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    Scott Webb has been in practice as a professional colon hygienist and internal cleansing consultant since 2001 in the historic St. Bernard building off 21st Avenue near the Vanderbilt/Belmont Campuses.

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    Learn how to give yourself a colonic in the privacy of your own home. You will learn how to install your own self-administered colonic unit just like many professionals use.

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    Cape aloe speeds transit time in the gut which makes it excellent for cleansing while on a fast or for liver detoxification. It helps support beneficial bowel bacteria by removing toxic poisons from the digestive tract.

All The Rules About Health Have Changed

Enter a medical system where nearly a thousand people die per week from hospital error – the 8th highest cause of death in the United States, ahead of fatalities from breast cancer and auto accidents. These 45,000 deaths annually are reported deaths, assuming all hospitals properly report their own fatal accidents. This also does not include those merely injured by hospital errors, either temporarily or permanently, nor does it include all deaths from adverse reactions from pharmaceutical drugs, which has been reported in The American Journal of Medicine to be as high as 106,000 people dying in one year, prematurely, from a drug reaction.

Again, reported fatalities. This does not include non-fatal impairments to people from adverse drug reactions, particularly long-standing damage to the vital organs. Of those who get cancer, many get it again. Half of skin cancers come back for a second round. And for those people, 75 percent get it a third time. What’s wrong with this picture? If these odds are unacceptable to you, you are in the right place. The question is: what will you do differently? You must educate yourself – differently.

Statistics tell us that one hundred years ago, Americans were not getting cancer. In fact, the death rate from cancer then was 1 in 30. Since few of us were alive back then, it can be hard to imagine that lifestyles were different than today. One major difference is that few of the 80,000 man-made chemicals were in use because they hadn’t been invented yet. The average person today consumes as much as three pounds of pesticides per year in their food. That alone should be enough to give us pause to consider.

The list of chemicals the human body must process today is overwhelming. There is simply one option: educate yourself or suffer the consequences. According to the statistics, the average American is suffering tough consequences. The wonders of progress are many and the ways to undo the ill-effects of progress are simple. If you are reading this, then congratulate yourself because you are on the right track. You suspect something different must be done to be well and the time to educate yourself is now.