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Easy Home Colonic Training


Easy Home Colonic Training


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You Receive:

  • Plumbing specs and quick training/installation manual
  • Phone consultation directly with Scott W. Webb
  • FREE bottle of Cape Aloe Leaf herbal intestinal cleanser (90 capsules)
  • FREE shipping (Expect 5 day delivery time)
  • FREE tubing samples
  • Three Books on Internal Cleansing:
    • Inside Poop: America’s Leading Colon Hygienist Defies Conventional Medical Wisdom about Your Health and Well-being (193 pages)
    • You Unplugged: Presenting the Case for Wellness (175 pages)
    • Occupy Le Baño: A Gut Reaction to Wall Street (Digital 2,760 words)
  • Seven Online Instructional Videos:
    • Alicia demonstrates giving herself a colonic for the very first time (Part 1 16:41m)
    • Alicia demonstrates filling her colon with water and what comes out (Part 2 18:38m)
    • Overview of two colonic systems (3:31m)
    • Candy discusses her home unit installed over her bathtub (17:06m)
    • Yoga retreat center’s colonic unit installation over a bathtub for $50 (6:23m)
    • Professional unit the same retreat center later installed (18:53m)
    • Willie and Mary Ann’s home colonic unit (10:49m)
    • Plus, twenty additional videos covering a wide variety of cleansing topics, lectures, and client experiences

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