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Transformed By Internal Cleansing

Discussion with a customer who installed a colonic unit in her home 8 years ago:

“I feel transformed, my color is different, my energy is incredible. I figured that I’d really gotten to the root of something very good for myself to start healing in a whole different way.”

-Candy Christman


Other Customers write:

“It has been over ten months since you taught me how to give myself colonics.  I had many problems including dirtying my pants when passing gas, many food intolerances, chronic candida and difficulty moving my bowels even with daily laxatives.  Since then I have done 155 colonics on myself.  Because of your excellent teaching I have had no problem with doing the colonics.  I no longer have the problem with dirtying my pants and my bowels move between colonics.  This problem and the candida completely disappeared within a few months.  Now I have fruit for breakfast and eat a bowl of ice cream in the evening.”

John S. – age 76

“I run clinical trials of pharmaceutical drugs for a living.  The practice of medicine is a noble profession, but over time in our country, it has diluted itself into the primary practice of disease management and the prescribing of drugs.  I was led to believe that it was normal to go three or four days without a bowel movement.  I believed it for myself and for the patients I worked with.  That was until I met Scott.  He taught me I can easily cleanse my system with plain old water.  How cheap and easy is that?  Inside Poop was given to me by my sister-in-law.  She didn’t give me a preface.  She just said, “You must read this.”  I think everyone in America should read Scott’s books.  As I began having sessions with Scott, I would notice a change in my thinking.  You don’t need to cleanse your colon at great expense.  I do my own home-made colonics now with easily attainable supplies.  Your first few times won’t be without their trials, but you’ll get the hang of it.  And your whole being will thank you for it!”

Suzanne Kincaid

Other testimonials include readers of Inside Poop written on

Couldn’t put it down

By J. Frasure “vegan vixan” (LA, CA) – Very well written and enjoyable as opposed to the usual dry clinical material out there. I enjoy Mr. Webb’s sense of humor and it really comes through the writing that his true mission for writing the book is simply to get the information out there to help others. I learned a good number of things even though I have already read a good deal on the subject, most of which I applied immediately to my current health regime and have been amazed at the results already. This school of thought for health is not really based on immediate results, but I did get a boost forward based on his suggestions and feel more sure than ever I am on the right path. A deep thank you to Mr. Scott W. Webb for his tenacity and courage to get this stuff out there and standing up to the neigh-sayers and conventional thinking that are keeping people ignorant and unhealthy.

Do Not Eat while reading this Book, BUT READ THIS BOOK!

By Wild Irish Rose  (Portland, OR) – I have never written a review before, but Scott Webb’s book took me by surprise. I have gone the gamut from cleanses, fasts, enemas and finally colon hydrotherapy, and I was truly encouraged by his wit and personal journey that caused him to write this book. If I had had this decidedly “Un-medical” book when my mother passed away from colon cancer, she might be alive today. The doctors attending her said that her lifestyle had nothing to do with her condition, that being hereditary, I could expect the same fate.  I “thank” them for that, because I have been on a quest ever since.  Knowledge is power … personal testimony can cause you to go in a better direction. There are many good books out there on the subject of Colon Hydrotherapy and this now tops my list. It’s worth a read if you need one answer for the toxic world we live in.

We Need More Books Like This

By Manzanita Lodgepole “Manzanita” – This book is excellent for those who are seeking good health. Colon cleansing is the “only” way to go…. but so few people realize that. There are the commercial colonics, administered by a colonic therapist and also the home do-it-yourself colonic board.  This book gives you stories of what to expect from a colonic. The stories are great and the author tells it like it is. After you begin your colonics, you want to know what to expect and you need encouragement to continue. This book by Scott Webb becomes your cheering section with his flair for vivid details. So far, I’ve read the book three times.  Write more Scott. You are an inspiration.

Easy, Entertaining, and Informative Read

By K. Andrews “holistic honey” (PA) – This book is an entertaining, easy read. It is written by a layman in terms of the medical field, but an expert in the field of colon hydrotherapy. It details the author’s personal and professional experience with colon hydrotherapy and highlights the health benefits. The author provides plenty of resources (written by MDs and holistic health practitioners) for further reading for those not familiar with colonics or the principles behind it. If you are looking for an “unscientific” to-the-point opinion on this subject, this is your book.

Entertaining and informative

By Carol A. Anspach (Kingston, WA USA) – I find Scott W. Webb to be an informative and entertaining writer. At first, I thought he was a bit loony when he talked about giving himself hundreds of colonics. Being a colon hygienist myself, I even thought that was extreme. But upon further consideration, I feel that he is right on track with encouraging any and all of us to cleanse and to clean up our act in general. Right on Scott!

Everyone should read this for good health!

By D. Elliot (California, USA) – I knew a little bit about this stuff before, but never in detail and why it is so necessary for optimal health in the toxic world we now live in. Scott Webb is to the point, thorough and honest about our ongoing health issues and how colonics can benefit anyone. And how “conventional” medicine once again, misleads people into believing they should be taking a PILL to fix their SYMPTOMS, (a pill that makes conventional doctors & conventional drug companies a lot of money) rather then doing what should be done to FIX the PROBLEM.  A must read for anyone interested in long term health.

Loved this book

By Piper – I loved this book. Scott Webb tackles his subject matter with great humor, knowledge, and insight. If you ever want to learn about the world of colonics, its benefits, and more, read this book, and enjoy.


By  Paul Klein “Toni Vandyke” (Niagara Falls) – That’s what my daughter called the book – Poop-a-licious! It is a fabulous, informative and an easy read – apart from being entertaining it demystifies the whole colonic issue.  I was SO impressed that I got right on the internet and bought a home colonics set up and it’s great.  If I could, I would buy 100’s of this book and give it away to everyone I see.  It’s an eye opener that paves the way to a desire to know more and read more in-depth books about our bowel health.  Scott mentions a few too.

A Practical Guide to the Benefits of Colon Cleansing

By Mary Jo Kringas “Mary Jo Kringas” (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho) – We all know people who seem to get more toxic everyday. What might we do to prevent it? After reading Inside Poop, I have come to understand that cleansing plays an important role in ridding the body of aging, of addictions, destructive past emotions, and other toxins that seem to be stuck within us as we watch ourselves repeat old patterns of thought and useless behaviors. It would be easy to dismiss cleansing as an action done only by health fanatics, except that most of the population suffers from chronic constipation that worsens with age. This circumstance having been my own, I started using the 5-gallon colonic method that Scott describes in his book. I did this from home and I started feeling better immediately. I did my home colonics for about a year, twice a month, but then my bucket developed two leaks (I do not know the symbology of this) and I started going for weekly colonics at a studio near my home. The colonics themselves are not pleasant, but I consider this one of the best investments I have ever made in my personal health. I no longer have constipation and my skin condition on my face has cleared very nicely. Interestingly, my relationships with my teens has gotten even better than it always was and I have started being more active with hiking. Who knows all the benefits of cleansing? I am not sure, but I am very glad that I read this book two years ago, and for the resulting changes in my life that it helped me create.

Page Turner!

By Crystal Pistol “Glitter Goddess” (Atlanta, GA) – Scott Webb’s book “Inside Poop” is the real deal! It is an absolute page turner and I could not put it down. Real information from a real person. Fascinating!

Other Testimonials:

“I picked up your book at the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego.  Your book was different than I expected, but delightfully so.  A wonderful and inspiring read and I thank you whole heartedly for it.”  Robert Jones

“… an aspect of health care that the regular medical profession ignores.  Webb’s style is friendly, warm, humorous, never overbearing or preachy.  Read this book and pass it around.  You’ll be glad you did.”  Lynn Klein, The Natural Farmer

“Read this book. Read it aloud to your families, pass a copy to your doctor. Believe in your body’s ability to heal if we give it the right foods and keep those foods moving through.  Colonics works!”  Gretchen,