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Discover why fiber no longer helps with constipation and why toxicity in your liver and colon should be your #1 health concern. Americans are growing sicker, not healthier, and the exact reasons have been hidden until now.

“This book kept me reading all night. I couldn’t put it down!”
— Brad DeMeulenaere

“I have seen a total of five colon hygienists and I’ve been through the forest of medical doctors and many different alternative health practitioners.

Often, I sense a frustration from them. Sometimes it’s a frustration that they can’t figure out how to help me. Sometimes it is directed to me personally, as if they wished I would just get myself together and ‘feel better.’ Lord knows, I haven’t always made the best choices for my health.

When I met Scott Webb, I felt a lack of that frustration. It was evident to me that he saw the big picture — how we have been affected by our culture. Scott’s message was truly one of hope which brought me a sense of relief and peace. That is definitely a place where healing can begin, when you feel no blame, just peace and hope.”
— Victoria Lovett

One of America’s leading colonic therapists gives you the inside scoop on digestive disorders that you or a loved one might be experiencing. Learn how to:

• cleanse your colon and your inner-organs,
• reduce your risk of common diseases,
• understand the deeper issues of weight loss,
• beat underlying causes of depression,
• improve your diet to overcome constipation,
• visualize yourself well and feel better every day!

All the rules about health have changed, and that is why you must read this book!

Inside Poop ImageChapter One Excerpt
Do you really want to be normal?

When I first became a colon hygienist, I was shocked by the tremendous volume of rotten fecal matter coming out from a typical person. The average release during a cleansing session is three to five feet long. On the extreme end I’ve seen solid pieces totaling ten feet removed and once witnessed 15 feet of fecal-mess flood from a skinny woman weighing ninety pounds.

One client released 40 feet of fecal matter over the course of five weekly sessions during a two-month juice fast. When she first came it had been three weeks since she had eaten food and eight feet of clay-like poop came out. It left us speechless each successive colonic as we saw eight feet of poop exit weekly (while eating no solid food).

I asked myself, “Is this normal? Does this huge volume of inner poop explain why Americans have generally become so ill and dependent on drugs?” I mean drugs for chronic pain, drugs to fall asleep, for depression, sex enhancing drugs, anti-bloating drugs — you name it. Since I am naturally curious, I began investigating what might cause fecal matter to be held in the gut. Then everywhere I looked, I found answers.

The starting point, for me, was to ask: “What happens when people start eliminating this excessive fecal matter?” My observation has been that they got better — feel better, look better, see positive results. Most curious to me has been the total ignorance and denial of this reality by the American medical system.

So we are looking at a health topic filled with curiosities.

My goal in writing this book is to make something perfectly clear — America is in danger from an evil within. This inner sludge is torturing and killing people now. All the military forces in the world cannot protect us from it. Whoever was supposed to protect us has gone to sleep. Our best watchdog has become retarded, chasing its own tail.

No matter what the health experts instruct us to do, the truth is that the human body can’t be sustained by the typical American diet. If you are poor, you eat mostly reconstituted grease and sugar; and if affluent, you eat mostly reconstituted grease and sugar with a sprig of parsley on the side.

Try to eat healthy and you can’t. Most salmon ordered in a restaurant today provides no health benefits. Each bite sliced from a slab of gray protein dyed pink is from an animal fed on a diet of antibiotic-laden pellets swimming in a cramped sea water pen. You are too good for that, my friend. Let the other guy or gal eat it while you escape out the back door.

To be wealthy and lose your health seems almost an impossibility, but it’s so common that it’s become status quo in America. Prosperity should mean function and pleasure without reaching for a pill bottle. So let the other guy eat all that bacon, fries, food-to-go on a bun, and cellophane-wrapped cakes. Chicken raised in a crowded concentration camp isn’t fit for consumption either. Deep down you know it’s true.

A friend said the other day, “Isn’t it awesome that you can get a walnut and apple salad from the drive-thru?” “Yeah,” I replied, “If you enjoy eating anti-browning chemicals, preservative waxes, and artificial flavors.” You know the fast food industry prides itself on uniformity while apples are anything but uniform in taste. My guess is that apple salad comes laced with a powdered “apple-fresh” flavoring that’s murder on the human liver.

You’ve watched those scary movies where a girl cracks open a door with an ugly monster behind it. You think: “Oh no!” Well, that’s how I feel about people’s health, knowing as I do what rots inside of them. So — I will state my findings about this as simply and clearly as possible without jargon or pretensions. In fact, I’ve considered writing this as a children’s book because children are often more open than adults.

And children are the real victims when it comes to the state of things we adults are handing down.

Some people have voiced their opinion that putting water in the colon is not natural, but then do not question if what enters their mouth is natural. Cheese Nips don’t grow on trees. If you haven’t considered that you eat mostly processed food, try eating only uncooked, organic food and notice if your day changes. Eating unconsciously helps to form the unconscious sludge inside.

But no blame here. We’ve all done it — I’m just saying, “Get it out!” Using water to flush the colon is actually a hygienic practice as old as civilization. It was addressed in the Dead Sea Scrolls and documented in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.
For some people, a mass of poop extends up the entire digestive tract into their liver and the primary side-effect is depression. Other side-effects will be addressed later and it’s become big business to those in the medical industry — a myriad of drugs prescribed and lots of surgeries to remove poisoned, poorly functioning organs.

This subject is potentially gross, but ignoring it does not make it go away. You should know that your predecessors living before the year 1930 did not have this sludge inside of them. Today, the further you go geographically from the U.S., the less this condition exists. America has the distinction of being the planet’s toxic bull’s-eye. You can track it statistically by the incidence of diverticular diseases of the colon.

Right now your body is doing everything it can to shield itself from this special brand of Twenty-first Century poop-sludge because your insides don’t want to touch it any more than you do. It ages you in ways you don’t want to age. Dark circles and puffy eyes are a sure sign of it. A flotilla of doctors in white coats telling me (and you) that America does not have a toxicity crisis only makes me bust out laughing.

Groucho Marx already tried that gag years ago when he said, “Who are you going to believe? Me or your own eyes?”
As a colonic therapist, I’ve seen the light.

The time has come to trust your own intuition or suffer the consequences of others making choices for you. Their decisions will fall somewhere on the scale between tragic and moronic. Be aware — if you mindlessly stick within the system, the statistics are not in your favor. It’s difficult for many Americans to grasp that they live within some kind of system.

If it’s true that this inside poop does exist, then all the rules about health have changed. That’s why you should read this book. The rules have changed.

Inside Poop ImageChapter Two Excerpt
The beauty of inner health

“A book, written to teach what to do for a cold or a sore throat and which herbs and vitamins to take for a particular malady, doesn’t convey the whole truth. I am not interested in remedies for nasal congestion, constipation, heart burn, headaches, allergies, PMS, or pre-menopausal symptoms. For I no longer have any of these problems.”
Tonya Zavasta, Your Right to be Beautiful

The above quote is one of the most revealing passages written today on health. Allow me to explain:

Tonya Zavasta has overcome her symptoms of disease. All of them. At fifty years old. Her hourglass figure could be envied by college girls. And she says that you can have such vibrancy too — health and beauty without a remedy for each problem.

I heard Tonya Zavasta speak after an invitation by a friend. I didn’t know who she was and I happened to sit in the front row. I bought her book afterwards and shook her hand because she is the real deal. She ties health to beauty and once you get past that, it’s obvious that she is right. Illness destroys beauty.

Health, however, radiates it.

Chapter Three Excerpt
My career resume and background report

The next revelation of the generations will be that most of our food is poison — not when it’s chewed, not when it’s churning in the stomach, but when it passes from the stomach into the twenty-five foot length of intestines where it won’t budge.

But don’t take my word for it. Visit any local retirement center, sit down for a meal and see for yourself the prize America has to offer its golden-agers. Pay attention, because unless you retire to a grass hut on a deserted island, hard-won success may mock you with cafeteria food and servers who resent seeing your face for minimum wage.

The generation born during the Depression-era are the first Americans to both benefit from and now suffer from advancements: in pharmaceuticals (taking multiple prescriptions), electromagnetic devices (microwaves and cell phones), petro-chemical bug-killers, petro-fertilizers, antibiotic/hormone-laden corn-fed beef, mercury fillings, nuclear energy, margarines, saccharins … and then corporate mismanagement of precious investments … stress … retiring with a measure of prosperity for breakfast in a buffet hall … all passion worn thin, just the sound of chewing and swallowing, chewing and swallowing … and you know they think you don’t know that none of it moves on its own.

This I do know, that I myself am feeling better than ever at age 47 and feel compelled to share the good news. There is still time to change course — a small window overlooking contradictions in what it takes to be well today.

So I’m talking about a revolution where real health is possible. It begins with awareness. And unlike previous revolutions, this time, Mom, you’re invited.

Chapter Four Excerpt
Corporate advertising budgets also buy public relations

One client phoned to tell me about an excellent Oprah Winfrey show in which two doctors brought real human colons. One colon was healthy, the other ballooned and distorted. Later that same day, another client told me that I had missed this awesome show, but I could see parts of it online at Oprah’s web site.

First thing when I got home, I pulled up that show. The “Aftershow” did not feature the two colons, but showed the audience asking questions of the doctors. A lady asked if a person’s colon was misshapen and distorted, was there a way to correct that. The doctor replied to take baby aspirin. Not one, but two every day. He lectured on and on about the benefits of baby aspirin which registered off the scale of my horror meter.

“Whoa!” I thought, “That was some bad information.”

Chapter Five Excerpt
Ted, his Godzilla fistula, and other client tales

We’ve all heard the expression, “Only her hairdresser knows for sure.” Likewise, a colon hygienist knows certain things, special things. Normal, healthy-looking people reveal secrets to me, mostly, that they are falling apart.

Chapter Six Excerpt
Social commentary on Katrina, New Orleans, etc.

If you happened to catch the news five days after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast, then you witnessed for yourself residents still trapped in downtown New Orleans shouting for help. If the TV cameras filmed the clients who come to my office, you would witness a similar cry for help. Sick people are equally being failed today.

Chapter Seven Excerpt
Pay attention

Fiber only MAKES THINGS WORSE, like added gum. My clients who take fiber supplements have the worst constipation which forms a length of poop roughly five feet long held in the gut despite a daily bowel movement.

Chapter Eight Excerpt
Health benefits of enthusiasm

Act the part and you’ll get the job. Being healthy works the same way. Act healthful and you get to play that role too. Likewise, you pay the price, and nobody else, for acting sick. If the people you love are sick, then waste no time sitting around feeling bitter, lost, and forlorn.

People have proven the power of words, thoughts, and emotions long before I was ever born.

Chapter Nine Excerpt
Clean the colon — final answer

Being healthy today comes down to cleaning the colon. That is my final answer.

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