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The health of your LIVER is a PRIORITY for YOU.

I hear it all the time: the GUT is our second brain. This is somewhat true, but in truth, your liver is your second brain and the third brain is the rest of the gut.

This distinction is based on the idea that the human brain collects data through the senses and makes sense of it. The human liver collects data from the blood and makes sense of that, which is equally amazing.

Physicists have identified miniscule wiggles of energy called neutrinos smaller than atoms, which are passing through the human body right now from head to toe at lightning speed. Zoom! Zoom! What little tidbit of a wiggle that just zipped through you is already halfway to the moon.

I’d guess that the human liver calculates using the data in the blood at the speed of light, too. If you cut your finger and a drop of blood appeared, the liver could provide us with a print-out of every molecule in that blood faster than the gas station pump can spit out a receipt.

But the human liver is a 3D printer too. It takes the little squiggles of data in the blood and builds-out something 3D, which is YOU. If we added a drop of blue food coloring to your blood, what shows up 3D somewhere else in your body will be slightly more blue. If you add a drop of sugar, nothing will be more sweeter, because the liver knows exactly whether to BURN it or STORE it or BUILD with it. Thus the human liver knows the difference between what is “color” and what is “sweet.”

Some people, if they ate a fifteen pound bag of sugar every month, which most do, this would be one full cup of sugar per day going into the gut. If you put a cup of sugar in your car’s gas tank, that would pretty much ruin your engine. If you put one cup of sugar directly into your blood, same thing, you’re dead.

What regulates sugar in the blood is the liver. The lack of appreciation people have for the liver is because we’ve all seen cow liver and it doesn’t look like much. It’s actually a bit stupid looking because it sits like a blob. But it’s like the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars. It doesn’t look like much, but then you want to hug and thank it when it shifts into light speed. We want to hug and thank our own liver because although it doesn’t look like much all by itself, it accelerates to light speed.

Another way to appreciate how the liver works is that you could imagine a circus juggler juggling balls in the air in slow motion. Then — speed up the picture — and it’s funny because those balls are going really fast. If that juggler represented your liver, it’s got 1,500 metabolic balls in the air and if you set the camera at normal speed, the juggler wouldn’t just be managing to keep 1,500 balls in the air, but would disappear because he’s juggling at light speed.

The human liver juggles at light speed.

The rest of the body doesn’t handle “data” quite as fast as the liver, other than the eyeballs, so the rest of the body functions often in slow motion. Like the colon. It says in a deep, slow voice: “Get ready evvverrrybbbody … herrrre commmes mmmmore pooooo.” And YOU can walk across the room in slow motion, but the liver can’t. It’s always in hyper-fast motion, calculating at light speed while building in 3D.

So here’s how it works. You eat two bites from a hamburger, one French fry, and take one sip of Coke. The molecular particles from all of that stuff will go from the stomach, to the small intestine, into the tiny villi, into the blood, rush to the liver. Now the liver is driving like in the Indy 500 while smoking two cigarettes, one in each hand, and holding a cup of coffee, while texting to another part of the body. Suddenly a picture flashes above, of two bites of hamburger, a fry and a sip of Coke, which the liver sees, and processes exactly right because it says, “Yeah, yeah, I know what that stuff is.”

Now, smack the liver, beat it up real good, and force it to drink three shots of tequila and it’s still just humming along. Go to a fast food joint and eat a super greasy meal and this abused liver’s got it all under control. The brain, however, it’s struggling under 3 shots of tequila. Your brain can barely help you to drive your car slowly in reverse after tequila.

You see, it’s the BRAIN that has us convinced that the gut is the SECOND brain, while in reality, the LIVER is our FIRST brain, the brain is the second brain, and the gut, third. It’s the head-brain part that gets us in trouble by doing all kinds of insane things, while it’s the liver that keeps getting us through our tough scrapes. Three shots of tequila? No problem for the liver.

So if there are different pH zones in the human body, there are also different SPEED zones between the organs. Some parts move FASTER than others and the liver moves at light speed. Our eyeballs are fast too, but have it easy. The eyeballs rarely encounter grease or are forced to make grease as meaningful as possible inside the human body.

We don’t need to know everything about how the human liver functions to be able to help it. We don’t even care about how the liver converts sugar into something else, because we have decided to consume less sugar as a pH factor. For more on that, go back to pH on this website. As previously discussed under the PRIORITY section, we are only interested in POINTS OF LEVERAGE. For the liver, for our purposes (which is better health), there are only three.

1. Feeding the liver beneficial fats.

2. Supporting the microflora which detoxify the live

3. Recognizing that the liver is densely rich in nutrients and a prime location for parasites, such as flukes, to inhabit.

1) Feeding the liver beneficial fats to then benefit you

I stopped to watch Dr. Oz present a way for his television viewers to do “a liver cleanse” on his show. His formula did not include any beneficial fats and we will go over why this is downright ignoramous. My mother loved to watch The Dr. Oz Show and I know he’s a fantastic person himself, but his WRITERS often get it ignoramous.

Where I got my introduction on essential fatty acids was from Udo Erasmus, Ph.D. I found his book, Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill, at the public library. It reads like a medical textbook, but the parts that a layperson might understand are so well explained that they can be life-changing. It’s a thick book and I have too many books already, so I never bought it, but I did check it out twice from the library and read it twice. I didn’t just check it out twice.

This book explains why GRASS FED beef is not anything like conventionally farmed cows and why pasture chicken eggs are nothing like what’s in an Egg McMuffin, and why farm raised fish are not even close to resembling wild fish, per deep within their molecules, and why you’d want to steer clear of things like pesticides, plus most of the chemicals you clean your house with, etc. I mean, “exposure to chemicals, etc.”

Just so you know, Udo is the master, I am a mere hack. At some point in your investigations, you will want to check his book out of the library. But I do know one thing: Cytochrome p450. And I know how to spell it!

I encourage everybody to Google “cytochrome p450.” I cannot do it justice explaining it, but you will benefit from knowing as much as you can, so it’s drilled into your brain-part. Cytochrome p450 is how the liver self-cleanses, so any “liver cleanse” would want to incorporate the necessary building blocks for the liver to conduct it.

Sponge Bob Square Pants

So anyway, you go about this planet and the whole thing is extremely fascinating and you imagine that you have some kind of impervious rubber skin that protects you from the elements of this planet. But you aren’t all that protected. For example, you go out for too long in the sunshine and you get BURNT. You walk through a toxic waste dump and your body acts like a SPONGE.

If somebody sent enough humans to walk through a toxic waste dump which was wet to their knees, eventually the humans would soak it up, such that the level of toxic fluids in the dump would only reach to one’s ankles. Where did it go? Into the spongy humans. This is what we are – sponges.

This has implications. If you live in New York City, it isn’t very long before you ARE New York City. If you live in Los Angeles, you ARE Los Angeles. Scientists have analyzed what’s in a mother’s breast milk and what’s in the milk are tiny particles of the mother’s PILLOW.

Humans are so spongy, we soak-up where we lay our heads. In the old days, what was in a mother’s milk was straw and hay.

Lots of health practitioners like to quote from Hippocrates from ancient Greece because he said quotable things, but Hippocrates was on a planet soaking-up vastly different things. He couldn’t have DREAMT what would happen to humans in the future by 2018. This is a major miscalculation for modern medicine treating sick people today. Modern medicine thinks about and interprets human health as if we still live in the age of Hippocrates, while ignoring that humans are sponges.

What you want to know about human liver-data.

Now the data entering the human liver is just two things: 1) water soluble or 2) oil soluble. That’s all we need to know. Oil and water.

If it’s oil soluble and beneficial to the human body, the liver knows and somehow magically puts it to good use. If it’s oil soluble and not beneficial, then the liver will conduct a process called cytochrome p450. So—if you set two shot glasses in front of you and filled one with olive oil and the other with gasoline, and drank each, the liver will know what’s what and use the one fully — and expel the other.

How does the liver know the difference? That’s why it’s a BRAIN! If you fill your gas tank and breathe some fumes, that goes to the liver and not a big problem. But if you drink a shot glass filled with gasoline, that’s a lot of oil soluble chemicals for the liver to PROCESS.

What’s oil soluble are molecules and this is the level at which the liver calculates at light speed. Somewhere inside of itself, the liver has stored what are called “essential fatty acids” and these can be PAIRED with oil soluble poisons, molecules, to restructure them so they become WATER SOLUBLE (via cytochrome p450). Then, the liver passes that on and “the gasoline” goes out with the urine or the breath or sweat. If you drink gasoline, you will be able to smell it on your breath, and after it undergoes cytochrome p450, gasoline is literally coming out your breath as water.

Thus the liver converts oil into water.

And that’s what we want to do to get rid of our modern age recently-invented chemicals. The PROBLEM is that “essential fatty acids” come from the diet. An average American’s diet hovers near zero fatty acid intake. You can’t get it from farm raised salmon or French fries or vegetable oil margarine. In fact, these “foods” are more harmful fats, which the liver must PURGE. So the human liver, as the human body acts like a sponge in its environment, reaches into its bag of tricks to conduct cytochrome p450 and the bag is EMPTY.

Now what? The liver can only do what a liver does, and that is go to Plan B. Plan B is to put the toxic oil soluble chemical molecules into an envelope and mail it to another part of the body. When that part of the body opens the letter, the poison comes out and adheres to whatever FAT is present there and literally becomes the person. If that chemical is gasoline, then inside that person’s fat is gasoline. But it’s more like vibrations of gasoline inside of bubble-wrap. The gasoline gets stored inside pockets and sealed where it can’t technically harm you.

STORING is a safe alternative to cytochrome p450 (which is EXPELLING), unless that person goes on a diet. Then the little pockets of bubble wrap pop (as fat melts) and the gasoline molecules are back into the bloodstream.

Under a different situation, the liver decides it’s going to send these toxic molecules out of the body via the digestive tract. It does this through the bile ducts and out the gallbladder. Send toxic molecules out of the liver like this, and the gallbladder becomes irritated, and the person’s doctor will gladly remove their gallbladder. This is a modern invention (surgery) to solve a modern problem (poorly detoxified chemical poisons), which is epidemic evidence for America’s challenged livers for today.

Plus, the oil soluble poisons which the liver was not able to convert to water soluble, affect the chemical makeup of the bile, which is the soap the body manufactures to break down fat in the food, such that fats can be sucked-up in the small intestine, get into the blood, and flow to the liver. If there are gasoline molecules “of gasoline” in the bile, which was purged out from the liver, the fat from the diet mixes with the bile, recycles BACK to the liver, and with it is “the gasoline.” Hello! Me again!

I’ll repeat that sequence:

1. Oil soluble poison enters the human body.

2. The liver lacks the nutritional building blocks to convert the poison into a water soluble.

3. The oil soluble poison gets excreted from the liver in the bile soap entering the gallbladder, which squirts bile into the small intestine.

4. Bile soap is recycled back from the intestines, along with some of the oil soluble poisons, thus these poisons become extremely difficult to be removed from the person’s body.

5. Every American is impaired by this challenge every day.

Thus the chemicals we are exposed to recycle throughout the body, which continually oxidize cells, which deflates them of water, which sends the body into a kind of tail spin into other health issues such as high blood pressure and lowered energy capacity.

The ill-feeling person goes to their doctor, explains their symptoms, and is often put on an antidepressant, more man-made slightly-toxic chemicals going straight to the liver.

Our society loves what’s upbeat and none of this is that. Just appreciate that I am making every effort to remain upbeat.

What you want to take from this, are the kinds of dietary fats which assist the liver to conduct cytochrome p450. A person will want to do this incrementally, because the human body formerly got EFA’s from a diet of more wild fish, foraging cows and chickens, hunted fowl, whole grains, seeds, nuts, and even dairy products (raw). You can search online for the top EFA foods and in general, it’s wild caught fish and flax seeds at the top. These can be purchased as fish or flax oil and as long as the source is not toxic itself and creator of the product knows what they are doing. I recommend the product which was created by Udo Erasmus called Udo’s Choice Oil, which is 9 fatty ingredients and properly balanced for uptake and usage within the body.

Remember, this falls under “feeding the liver beneficial fats.” Most of the fats a person consumes goes to the liver. Avocado, olive oil and coconut oil are generally good fats, again, when from a quality source and minimally processed or preserved.

So, we got that. Good fats are good.

One tablespoon of Udo’s Choice Oil per day is ample.

Onward to Apples.

I once was asked to speak at a friend’s workplace about the benefits of consuming “whole foods.” Well, I felt compelled to explain how food works at the level of the liver and this was for a group of a dozen women who were the support staff of a distribution company. A couple of them interrupted me saying, “We just want to know about whole foods, not about the liver.”

The average person, I think, should know how the liver reads foods and it is NOT at the level of “whole foods.” A whole food by itself might be an apple, but how many pesticides are sprayed on the apple tree, and then what sorts of antifungal sprays, and preservative waxes are on the apple? The liver must contend with that as part of the whole food, so I said to these women, “It used to be, that an apple was just an apple, but today, an apple is not just the apple, so that’s important to understand, because our illnesses today can stem from the part of the apple that’s not the apple, and healthy fats play THE major role in the prevention of illness, specifically at the level of the liver and its ability to perform cytochrome p450.”

Thus the formula for understanding how better health works for today is: Whole food (apple) + human liver reading all the molecular data of the whole food + intestinal bacteria = YOU.

I didn’t address the importance of enemas at this gathering because a giant hook would have appeared and pulled me off the stage. But I’ll say it again for whoever may be listening:

An apple is not an apple no more (like from the days of Hippocrates). If you are going to be well, then consuming essential fatty acids DAILY or several times per week minimum, significantly helps the liver overcome the pesticides, the anti-fungals, the waxes and the “gasoline’s” circulating within the human body through the process of cytochrome p450.

I told those women that it’s like Disneyland.

One generation ago, it used to be that Disneyland was a place to visit one time during a person’s lifetime. Today, the entire U.S. culture is Disneyland. All across Disneyland are little stations where people can get food and the food is mostly little nuggets of something, breaded, plus fries and a drink. Next to every food station is a nurse’s station, which pokes needles, provides little cups of pills, and runs tests to be sure everybody young or old is having maximum fun.

Look around. Little clinics are popping up everywhere and why? It’s almost like we are not supposed to even notice these little clinics.

For a while, nobody could see what was happening. And now we can. Simply stated, as kindly and as innocently as possible: an apple today is no longer an apple. Especially those cellophane-wrapped sliced apples that come with a Happy box lunch and appear fresh-picked and just-cut. They weren’t. That’s a chemical solution that stopped them from browning. Please forgive me for being the bearer of this rather unpleasant news, but maybe one day your children or grandchildren will thank you if you start noticing these things, such as people wanting to learn about whole foods, but then not noticing the little clinics springing up next to where apples are sold.

2) Support the microflora which detoxify the liver.

The following illuminating excerpt is taken from:

According to “Probiotics Restore Bowel Flora and Improve Liver Enzymes in Human Alcohol-Induced Liver Injury: A Pilot Study,” liver disease caused by excessive alcohol consumption is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States. It accounts for 40 percent of deaths from cirrhosis and between 10 percent and 35 percent of hepatitis cases. Over-consumption of alcohol is associated with increased gut permeability, bowel and liver interactions, altered intestinal flora and significantly reduced numbers of B. bifidum, among other beneficial bacteria. This study indicated that short-term supplementation with B. bifidum resulted in restoration of bowel flora and notable improvements in alcohol-induced liver injury when compared to standard therapy alone.

Note: bolding is mine.

If you Google: “Benefits of a green smoothie,” what pulls up on the first page are all LIFESTYLE websites promoting the green smoothie. If you Google: “Role of microflora in the liver,” what pulls up are scientific articles and not one has a lifestyle twist, but are technical and dull, not very sexy, which means very few people are searching the topic.

This is just to notice the division between how we are educated and not. What’s popular at the top of our thoughts is what we consume and not how things work. That’s why the women’s group I spoke to wanted to know “what whole foods to consume” and had no interest in anything much deeper. But if YOU are reading this, then knowing what’s going on deeper must be of interest to you. I know it is for me.

When I stated earlier that the human liver can conduct 1,500 metabolic processes at lightning speed, this is only partially true. The other half of the equation is that microflora within the liver ASSIST metabolic processes in the liver. Thus, the fast juggling circus performer (your liver) has an assistant. Without the assistant, “the juggler” is down to being able to juggle three, four balls max.

Without appreciating this, we might skip over the BOLDED line in the above excerpt that bowel bacteria play a role in the liver’s ability to REGENERATE. Despite that many people can’t wrap their minds around anything deeper than “the green smoothie,” we who might be fascinated by how the liver regenerates, can’t REALLY wrap our minds around how microflora interact within the body either, or benefit us 1,500 different ways.

All of us are just a little bit stupid and that’s part of it because the human body is fully capable of filling in the blanks.

You can go back to that link above and read the entire article for a few more benefits microflora provide. It’s eye-opening to know because suddenly, foods which are commonly sterilized and served around us all day long, can be seen as suppressing beneficial bacteria in the liver, thus firingthe juggler’s assistant” without cause, and everything in the body slows way down, including the liver’s natural ability to regenerate.

How does this apply to you?

My dentist prescribed a mouthwash antibiotic for me and I told him I wouldn’t use it. He asked why. I said because “I’d swallow the mouthwash,” and that kills beneficial flora in the liver and gut. He laughed. He said, “You don’t SWALLOW it.” I pointed out that even if you spit it out, you do end up swallowing some of it, which gets taken-up into the blood, then goes to the liver.”

My dentist said: “I’d never thought of it like that.”

WE want to think of it like that because if we only drink the green smoothie for our health, then go to the dentist and fill the prescription he or she gives to us, then use it, whatever benefits we’d receive from supplementing probiotics may total a net LOSS and we can’t understand WHY, because we imagine we are doing EVERYTHING RIGHT. But, if your dentist prescribes something for you, talk it over, because there is a chance it could be good for you.

But Listerine products provide the same result. It gets into the saliva, gets down into the intestines, does damage. One of my clients had a ten year-long yeast overgrowth rash in his crotch and also swishing with Listerine several times daily. I did not treat him for a rash. I just encouraged him to study it for himself. He did, quit the mouthwash, healed his crotch.

The body will regenerate best by supporting probiotic life within. If I went into much greater detail, I’m going to be sitting here typing all night and info about supporting probiotic life in the gut is all over the Internet. On the practical side, just avoiding sterilizing agents used in our food supply is huge and most people don’t even consider it. Then you could not even take a probiotic supplement and probably be just fine. You could eat fermented foods (miso, kombucha, kefir) and make your own wild fermented foods at home (Read Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz).

For geeks like me, it’s interesting to note the HISTORY of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and their role on the planet. This is an interesting article about biomass created under the sea, because bacteria and archaea are estimated to comprise over 50% of our planet’s living biomass.

Biblical scholars show very little interest in what came before Adam and Eve, but other scientists know that our planet began as a boiling cauldron of elemental pools and vapors. There was no OXYGEN, no trees or seaweed, but there were living things on the planet called ARCHAEA. These consumed chemicals in elemental pools and vapors while there was no AIR around Earth. After 2 billion years, something changed and a great oxygenation event occurred, due to new ways bacteria metabolized chemicals, which released oxygen as waste.

For some microorganisms, the archaea, chemicals were food and oxygen was poison, but for the new guys, oxygen was good, and strange chemicals, evil. Thus divided aerobic life from anaerobic life. Anaerobic life avoids oxygen and these still exist within the human body. These can play a significant role inside the human body by consuming chemicals that make their way inside the body. Because what happened, was that in time, humankind began to CREATE chemicals and bring back primordial combinations, and humans, being aerobic by nature, cannot tolerate exposure to these chemicals, such as window cleaners and floor waxes and farming chemicals.

This small detail is just to point out, that what’s not organic entering the human body, is not a total disaster. Anaerobic bacteria will consume plastics, petroleum products, and most of the millions of other “chemicals” on the planet. This article identifies 84,000 manmade chemicals people are exposed to:

In closing, bacteria will consume chemicals and the human liver can remove oil soluble toxins by the process of cytochrome p450, plus with the aid of bacteria. The average human liver weighs about four pounds. The total number of bacteria in the human body also weighs about four pounds and these work together to support all the stupid things we tend to do.

It would be so lovely if now and then, you put your hand over your liver and said, “Thank you!”

Liver Flukes and Why You Don’t Want One

  Now I would ask: WHAT IS THIS THING?

This came out from a client’s colon after she had done about fifty colonics and was taking herbs to kill parasites. It’s not like this came out easily. Look at that round hole near the photo’s center. Just to the right of it is another round opening, plus it features a kind of mucoid plume at the front end, which is more like a TAIL. I have more photos of this same “thing” which show more small mucoid openings balanced on each side.

Somebody might say, “Oh, that’s a digested banana, not anything parasitic.”

I’d ask, “What about this thing?”

Is this obviously A WORM or worms?

That also came out from that same client on a parasite cleanse.

This is a second photo of the same thing in the first photo. Looks to me like a HEAD, ARMS, and a TAIL. I’d suggest that it features specific OPENINGS, unless I am mistaken. Let’s just speculate that whatever it is, it is dead here in the photo and about 7 inches long. But what if it was ALIVE? Within which body part was it inhabiting? How did it move about within?

A lot of people might say, “That freaks me out!” Don’t think it didn’t freak me out. I was sitting there watching these things come out during a colonic from ONE CLIENT during a parasite cleanse. A black one came out with a skin on it like an octopus and I thought, “Maybe I should be taking pictures of this.”

After taking more than 100 photos over six months, I started to investigate these things and wrote a book on it: Intestinal Parasites and the Meaning of Life. My other possible titles were: Can O’Worms and Drain the Swamp. I went with “meaning of life” because this all traces back to Archaea and the fact that humans live on a PLANET and a lot of what goes on here, we don’t know, such as weird parasites in us.

All of us. I don’t mean just the worms we know, because I’m guessing there’s a lot we don’t know. Why? Because large parasites will release an enzyme when the host dies which causes them to dissolve. When humans undergo surgery, the large parasites move to other parts of the body where they won’t be exposed. However, the BEST way to SEE worms in humans is to kill them, then watch for them during a colonic or in the toilet, especially after an enema. In my case, I took photos of what came out during a client’s colonic, posted on this website. Eggs too. I made a film of hundreds of FLUKE eggs coming out from a client and then the exact same eggs came out from a second client on the same day, probably a phase of the moon or season, and According to modern medicine, Americans aren’t “commonly” host to flukes.

You would think this client releasing dozens of types of worms was severely ill, but no she is not. You would think she and I would reach the BOTTOM of parasites coming out after one year, but no, we did not. This client did feel a lot better after each colonic, I will say.

If you read about parasites out in the general world, like certain kinds of wasps, what you learn is that their eggs and larvae can take over a host and seemingly not HARM IT at all, while simultaneously changing the host’s behaviors.


Statistically, large parasitic worms like FLUKES are “not inside of Americans.” Virtually “non-existent” statistically. But from my client, we saw flukes exit. Then another client went on a parasite cleanse and after her colonic, flukes came out into the toilet, still alive. And swimming. She filmed it. That film is posted on this website. It’s real. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

This is the last thing I’d like to present about liver health. I’d guess that she and I witnessed at least twenty seven-inch long liver flukes exit dead during her colonics. When they first came out, I was totally skeptical that these were liver flukes and I understand if you feel this way too.

Probiotics and essential fatty acids will not kill nor prevent liver flukes. I know because I am somebody who has avoided antibiotics for at least 17 years, have run gallons of EFA’s through my system, and have seen similar wormy things come out from me during my colonics, while on an experiment, swallowing things myself to kill worms to see if I had them too.

The beauty of the situation is that much of what we consume reaches into the liver. It’s MOUTH, to STOMACH, to SMALL INTESTINE, to LIVER. Insert “evil laugh” when it comes to dropping little bombs on seven-inch long liver flukes.

More on parasite removal is elsewhere on this website.