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Terms & Conditions

The information provided on or any resource materials purchased related to internal cleansing can not be used as advice for self diagnosis or for the treatment for any illness or disease. The personal experiences described and suggested are not a substitute for competent medical care. Therefore, consult with a professional health care provider before attempting any health treatment which could affect your health. Any adverse effect arising directly or indirectly from this material is not the responsibility of the author, publishers or online distributor.

Naturally, once your colonic unit is functioning, all kinds of accidents can happen not related to the sales and distribution of our products and information. For example, a person could fall off the colonic table and injure themselves. Or a plumber could poorly install an aspect of the plumbing connections causing water leaks and damages to your home. Or a person could abuse or misuse any information to their detriment. This is one reason for your phone consultation, to be clear and specific about the functions and capabilities of your new colonic system. Again, any adverse effect arising directly or indirectly from this material is not the responsibility of the author, publishers or online distributor. Our intent is to establish a beneficial partnership with our customers.

Each person may or may not have preconditions or contraindications which could prevent their use of their colonic system. Examples of these can be found all across the Internet. By purchasing this system it is assumed that you have done your research BEFORE the placement of your order. Many colon hygienists hold varying opinions regarding contraindications, such as pregnancy, diverticular diseases, or heart conditions. Seek out these opinions, including those of your medical providers, before placing your order.

While people take medications every day, it has been reported that serious adverse reactions to medications occur thousands of times on a daily basis. Colonics, however, has an amazingly clean record as a practice with causes no harm. Successfully litigated cases proving harm from colonics across the past two hundred years in America are rare. In fact, most states have had zero cases reported of harm from colonics. We trust this will be your experience as well, which has been ours, that is, no harm done.

Colon hygiene is not to be confused with the colonoscopy procedure, which is a medical procedure. A colonic is not a medical procedure in any form or fashion.  Internal cleansing is legal, a practice which anybody has a right to perform on themselves in their own home or elsewhere.

Our Guarantee does not guarantee any RESULTS you may or may not receive from performing colonics on yourself or anybody else. We have made every attempt to represent our training and educational materials as accurate and based upon actual client experiences and to not mislead or misrepresent your potential results. Our Guarantee merely states that you will receive the same assistance which others have used successfully and for their benefit. Your training will result in a colonic unit that should function like everybody else’s. If not, we will work together to correct all kinks in the system, which generally are few to none.  Phone consultations are limited to 30 minutes total, which is sufficient.  Beyond that, there is a fee of $30 per 30 minutes.

Certain individuals will NOT be able to perform a colonic on themselves. This includes those whom are unable to stretch their body on the colonic table to reach under their hips. Certain injuries may prevent similar stretching such as carpel tunnel syndrome or shoulder and neck injuries. Some amount of movement on the colonic table will be required.  By purchasing this system, we assume that you have determined that you have sufficient abilities to perform the basic mobility actions required.

If you set up your unit and discover that you are unable to perform these basic functions, all is not lost! You may need to purchase additional training materials about how to work with a partner to share your colonic unit. I have trained people who were unable to successfully give themselves a colonic by adding a partner to share their unit. I trained one client for an entire year during her normal colonic sessions using every type of aid and she was still unable to perform a colonic on herself because of her own lack of confidence. We trained her sister to give her colonics in the end. I likewise have trained others in a matter of days and sometimes hours to self-operate the system. For most people, it’s easy, like riding a bicycle.

Because of the wide variety of persons potentially purchasing the Easy Home Colonic Training system, no guarantees can be made about your ability, flexibility, or potential contraindications. No refunds can be offered on this basis after the training videos and materials have been sent.

Your purchase does NOT include a colonic unit, but the plans and instructions for how to build a unit from easily attainable supplies. We can assist you either in providing some basic supplies from our STORE or direct you how and where to purchase them. One client was able to use existing plumbing and disposable speculums for a total set-up cost of under $50. Others have spent thousands on stainless steel speculums, an autoclave sterilizing unit, plus remodeling costs. You will see video examples of both approaches.

Total average costs to build your unit can run between $200 and $600. Individuals using a plumber have spent between $100 and $400 for these services while others have done their own plumbing. Water filters will average about $150 if needed. For the colonic table, massage tables run between $200 and $500, but some have used simple plastic folding tables with added padding for about $30.

Once your unit is built, monthly costs for supplies should be under $50. This includes the cost of water and sterilizing solution. Speculums cost about $10 each, which many clients use multiple times on themselves. (Do not share plastic speculums with other people.)

There are LOTS of options surrounding your unit. In fact, of the many units I’ve helped to install, no two are exactly alike! The approach you take to building your unit will be unique to you. As will be the frequency which you use your unit. It’s a tool. The idea is to increase waste removal from your colon and this colonic unit is an excellent tool for the job. Cost per colonic including all costs should average below $2 each over the lifetime of your unit.

Our intent is to support you on your journey to cleanse internally using a home colonic system that will bring fresh optimism regarding the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Scott W. Webb