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Internal Cleansing as a PRIORITY

I hold some unorthodox views about health and I am well aware that I could be wrong about lots of things. I turn 60 in 2018 and have not been to a doctor in over 17 years, which could be because I am just lucky. Up until my age 43, I didn’t do one thing out of the ordinary to support my health, rarely exercised, LOVED fast food, pizza, and deep fried anything. My favorite menu item in the whole world was a roast beef sandwich slathered in gravy served with fake mashed potatoes at a truck stop café.

The point is, a lot of people like what they like, and mostly they can’t help it. I hate the THOUGHT of eating animals and I’d prefer it if humanity left the crabs alone and just looked down at them from a glass bottom boat versus reaching down there, yanking off their legs and sucking out the meat-parts, while dipped in melted butter.

I’m also all for the RAW diet. Some of the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten was made entirely of raw plants and seeds, sprouted. I’d eat only THAT if I had a personal raw chef because it’s a hell of a lot of work, because I went that way for a couple months creating it myself and found the 100% raw diet utterly exhausting.

I mix it up and TIME is my general constraint. I share a garden plot too and that requires more time because weeds continually are growing and sometimes I eat the weeds. I drink alcohol, make my own wine and tinctures, sometimes smoke tobacco. There’s a broad spectrum to what’s possible and I make a conscious effort to not make food or health a religion.

For the past eight years, I’ve attended a boot camp class two or three times per week and find the pain and camaraderie one of the most fun things ever. In my previous days, I rarely drank WATER. I drank ice-cold milk. And juice. And Coke. I drank Tang. For two years I ran on my high school cross country team and nobody back then drank bottled water. The coach would turn on a garden hose after practice and we’d all stand in line to slurp from that.

I have a short attention span, so I will get curious about something, study it non-stop, then move on quickly. For several months I became interested in WATER, found it fascinating, drew my own conclusions. What I DO advocate to all of my clients is to study health because these days health comes less naturally.

Here’s one thing that caught my attention studying health-factors: the wide variance of water content inside of humans based on AGE. If we could tap a baby like a maple tree, we’d get lots of water, but from an 80 year old, we’d see about half as much. What’s taking place internally is vastly different between a baby and an 80 year old and I mean, in and between their cells and tissues.

The other factor is that HYDRATION for the human body is a CONSTANT. This means, that dehydration can be measured, such that, a mere 3 percent in hydration levels can cause SYMPTOMS, such as confusion and loss of energy. Ten percent dehydration and a person will be approaching DEATH.

Here’s the mystery part (because so much of everything is a mystery): A baby’s tissue holds about 90 percent water, while an 80 year-old’s tissue can be below 50 percent water content. So across every twenty years, a person will lose ten percent of their hydration levels and never get it back. Yet, a ten percent water loss for the short term will nearly kill a person.

Therefore, I contend that there must be two levels of FACTORS for hydration WITHIN the human body: short term and long term. Typically we take a drink when we are thirsty and this hydrates for the immediate need. Long term hydration is nothing FELT by a person; it’s a factor of how porous a person’s cells are. Aging, then, is losing porousness.

A similar thing happens to the human’s bones over time. Bones don’t just stay the same over time. They get thinner. And thinning occurs at very different rates between individuals. Some more rapidly, others more slowly.

Here is another relevant factor to consider: humans in their twenties. If you selected a random sample of male and female models in their twenties and half of them ate super healthy and the other half ate super unhealthy, it would be difficult to tell a difference between who ate what. I would contend that this is due to the fact that people in their twenties still retain about 80 percent water content in their inner tissues and there’s a huge forgiveness factor in that.

Plus, if you attended a party of all twenty year-olds, it would not matter a whole lot what any of them had eaten and their energy would be high across the board. If everybody died at age 29, everybody could do whatever they wanted for their health or not, and tissue will be hydrated, bones will be strong, and skin supple and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

So – it’s when a person predictably begins dropping from 80 percent water content to 70-percent water when issues with health begin to manifest. This period of life is between ages thirty and forty. Now the little variables of what any person has been doing begin to show. Sometimes nobody can see it appearing from the outside, while the aging person begins to FEEL it on the INSIDE.

This is when the moralists show up and say, “I told you so,” and you just want to turn around and kick them in the kahuna. This is also the period in life where you spend less time in a hot yoga studio and more time in the doctor’s waiting room or at the chiropractor or making friends with your acupuncturist.

Here is what it all comes down to: one little tiny round cell, filled like a water balloon (to almost bursting) at age twenty, just ten-percent deflated, by age forty. Then five percent deflated to age fifty, then downhill from there.

Here’s the really stupid, crappy, ugly part: Once the cells start to lose water, it’s really difficult to get water back into them. You could drink water from the garden hose all day and fill your bathtub and sleep in it and it won’t do any good.


Oil. And water. Don’t mix.

Humans are part oil! And it’s the oily part that starts resisting water.

AND this is mostly why humans want to pay more attention to the FATS they consume. At every age. Even babies.

We might imagine: seal up the tiny cells so water CAN’T GET OUT. The exact opposite is true. OPEN THEM UP so water can get IN. We quickly forget that cells generate WASTE and that waste must get out for the cell to remain healthy and you generally won’t know it until you are forty due to YOUTH being the #1 factor to high cellular water content.

Dr. Jensen, genius.

One of the great classic books on cleansing was written by Dr. Bernard Jensen, titled, ’Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management.” The title itself is the LESSON. For those interested in maintaining optimal health, it’s not about just attending to one’s bowel, but attending to one’s bowel to reach into the tissue: Tissue cleansing through bowel management.

Dr. Jensen (1908 – 2001) was a prolific author and lecturer. His wisdom is still absolutely relevant today and I recommend anything he has written because it is simply stated and practical information. Looking up his date of birth just now, I came across an article about him which mentioned that he frequently ate shredded carrots and beets, and I thought, “What a great idea!” Then I read about his love for GOAT MILK and I thought, “I really need to switch out the cream in my coffee to goat’s milk.”

Reading the right authors gets you lots of wonderful ideas.

The “general awareness” is that we want to assist the body to self-cleanse for today, while at the same time, cleanse from all we’ve been exposed to from the past. For example, if you are age 25, you are cleansing from the past decade and then reaching forward one or five years, such that you don’t start showing the same illness symptoms of what’s common to thirty year olds today.

If you are 50 years old, you are cleansing from the past forty years-ish and reaching forward one to five years so you don’t start showing symptoms, OR unwinding the symptoms you do have, such that they are reduced. What you are attempting, is to start doing things that impact what’s deep within, and to OBSERVE a ten-percent improvement. Any small noticeable improvement means that you are touching on the nerve-center of what’s gone wrong.

This seems complicated, but it’s not. First, we want to acknowledge that there are some people who grow old and are rarely sick. If you are often sick, then you merely want to become like the people who grow old and are rarely sick. These role models are increasingly difficult to find today, so sometimes we can look to the recent past, to people like Bernard Jensen or Dr. Norman Walker, both who lived into their nineties and were mostly healthy their entire lives.

It’s more difficult to follow health coaches today who are in their twenties, but you can, certainly, but I think there is advantage to trusting health experts who proved they knew what they were teaching by living a hell of a long time.

Before the Internet, it was difficult to FIND good information and good products. Today there are SO MANY excellent products available that it makes it challenging to know WHERE TO BEGIN. Plus, everybody is at a different place and there is not so much of a one-size fits all. Yet, what I have found, is that I end up telling my clients across the spectrum to do almost the exact same things.

There are four basic bodily elimination organs: skin, lungs, kidneys, and colon. This is slightly misleading because the ENTIRE BODY is constantly eliminating because metabolism itself produces internal “exhaust.” So, lymphatic drainage is critical, as is the liver’s ability to self-cleanse out the digestive tract. The blood too must self-cleanse and so must the MIND. I sometimes will catch the news on a friend’s television or listen to an entertaining radio program which suddenly switches to some terrible news and I find I’ve got to consciously purge or else my mind begins to wander into negativity.

Plus, we don’t factor PARASITES as being real. I mean, as a biological what if. These can range from bacteria to molds to yeasts to viruses to worms to worms upon worms.

One critical aspect Dr. Bernard Jensen points out is that Americans have little sense of “bowel consciousness.” I know I didn’t. I only thought of my food’s health attributes as what sat on the plate, never what it did to my body after it was swallowed. I never gave a thought to my POOP as having anything to do with what I ATE until I was in my late thirties.

Back then, if I wondered whether a BIG MAC was good for me, I’d have said it was a little MEAT, some dairy, bread, onions lettuce, pickles and sesame seeds. I viewed the Big Mac as an ingenious way to get everything I needed from “the food pyramid” all in one thing.

Now, however, if you show me cheese on a cracker, I can’t help but to calculate: let’s see, goes in here, melts into that, bonds to this, affects pH, draws out water, forms mucus, adheres like glue and etc. If I got rid of the cracker and replaced it with a slice of cheese on a slice of cucumber, better. If I replaced the brand name cheese with a raw goat milk cheese, better yet. If that gets expensive, less cheese, more cucumber. But if I’m craving a cracker, maybe nix the terrible brand for a flax cracker or some kind of organic grain or rye.

I calculate what I eat as: how will it pass through my body for TODAY and how will it help to clean my system of PAST gunk retained in my tissues. Therefore, cucumber is always most excellent in any capacity.

You might take from this that I eat a lot of cucumbers. No, not really. Or that I eat a lot of raw goat milk cheese. No, not really. I do eat crackers, mostly rye, sometimes flax, rarely with cheese, more often with sardines, raw garlic slices and homemade kimchee. What I mean is, you eat what you want, while keeping in mind that you are eating for today and cleansing from the past.

What I do is I juice. I prefer to DRINK my cucumber. How I do it is to juice half a cucumber, then slice off from the other half, EAT some cucumber, juice the rest another day. I CLUSTER what I juice by common qualities, so vegetables go together, tropical fruits go together, and apples go with pears. I add parsley to nearly all my juices and usually ginger and turmeric.

I will walk through the produce section and look for what’s particularly VIBRANT that day. Not long ago it was cabbage. So I took four days to juice one cabbage head, which I mixed with carrots, beets and parsley. Today the parsley looked horrible, so I passed. Yesterday the celery looked amazing, so I’ve been juicing that.

Maybe I’ll eat some of the celery too. But I’m kind of lazy, so I just bring it with me in the car and eat it while I drive.

I always shop the organic section, often at the regular chain grocery store. One little trick is that the checker often will charge the produce as conventional, like today I bought an organic cucumber which was priced at $1.19, but the checker rang it up at .59 cents. If I check out myself, I ring it up as organic, but if the checker isn’t trained properly, that’s not my job to train them, plus there’s usually a line and it’s a big problem for everybody else in line if I’m causing the checker to go back and delete the wrong price and get it right. 

Plus, I will stock up when certain products are on sale, like Granny Smith apples have been two dollars-off the three-pound bag, so I’ve been juicing more apples lately.

All this little stuff you do adds up. I started seriously cleansing at age 43 and that’s been 17 years now and my body is STILL pulling out old shit. I’ve done hundreds of colonics on myself and my clients will sometimes say, “I bet your poop doesn’t stink,” and I must correct them: as stinky as ever.

Poop is comprised of food eaten during the previous few days, but it’s also comprised of cellular debris, mucus, bacteria, yeasts, liver poisons and other metabolic wastes.

Dr. Oz states that poop should have a slight curve to it, be well formed like a banana, gently enter the toilet, float briefly, then gently submerge. Ha! As I mentioned, I went on the 100% raw plant diet for two months, and the entire time, what came out of me hit the toilet and immediately SANK. In theory it should have just FLOATED. However, my body was still so entirely toxic that the influx of fiber PULLED so much additional internal sludge out with it, that was heavy and dense, that it didn’t reflect my recent consumption, but contained heavy metabolic wastes from years previous.

Here’s what I tell my clients: eat what you want. But educate yourself about health, which can change what you want.

I had a hypnosis client yesterday who came to quit smoking and as he was leaving, in spite of the fact that I had told him over and over to smoke as much as he WANTED, he sighed and said, “This is going to be rough.”

I walked over to him as he was at the door ready to leave. I said, “No! This will only be EASY. If it’s easier to smoke, then smoke. If you decide you are quitting, then QUITTING will be easier than smoking because you can’t smoke and quit at the same time.”

People will say to me: “You are so disciplined to juice every day.” I say, “I am not so much disciplined. I merely KNOW how toxic I’ve become and my desire is to be less toxic, so I juice because it makes me happy and has nothing to do with discipline.”

What juicing does is that it HYDRATES. It’s better than just water, because freshly juiced plants nourish, cleanse, improve pH, acts like a solvent for organs and tissues.

Now, realize that you CAN get too much juice. In large amounts, it tends to putrify. This will cause GAS. I prefer to make about 12 ounces of juice and then sip it like I would coffee. I don’t think you want to GULP it.

The other thing I do is to DRINK WATER. I fill four one gallon glass jugs with 8.5 Kangen water and take a 16 oz. glass bottle with me in the car. I refill that bottle from a water cooler dispensary at my office building. Sometimes I make green or black tea and bring a bottle of that too, or buy it or buy a kombucha at the grocery store near my work, if it’s on sale.

As far as cleansing goes, I juice in the morning and drink water all day. In my thirties, I drank one Coke every day during or after lunch. I quit that because soft drinks are super acidic and this can throw off the pH of internal fluids.

As mentioned earlier, the body is not just water, but oil (fat). Our tissues REQUIRE water, but the cells each have a membrane comprised of fat. This is just like water in a petroleum-based water balloon. If the water balloon deflates, you can’t put the balloon in a bucket of water and expect it to fill back up with water. If the human cell deflates of water, the best way to inflate it back with water is through the largest opening(s). If the human cell membrane has OXIDIZED, then the porous quality will be more plugged up, and the way to unplug it is with ANTIOXIDANTS.

The #1 antioxidant is oil and these can be purchased, such as flax oil, Udo’s Oil (Google it.), fish oil, coconut oil, black seed oil, and pumpkin seed oil. These are taken either as a supplement or on a spoon, uncooked. These are also called essential fatty acids. These help the liver to detoxify as well as assist cells to become more porous.

So far, super simple: reduce oxidation with raw plants chewed thoroughly or juiced, water, plus EFA oils.

Then, avoid man-made chemicals such as cleaning supplies, lawn chemicals, bug sprays, commercial tooth pastes, deodorants, make-up, sunscreen, dry cleaning, anything made from CHEMICALS or exposed to chemicals. You can read labels on food packaging or just buy more organic foods. You can think that strawberries are just berries, but what about mold retardants used in shipping or gasses used for ripening? Plus, restaurants STERILIZE most all of their foods including salads. Anything you put into your mouth, simply ask, “Where was this grown? Who grew it? Then what did they do to it to make it appear as fresh as just-picked?”

Like a hot dog being sold at the ball park. Where did that thing come from? Man-made chemicals typically oxidize human cells and our approach will be to reduce or reverse that. EFA oils help to reduce that. Hot dogs internally oxidize human cells so perhaps think twice about it.

The other factor with CLEANSING is that bacteria inside of the human body assist with that in a HUGE way. So, avoid antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. Hot dogs are LOADED with antibiotic sterilizers.

So far, super simple: eat more raw plants, drink water, supplement EFA oils and healthy fats, avoid man-made chemicals.

Now, medical experts inform us that the human body is SELF-CLEANSING. This is incorrect. Indigenous people, which is where all humanity originated, including your ancestors, and not that long ago, DID self-cleanse. What killed them and what kills modern civilized peoples is VASTLY DIFFERENT. Lots of other kind of health experts have written about whether the human body is self-cleansing today and without going into a lot of detail, let’s assume the body needs HELP in that department today.

Here is a listing of 15 toxic chemicals found today in a mother’s breast milk. If this stuff has reached a woman’s body at that level, then these chemicals are in our saliva, our spinal fluids, our joints, our blood, brains, lymphatic fluids, skin, lungs, kidneys, liver, bile, urine, feces, everywhere.

The general idea is that WATER, live foods, and EFA oils will reach into the tissue and pull out toxicities. Then, they TRICKLE DOWN and eventually, the vast majority will exit with the feces or out through the colon. IF the colon is even slightly backed up, then the colon will allow for these toxicities to recycle into the blood. Again, NOBODY I know is testing to see what recycles out from the feces, but we can read about what’s in a mother’s breast milk today and KNOW that’s in men too and the way to get it out is through the colon.

Therefore, water “up the butt” will dislodge excess waste in the colon and speed the elimination process. You would THINK this would be OBVIOUS to health experts, but no, it is not. Therefore, it is upon you to become smarter than what commonly goes around.

Wal-Mart sells a reusable enema bag for $5. Websites will sell enema equipment too if you prefer fancier stuff.

A typical colon is five feet long. I contend that the average Americans colon is chronically FULL, based on my 17 years as a professional colon hygienist. Therefore, a person cannot go on any sort of “cleanse” and expect to make a lot of progress if their colon is completely full 24/7.

Technically, enemas can be HABIT FORMING. They technically “weaken the natural ability” to go poop “normally.” However, if you glanced at the article link concerning what’s in a typical mother’s breast milk, then you would appreciate that humanity is not currently under NORMAL CONDITIONS if labs are finding ROCKET FUEL in human breast milk.

Using water as a tool to assist the body to self-cleanse is a CHOICE and what you do in the privacy of your own home as far as inserting water into the rectum is still legal. If you used a $5 Wal-Mart enema bag once daily and put one cup of purified water into one’s rectum, then approximately two to three inches of additional fecal matter will exit the body. Since the ENTIRE human body is comprised of various levels of water, extra water at one end will tug at waters throughout, extending all the way to the chest and head, such that all waters of the human body will MOVE when water flushes at the rectum. Water is like CLOTH in this way. It tugs.

A proper enema can take 3 minutes to conduct, including clean-up. Five enemas per week would require 15 minutes total time per week. If each enema removed two inches of additional fecal matter, five enemas per week would total ten inches of fecal matter removed very likely as a minimum. One month of that totals 40 inches or about the length of a yard stick. If we reversed the concept and ADDED 40 inches of fecal matter all at once, that person is going to feel TERRIBLE.

I content that FEELING TERRIBLE is how a lot of people feel every day. And if we investigate the rise of digestive disorders these past fifty years to epidemic levels, we might notice a correlation here, and just try giving ourselves enough enemas as an experiment to see if it made us feel slightly better. Why not?

A professional colonic can remove three or four or five feet of fecal matter during one session and what do most people report after a colonic? They feel better.

In spite of the fact that Web MD, Mayo Clinic, Dr. Oz and The Doctors TV show say that a colonic will dehydrate you, actually, putting WATER into your rectum will absorb through the colon and hydrate internal hydration levels. This allows MORE WATER to reach tissues throughout the human body such that tissues are able to detoxify metabolic poisons released at the cellular levels.

Putting beer into the colon will make you drunk; putting water into the colon will hydrate you.

Web MD, Mayo Clinic, Dr. Oz and The Doctors TV show all suggest that inserting water into the colon will flush and remove beneficial bacteria from the body. This is partially true because yes, a percentage of bacteria will flush out of the colon with the fecal matter and the water. It is also wildly not accurate in terms of whether that would be harmful or beneficial because 1) bacteria COLONIZE the digestive tract and would not flush easily, 2) the average person’s bacterial BALANCES are so inverse to what would be healthy, that you want those bad guys out, 3) because these bacteria and yeasts are producing harmful wastes, and 4) if bacteria outnumber human cells in the human body, a person could never flush them all out with a little water and 5) bacteria quickly repopulate and happen to repopulate better when the internal environment is more clean. Lastly, IF a colonic flushed all the bacteria, then anybody with a bacterial infection could just “do a colonic” and remove the bacteria, but a colonic won’t do that, so actually, ANTIBIOTICS are what decimates internal bacteria populations, not colonics.

I gave myself a colonic every day for an entire year and only saw benefits to my health, nothing bad happened. Lots of people unfamiliar with colonics might think that giving oneself a daily colonic for an entire year is borderline obsessive. I would AGREE. The only reason I myself did that was to prove that my colon did not nor COULD NOT hold years of backed up fecal matter and was merely trying to reach the bottom of filth in MY COLON and this is what it took: 365 colonics in a row.

I could OBSERVE what was coming out and it wasn’t normal, ordinary POOP. It varied in color from black to white and sometimes very unusual colors. The texture varied between rock-like to long ropey strings. Anybody who as done 365 colonics in a row would have a particular QUALIFICATION which others who had never even done ONE colonic wouldn’t have. Typically, this is not the kind of qualification one receives a diploma after completing. And, the person who has just completed 365 colonics isn’t saying to take their word on what happened, but for others to try it for themselves and report back what happened.

If you are interested in internal cleansing, but have never done it, I am somebody who can make suggestions and the way forward is to SEE HOW IT GOES. Forge your own path. I myself found the following things beneficial, such that at 60 years old, I have not gone to a medical doctor for any sort of illness over the past 17 years, because I have had no symptoms of disease.

What I might suggest can get a similar result is these simple things:

    1. Learn how to JUICE your own fruits, vegetables, roots and greens and do that at least once daily.
    2. Consume plants, the more raw the better, and chew them.
    3. Drink clean water.
    4. Supplement 1 or 2 tablespoons EFA oil(s) daily.
    5. Avoid man-made chemicals and antibiotics.
    6. Consume probiotic foods and/or supplements.
    7. Give yourself an enema 5X per week or,
    8. Do frequent colonics as time and money allows.



And that’s the core of it. Add or subtract, do whatever you want, what would I care? If you know of or find another way to be healthy, do that!

One last thing, you can do all those 8 things and you are still going to have parasites. That’s a whole different animal.

Colon hygienists have a unique perspective on how the human body functions today. Other health therapists might have a completely different experience with assisting the human body to be optimally healthy and I respect that others might disagree. One thing I would also respect, is for health experts of other modalities to at least sit in on a single colon hydrotherapy session, if they have an opinion against it and have absolutely zero experience with using water to cleanse the colon internally.

Good luck to those who have done it or consider doing it. Whatever you choose as your path forward towards wellness, I wish you well and much success.