logical conclusions (perhaps logical)

Perhaps we can’t take seriously some speculations regarding parasites, but SPECULATION is the best anybody can do today because human parasites as a topic is a frontier and a bit of a Wild West black hole. Even so, these are a few conclusions I would draw based on my experiences:

  • Many parasites inhabiting humans have yet to be discovered and identified by science.

This thing fits no identifiable scientific category.

  • There is no chance, no way that ANY human can avoid being infected by many multiple types of parasites. The Dr. Oz Show went on record to say that CONTAMINATED WATER is the #1 source of parasite infections and this is absolutely LAUGHABLE. Here are a few other ways to come into contact with a parasite’s means to infect: Laminated restaurant menus, restaurant workers touching their mouth, nose, ears, private parts, then touching something you touch or eat, money out of a cash register, squished frogs or toads in the road infected with parasites getting on tires, tracking into a parking spot, getting on shoes, tracking on the floor, drying out, parasite spores in the dust; other dead animals on the road, pets in your house, pets at your neighbor’s house where your kids play, dog poop on grass, cat-box dust in the closet, birds pooping on your car and lawn furniture, air travel, airports, gas stations, cruise ships, somebody sneezes, walking barefoot, eating raw produce at a salad bar, touching common utensils at a salad bar, dirt in a garden, snails or slugs, fruit, insects that crawl or fly inside the living area or outdoor insects that bite, mice, rats, chipmunks pooping on the deck, shaking somebody’s hand, somebody whispers in your ear, gymnasiums, basketballs, yoga studios, doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, the white coats of chiropractors contaminated from squeezing one person then another, toddlers, coffee shop counters, maids, hotel vacuums, a valet touching your steering wheel, college dorms, and YOU, assuming you are infected.
  • You can only kill parasites AFTER they get in you.
  • Parasites are mostly asymptomatic and I did not make that up myself. In all likelihood, parasites have been quietly passing from human generation to generation undetected. Amazing, isn’t it? Your parents, your grandparents, children, grandchildren, neighbors, their neighbors, your high school English teacher, all the way back 2,000 years to Jesus, and 4,000 years back to Moses, or Noah, or whomever of your ancestors were around back then hanging around sheep and camels.
  • There would be no fossil records of human parasites and NO WAY to know much about their history, because how could we know? Scientists can’t tear apart mummies and look for parasites because asymptomatic parasites tend to disintegrate quickly after the host dies.
  • The average person has zero experience observing what comes out during the colonic of a person on a parasite cleanse, so this is difficult to conceive, the wide variety of unidentified parasites that can live, and then die, inside of a person. And, I know for a fact, that these parasites MOVE throughout the human body and don’t just stay in the gut. Any person on a serious parasite cleanse will attest to the fact that worms can be felt wiggling in the face, arms, hands, legs, feet. These are SANE people who otherwise wouldn’t FEEL worms moving in their body unless on a parasite cleanse.
  • If parasites do infest the average person, the ramifications are many, for medicine, for psychology, for everybody.
  • Are parasites different in the North of the U.S. from the ones in the South? Yes. Are they different in the East versus the West? Yes. The rule of thumb is, are the insects and animals different in those places? Yes.
  • If it’s true that scientists have counted species correctly, then parasites are everywhere all around us and we can’t see them. Freaking-out will do absolutely no good.
  • Right now, parasites as a consideration/fact are barely understood by the smallest niches of experts. BUT, if this realization of widespread worms spreads, then that could be a TERRIBLE thing. PANIC! Humans don’t want to jump into a WAR with parasites because there is too much to consider and understand about parasites that isn’t just: “KILL THEM!!” That would be like trying to pluck only the gold threads out of a gold and black fabric pattern without ruining the fabric. Reality is a FABRIC.
  • If you think that you can go on antibiotics or take a medicine or swallow Listerine to kill your internal parasites, that WON’T WORK and will more-than likely cause other parasites unaffected by the treatment to start growing out of control and cause all sorts of terrible side effects. Sorry but Listerine is a bad idea and always has been.
  • If there is a MEDIA REPORT taking the other side, that humans are NOT infested with multiple types of worms, all you have to do is to go on a parasite cleanse yourself and watch what comes out into the toilet and ask yourself if parasites are just business as usual fake-news. The test as to whether YOU have parasites is easy because you just kill a few, they come out, and you see them. The somewhat shocking realization is that the total number isn’t just a few, but that your body is more like a beehive, like an aquarium beehive, because your insides are wet.
  • I’d also like to point out that PROBIOTICS will not chase out larger parasites, ever.
  • Also, I myself have JUICED lemons for many years, plus ginger and turmeric root. REDUCING MUCUS will NOT impact the number of worms in a person’s body. I KNOW that comment is counterintuitive. If worms don’t have access to mucus-forming foods, they have their own ways to PRODUCE mucus like a caterpillar builds a cocoon.
  • We cannot wipe our parasites out like swallowing an atomic bomb. Even if we could, the die-off alone would devastate the host. The strategy is to slowly change THEIR environment and they will be fully aware that this is happening. Plus, your body is an ecosystem, which will also need to slowly adjust to changes. I wrote about this in my book about parasites, which is free to download on this website.
  • If you are already sick or showing lots of ill symptoms, you CANNOT “treat for parasites” the same way you “treat” for an illness. Killing parasites is more like “putting cream in your coffee” or salt on your food. If you are already sick and think you will BOMB your parasites, as your idea of achieving rapid wellness/recovery, you are MISTAKEN. Every time you kill a parasite, the body will DIGEST it and this creates additional issues for the body to process. Proceeding SLOWLY is optimal.
  • I had a client come to my office yesterday who hadn’t pooped in many days and totally miserable. She said she’d been to a doctor who was an expert in treating parasites, “the best in the country.” She was driving through Tennessee on her way back to the Northeast and happened to find me. I said, “I’m a bit of a parasite expert myself!” She looked at me dubiously. She explained she’d been on 15 parasite medications, stopped pooping, and had to end her treatment, totally discouraged. I asked her what her doctor had done to help her poop. She shook her head like that was beyond the scope of her treatment and replied, “Nothing.” In my opinion, that is idiotic, to kill worms and not take an interest in making sure they get out of the body FAST. The first thing 
  • that came out during her colonic was a foot-long worm. I asked her, “Do you mind if I take pictures?” She looked shocked: “Absolutely not!” Her time at my office was nearly two hours and at one point I asked her, “When is the last time you felt happy?” She replied, “I don’t know. You don’t know what I’ve been through. How can I be happy when I have parasites?” I told her she had two choices: Get happy or be upset the rest of her life. She released a normal amount of stuff during her hour-long colonic, felt a small relief, and left. I’ve considered calling her to see how she’s doing, but probably won’t. My sense was that she thought I was a bit crazy, suggesting she find a way to be happy first, then kill worms second. A lot of people prefer doctors in white coats doling out meds catering to panic and helplessness, so I’ll just leave it alone.
  • A FEW health practitioners DO TREAT for parasites as related to Lyme disease and these do help. HOWEVER, if you are on that track, understand that 8 days of goat milk and/or a few herbs will not clear out the entire SOUP of things residing within. I cannot stress this enough. Killing internal parasites is NOT LIKE MEDICINE. If somebody has developed a protocol for a treatment, yes, fine, but you will want to do other things later, after the treatment, as part of the things you do, like brushing your teeth. Tending to parasites is actually a lot like teeth brushing: it’s not the same as going to the dentist to get a cavity filled. Both things may be necessary and related, but one is specific; the other more general.
  • Killing parasites is not anything like medicine, but more like understanding a metaphysic. Parasites are just what is.
  • I am offering TWO parasite cleanses: a 15 day and a 365 day version. The 15-day is technically not a cleanse, but a TEST to prove to yourself that you do have lots of worms and flukes within. It’s a self-experiment. You will be required to give yourself an enema or receive a colonic because WATER pulls more visible parasites out for viewing than just normal pooping. Plus, killing parasites may make you feel awful, terrible, mean, angry or depressed and accelerating their removal with an internal flush makes the person on a cleanse feel better. The 365 day parasite cleanse is more REALISTIC and moves SLOWLY and simultaneously designed to improve every bodily priority (hydration, pH, the liver, flora balances, cleansing, and one’s mood, energy, and imagination).
  • If parasites are asymptomatic, that does not mean they aren’t impairing a person’s health. These critters KNOW other critters are cohabitating within the body and these balance each other out, so as not to harm the host. In this way, they are helping us. But in other ways, they are slowly eroding health. When I mean slowly, I mean, over the course of a lifetime.
  • There is almost no good information out there about human parasites and I am NOT saying that *I* am the authority on the topic, either. We can wait on other experts to get with it or start learning more about parasites on our own. That’s all I’ve done and I am no different than anybody you might meet sitting next to you on the train, so if I can learn about it, you can too.
  • IF a scientific researcher could accept that what a colon hygienist sees are actually WORMS of multiple types, and I’d go so far as to say that each one has a unique “personality” just like a hundred cats or chickens might all look similar, but aren’t, THEN that could have huge impact for solving certain mysteries. At the very end of this document, I’ll briefly address the advantages that a more “parasitic paradigm” could have for researchers hoping to unravel the Alzheimer’s mystery. In other words, I’d rather bore the reader later and not now.
  • To appreciate how parasites interact with humans, the best way to learn about it is by investigating what scientists have presented about parasites in NATURE, not what they know about parasites in humans. The study of parasites in humans is entirely too pathetic to learn much of anything relevant. Outdoor insect-type parasites are fascinating and how they do their thing will be similar to how parasites in humans do their thing.
  • The ability of parasites to exhibit mind control over their host is proven and documented. It is entirely possible that parasites “inhabiting humans and not being detected” for all of human history is an aspect of parasitic mind control itself. HOWEVER, whatever your SPIRITUAL BACKGROUND, is 100% relevant. Most people have a sense of their own spirit or at least value The Golden Rule. This is not the Zombie Apocalypse. Even though you may be filled with parasites, you still have your soul. Everything up until now is as it should be.
  • To freak-out about parasites is the same as if you looked at the stars blinking across the night sky and suddenly freaked-out because you live on a planet.
  • Parasites display INTELLIGENCE. However, YOU possess intelligence. Therefore, your intelligence will require just a minute to consider all of this new parasite information. If we are going to begin killing parasites, it might be better to do it slowly, quietly, and with respect. The entire world is not going to suddenly go on a parasite cleanse, so this is what YOU are recognizing and doing. It doesn’t require anybody else to get on the same page. Just consider all this in the same way that you might consider buying a new pair of shoes. You say, “I think I’ll get out today and buy a new pair of shoes.” You’ll also say: “I think I’ll start reducing the number of parasites within my body and JUST SEE what happens.” If strange things do begin to come out, keep going, there’s more.

That’s all it is.   


For more research:

1) Animals Parasitic in Man by Geoffrey Lapage.

My mother recently passed away at age 86 and I found this book in her library. I was paging through it and discovered MY NAME as the owner of the book and realized that I must have purchased it back when I was in 5th or 6th grade, back when I did a science fair project on parasites, which I had called “The Unseen World.” Here is a photo taken from my school newspaper showing that I had won first place. 

The book by Geoffrey Lapage first published in 1957 and was revised in 1963. It’s available on Amazon, but did not become popular, as a new copy today costs $67.75.

The book is incredibly detailed. What I find interesting is the author’s worldview, portraying parasites as an impediment to human progress and civilized “colonization.” Plus he takes a strong evolutionary approach, assuming the idea that parasites somehow got into “higher creatures” via adaptation. During the 1950s, the generally-accepted scientific paradigm was that leeches adapted into frogs, frogs into turtles, turtles evolved into birds or rats, and on upwards into cavemen and then became modern humans. These were not evolutionary leaps made by Darwin himself, but science of the 1950s got a hold of the concept of “species evolution,” which became standard, and mostly not widely accepted today, yet still taught in schools.

2) The Imperial Cruise by James Bradley.

This book is a fascinating look at U.S. history rarely taught, covering briefly the march of the Anglo-Saxon peoples pertaining to “concepts of supremacy” spreading out from Northern Europe to the Americas and beyond. This may seem to not have any relation to the topic of PARASITES whatsoever. However, what we want to realize, is that the United States was formed out of ideals specifically tied to white Protestantism, which formed the basis of American education (Manifest Destiny), science, history, religion, and politics, still part of the mindset today.

We want to peer beneath the veneer of how human PARASITES came to be viewed by Americans as NOT HERE, but OVER THERE. For our goals, we care less about how OTHER AMERICANS have been influenced by a certain control of “how to think” and care more about how WE came to believe what we believe.

3) A wonderful YouTube video lecture behind the story of the discovery of the Bosnian Pyramids:

This lecture documents the opposition that came from the established archaeological experts and societies, how just a few people proved the pyramid-shaped mountain was human-made (or something like humans built them).

4) Here is another video that offers a new perspective on history, energy, and the power of sound. I believe that in the future, humans will use SOUND frequency to eliminate parasites deeply embedded in the organs and tissues without die-off side effects. For now, diatomaceous earth, which is crystalline in nature, is a form of “vibrational therapy,” which can be consumed with many health benefits.

This unique lecture may give us ideas, which we haven’t as of yet broadly considered, and perhaps can underpin how we can imagine a better future:

5) The lecture below reviews human history and it’s interesting to watch because it’s about things we don’t normally think about. I contend that the history of “human parasites” is similarly muddled and confused. If we don’t know the simple things presented here about our own human history, what do you think we are taught about human PARASITES?

Watch and rethink evolution:

6) Here’s another good one about GIANTS from the past living on the American continent who left behind their bones. What we want to notice is the “cover-up” by a respected institution like the Smithsonian:

PARASITES fit into what society rejects and maybe deserves a second look.

What all these video links have in common (giants, megaliths, pyramids, hominoids and evolutionary theory) with parasites is some form of denial from the top down into the public arena. The public arena is where we live, and think, and view everything as normal.

When I posted the video that my client took of flukes swimming in the toilet following her colonic, one of the first public comments was to say: “That’s not legit.”

I don’t take it personally,” is part of what I might add.

Because sometimes what we think we know as not legit, actually has some merit.

It’s a wild planet out there! For me, I want to know more about WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON! And then, adjust accordingly.

Adjusting accordingly sounds like evolution, but rather it’s merely the displacement of stupidity and replacing it with something better. That’s common. People do it all day long.


Implications for Alzheimer’s

On National Public Radio today, there was a story on Alzheimer’s research which caught my attention. But first, the back story.

When I wrote my book, Intestinal Parasites and the Meaning of Life, I learned that a virus and a larger parasite, like a worm, worked together to get a certain job done. But this information had been applied to nature in the wild, not to civilized humanity. I speculated that if one applied what happens in nature to what happens with human illness, lots of mystery illnesses might reveal EVIDENCE for a similar pairing of a smaller parasite (bacteria, virus, archaea, fungus) with a larger one (nematode or fluke).

I used Lyme disease as the example in my book, but certainly there could be many more.

After my book published, I listened to a lecture given by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt about Lyme and he said the same thing, that Lyme may be associated with TWO parasites, not one. Plus, he said that the larger parasites are nearly impossible to find because they will “enzymatically” self-destruct and virtually disappear after their death.

Here’s the other factor, which is absolutely lost to medical research. Human parasites don’t just all hang around like tapeworms or whipworms stuck in one spot. Some of these human parasites are FAST SWIMMERS. And human parasites don’t just live in the GUT, but get around to every extremity including hands, feet, and HEAD.

Then there’s the infamous blood-brain barrier, which supposedly makes it impervious to parasitic penetration. Not so. The brain is just as vulnerable as any other tissue.

What struck me in this NPR story was the mention of beta-amyloid brain plaque increases in Alzheimer’s patients and the huge mystery around it. If one’s model of the human body is that it’s just “cells and tissues” doing their own thing (via genetic programming), such as “spontaneously clumping beta-amyloid,” that’s as medieval as believing flies spontaneously combusted from dirty rags. Or it’s like Tonto tracking the bad guy cowboys, but he’s never seen a horse, only hoof-tracks, and he says, “I don’t know what these marks are on the ground, but I think they went that-a-way.”

In my case, knowing Americans are infested with all kinds of worms and flukes as I do, I’d suggest: start with the HORSE. That should be a clue. Beta-amyloid is a track without a horse.

Plus, it has been identified that beta-amyloid plaque build-up is likely an IMMUNE RESPONSE of the brain tissue. Hmmm, it sounds like the Alzheimer’s affected brain is under attack. Hmmm, what could that be from?

Researchers find certain bacteria and even fungi implicated, but not across the board. Hmmm, what could be IN THE BRAIN and carrying with it a VARIETY of smaller parasites? Hmmm, a fluke or a nematode?

Here is an article on the topic. If you read this and factor larger parasites in the human brain, I mean, larger parasites could seem to be a fairly OBVIOUS missing piece of the puzzle.

Here is an excerpt from that article:

The notion that infections can invade the brain and influence cognition is neither new nor unproven. In 1911, Alois Alzheimer himself noted the similarities between the brains of people with syphilis-induced dementia and those with Alzheimer’s. If syphilis festers in the body for more than a decade, the corkscrew-shaped bacterium that causes it invades and damages the brain, sparking the creation of amyloid plaques and inducing dementia. Herpes simplex encephalitis, a rare complication of herpes simplex 1 (HSV-1, the virus that causes cold sores), can cause brain damage; tick-borne Lyme disease can spark memory loss and brain inflammation; HIV over time causes dementia; and then there is Zika, the mosquito-borne virus that can invade developing brains, limiting their size and development.

The more scientists learn, the more they discover that the brain – historically considered a sterile organ protected by the impenetrable blood-brain barrier – often gets infiltrated by microbes. 

Seriously – pair TWO parasites together, a smaller bacteria, virus or fungus, WITH a fast swimming nematode or fluke, and you are going to get this same picture. Horses! With the bad guys. Leaving tracks.

Here is the other three MAJOR FACTORS and then I’ll quit this charade.

  • According to NPR, the U.S. government recently allocated $400 million for more Alzheimer’s research. The thing is, established research generally rules out the “microbial hypothesis” when it comes to beta-amyloid plaque build-up. What gets “studied” is the immune response itself and how to reduce that “trigger.” So far, this approach has achieved zero success, but this approach will be where the $400 million gets spent and any dummy should be able to predict the progress around that outcome.
  • We have to factor STATISTICS. Is Alzheimer’s incidence shrinking or on the rise? If it’s on the rise, and it is, then this could NOT be for a genetic reason, because that would be a CONSTANT VARIABLE. (Genes are a constant and GROWTH means something “not constant” would be behind what’s causing the disease to rise.)
  • One variable I’ve heard (for years) regarding Alzheimer’s is exposure to ALUMINUM.

Hey, fun, let’s put it all together:Alzheimer’s.

It’s this: Certain fast swimming nematode-types or flukes have been breaching the brain-blood barrier for eons with minimal impact. These have been so stealth that science has yet to discover them because they flee any brain surgery site and all that can be found is evidence that something in the brain was causing a problem. When a person dies, these parasites essentially “melt” into all bodily fluids contained inside the skull and so researchers would not discover them intact.

With the advent of widespread planetary travel of populations of one nation moving to others (Post WWII), human parasitic contact EXPLODES. Now we have mass-scale ASYMPTOMATIC International cross-contaminations of viruses, bacteria, archaea, yeasts, molds, nematodes and flukes in humans. These are capable of genetic mutations, not just themselves, but in their hosts AND these are capable of changing host behaviors. AND parasites have the ability to alter the genetics of their fellow parasites, documented and proven.

Other planetary environmental changes have been occurring in recent decades specifically tied to significant increases of ALUMINUM measured in soil, air, and water samples. These get into the human body and require specific nutritional sources for the human liver to ELIMINATE aluminum. Lacking that, the liver will store aluminum in the fatty tissues. The brain is 60-percent fat and thus aluminum will end up there.

Aluminum may be BENEFICIAL to all forms of parasitic-life metabolism. Hence, wherever there is aluminum stored in the human body, there will be a rise in parasitic populations. These organisms give off significant amounts of WASTE, often not experienced by the human body in previous generations, which irritates brain tissues, along with general parasitic activity-irritation, causing an immune response in the brain, with increases in beta-amyloid plaque build-up, I contend.

There you have it. Alzheimer’s and many cognitive malfunctions maybe explained: factoring larger, fast swimming parasites in the brain utilizing aluminum in their metabolism. And, we don’t need to RESEARCH IT! Just start eliminating “stored aluminum” in the fatty tissues of most Americans today. Plus, start eliminating parasites from the body, slowly, and eventually this reaches into the brain.

If a person is already above age 60, it will take some time to unwind the damage and create impact on the causal points. If a person is age 30, they have a lot more time and the pressure is off.

How does one create such positive change in the human body? It’s easy. This stuff is not rocket science, is it? I could be off-target here regarding Alzheimer’s, but no more off-target than the progress scientists researching Alzheimer’s have come-up with to date. And then not finding “the cure.”

The problem, as I see it, is that scientists tend to look for a medical solution, when the cause of the problem isn’t medical, but just crazy, wacky, weird, and from outside the usual paradigm. If the cause originates from outside the usual paradigm, I say, change the paradigm.

It’s that simple. Just say, “Oh, worms! That makes perfect sense.”