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Easy Home Colonic Training Manual


Easy Home Colonic Training Manual



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Our Guarantee

You will be guided every step of the way for how to install a colonic unit just like the professionals use. You will understand basic leverages to improve your health based upon priority.  These include:

  • Vitality of the Liver
  • Internal Bacterial (Flora) Support
  • Self Cleansing Ability of Inner Tissues
  • Proper Digestion and the Assimilation of Nutrition
  • Acid/Alkaline Balances
  • Metabolism for Energy and Weight Control
  • The Importance of Mood and Attitude

Every basic priority necessary for excellent health is improved through cleansing the colon with water which you will understand and appreciate how and why.  You will learn why colonics DO NOT flush the body of beneficial intestinal flora and how it actually cleanses and improves your inner environment to help probiotics to thrive.

Every effort will be made to assist your complete understanding of the how to easily build your unit, including 30 minutes of phone consultation with Scott W. Webb by appointment.  The unit plans and plumbing specs are guaranteed to create a unit which will provide you with the exact same gravity fed colonic system which many professionals use.

Terms & Conditions

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